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Stacey 203.35.135.* (May 10, 2018 | 07:12)
I requested to remove my 2fa on my account, I got a message saying that I would be able to log in within 2 weeks as a security measure. I attempted to log in and I got a message saying to contact support.

I contacted support and and they started asking for ridiculous things for "security" reasons.

I gave them what they wanted:

screenshots of the account log in page
screenshots of my transactions
screenshots of withdrawls
screenshots of trading

I gave them all of this from the email that my account is registered to, I also gave them all my ID docs 3 months prior to this to verify me.

They then requested a screenshot of deposits which I do not remember making cus as everyone knows they transferred the balances from btce to wex. They kept closing tickets and refusing to respond.

They finally responded after I sent 20 new tickets of support again asking for deposits screenshot.

So last September I transferred some ether from wex to my blockchain wallet, so last night I transferred some ether from that same BC wallet to the same ether address id that is my wex wallet for ether in my WEX account. Absolute proof again that this is my account, what did they do, they started ignoring me again cus they had noting else to ask for.

I know of no exchange that requests such a stupid amount of stuff to pass security, if i am emailing from my registered email and can give all proof of transactions that should be enough.

These guys are refusing to accept verification documents on the offchance that people will get locked out of their accounts so they can pull this scam. Search for them on reddit and bitcoin forums and you will see what they are upto.

there seems to only be 6 people who work for customer support who are:


These people will not help you, they will just have you chase your own tail for weeks because they do not want to give you your own money.

My money is in wex tokens and i want it back.

I will update this review if they bother to help me out.

They are 1 of 2 things, SCAMMERS or they have shit customer support.
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Rl 174.141.199.* (December 14, 2017 | 22:46)
I was trying to move my authenticator to my new phone but the account is blocked. I wrote ticket to restore my previous authenticator and took already 3 days since I submitted my document but no further response. I don't know what to do and they don't have a phone or address to contact. My funds is basically trapped and the waiting period is long. Hopefully not forever.
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Admin WEX (July 4, 2018 | 16:43)
Hello! I checked everything is alright for now, wish you nice trading with us.
Claim cancelled
Duong_T 42.112.92.* (November 17, 2017 | 17:27)
Your account was locked due to 2fa unlinking.

And I had deteached 2FA for 2 week ago but I still can't log in now.

What should I do to get my account now :(((
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Kreilon 213.196.128.* (November 6, 2017 | 22:28)

They steal funds and just give you the following answer.
Dear users,
Many of our users are asking about fiduciary funds that should have been transferred to the BTC-e exchange through a payment service provider Moneypolo. This is a legally complex issue and we -- WEX -- are not BTC-e proprietors. WEX bought out the user base, for this reason we count on your understanding and cooperation.
The question about bank transactions worries not only you but some other users too. We have referred to lawyers who responded that only the payment agent notifies its users about the flow of their funds, you have the right to request detailed information about the account and the bank where you money was transferred attested by the payment agent. Any payment service provider should be answerable before the user for the flow of their funds.
Best Regards,
WEX Support
Knowledge Base

It seems that the know/are BTC-E and are not willing to help or give a shit about stolen funds.
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Shailesh Gohil 60.254.88.* (October 15, 2017 | 06:40)
Login time show massages:

your account was locked due to 2fa unlinking.

Last one month facing login problem & loss time & fund.

Help me
email :

last mail
Hello! Due to technical reasons users blocked because of white IP or 2FA problems can pass verification only after techsupport's notification in the ticked about their issue. Users blocked by other reasons can have access to their account.
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Shailesh Gohil (October 16, 2017 | 08:51)
Conversation ID : 10968
Shailesh Gohil (October 20, 2017 | 22:18)
Today 19.10.2017 active our login & req. verification in under process. Thks wex
Sean 128.220.159.* (October 11, 2017 | 15:29)
Lets start with btc-e to far as i know and have read btc-e is not wex and wex isnt btc-e. wex took over btc-e when they were taken by the fbi and fiat funds were siezed so of course they didnt have any money available to pay back the fiat totals which is why tokens were given. Its a pretty simple concept so people shouldnt have so much trouble with the idea that another group has taken over after the first group fumbled. be glad the second group is keeping the first groups user base above water....otherwise you wouldnt have access to any of your funds period!

The next thing is the price of coins. at first the increase in price was about 10% which matched the cost to withdraw the money using one of the conversion services so when its all sais and done you would have the same exact amount that you would have had on polo or coinbase and so on. the people complaining make it seem like there was a double fee of 10% and then another 10% to withdraw which isnt the case. they expected to be able to transfer coins from another service to wex and instantly cash out for 10% more than anyone else. i have 0 clue about y anyone would think wex is giving out free money like that. that would be a constant transfer then cashout situation and no business would give customers more than they make themselves so people started bitching about the costs hoping the fees would come down so they could abuse the difference in price.

the so called "crash" mentioned wasnt a crash. wex lowered the price to withdraw and guess what went down?? the price of the coins. like mentioned abose the fees matched the increase so when the fees dropped the difference in price also dropped. thats not even close to being a so called "crash". i look at wex every day and a half to see whats going on but i dont trade on there but even im able to read and comprehend the info posted there. hopefully this reply will help stop the constant negative comments i see everywhere saying the same god damn thing. people think they r sneaky....but no one is dumb enough to notice what will happen with a price difference and 0% withdraw fee so stop tryin to get easy money.
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Wexx 93.105.22.* (October 5, 2017 | 19:20)
On the stock exchange Btc-e I played 5 years, in my opinion it was a good stock exchange, I do not recommend the Wex stock exchange, the stock market Wex was overpriced when people are used to the price difference usually reaching 10-12% between such exchanges as Poloniex or Bitfinex administration sell the money they bought on the other exchanges with a colossal profit, causing the crash they have already done 3 times, people have lost and stopped thinking logically, so they repeated this number 3 times to block the FIAT payout they have charged 10% commission,I was waiting for verification 9 days with big problems and redistribution of documents, the Wex exchange is a big difference between the buy and sell offers, nobody wants to overpay, which causes impasse and stagnation, I to buy something at normal price sometimes I waited 2 days I do not recommend the Wex exchange,you don't know what you expect them to be.
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298784 79.181.111.* (October 1, 2017 | 11:04)
After multiple years on this exchange i can pretty much say it was a scam
whenever trading was going well and i was about to profit they had trouble with ddos attack and all kinds of other excuses.
it happened multiple times, after years the exchange was sized by the fbi
and there was no access to funds for a while. after making promises to bring back the exchange they did and weeks later my account is still locked for withdrawals no answers from support no explanations, nothing.
and i didnt even go into the fact they divided user accounts into tokens
even without having any usd funds in them.
they are a terrible platform that was sucking the users dry before the platform change and they still provide the same shitty smug service they always did, considering they manipulate the platform for years and very well you'd think they could hire someone that can write english and not have it lagging in russian.
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