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Answers to frequently asked questions

What is this site for? is a free Internet service intended to help find e-currency exchange services with the best exchange rates. For additional information, please visit the following pages: About and Instruction.
How long does BestChange work?
The exchange rate monitoring service BestChange was launched 15 years ago (June 19, 2007), and is continuously improving every day.
Are all exchange services listed on BestChange trustworthy?

Every exchanger presented on our website has been thoroughly checked before listing, and the BestChange team constantly monitors exchangers' services quality. This minimizes risks when making financial transactions in exchangers listed on our website. Should an exchanger fail to properly fulfill its obligations, a number of measures would be taken against it which stimulate the exchanger to solve the issue as fast as possible.

Those exchangers with a specific mark next to their names indicating passing an additional check and having an official legal registration, have the highest level of reliability.

In case our users face an issue with exchanging their funds in any of the exchangers listed on BestChange, they may leave a negative review on our website in a specific section. Thanks to the high popularity of our service, exchangers highly value their reputation and upon receiving a notification about a user's complaint, they are interested in its fast resolving. BestChange automatically disables exchange services if they receive three or more negative reviews. Moreover, if our users start experiencing issues with a certain exchanger, we may temporarily exclude it from the listing unless all the issues are resolved.

Although we precisely check all exchangers before including them into our exchange rate monitoring, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that when leaving for the website of any exchanger you find yourself on a resource which is not legally associated with BestChange. Therefore, we bear no responsibility shall the funds be lost as a result of any actions occurred during the exchange on a third-party service.

Checking exchangers before listing is very effective, but it cannot guarantee their integrity in the future. We do our best to minimize the risks of our users by prompt interference and prevention of problematic situations. Thanks to the coordinated work of our team, BestChange has been protecting its users from possible risks for many years.

When choosing an exchanger, firstly pay attention to its having an additional check and official registration icons, reviews of other users, the state of the exchanger's website as well as the current status of the exchanger in our system. When establishing transactions, please remember the fact that they are non-refundable in many payment systems.

Is BestChange a guarantor of exchanges made on listed exchangers?

The BestChange service does not act as a guarantor for any deals between users and listed exchangers. We are an exclusively informative platform which allows users to objectively analyze the whole exchange market and to make decisions on their own. Our exchange rate monitoring service does not advertise any particular exchanger, i.a. it does not hold special promotional activities for exchangers.

None of the listed exchangers are associated with BestChange nor are legally bound with us. The users make their own decision whether to perform an exchange based on the data provided by the monitoring service: current exchange rates, customer reviews, age of exchangers, duration of being listed on BestChange. Our service also does not obtain any information about transactions between users and exchangers, including exchange conditions, volumes and number of exchanges.

Based on this, the exchange rate monitoring service cannot act as a guarantor of exchanges. In case you need guarantor services, we recommend you to contact one of the popular platforms in order to exchange safely.

How to exchange electronic currency with the best rates using BestChange?

To perform the most profitable exchange, all you have to do is to follow the steps given down below:

  1. Choose a currency pair for exchange;
  2. Click the name of the required currencies on the left panel (for example, in the "Give" column select PayPal, and in the "Get" column select Perfect Money;
  3. After that, you will be transferred to the exchange offer page of the service, and can start selecting the most optimal exchanger with the best exchange rate and reserve.
    By default, the exchange service table is sorted by the exchange rate profitability, but you can sort it by any other parameter (for example, by the amount of available reserve, by testimonials and so on);
  4. Choose an exchange service you feel the most and make sure this service possesses sufficient currency reserve to carry out the operation.
    Also, please take a look at the latest reviews of this exchanger to make sure it has no issues at the current moment;
  5. Click the exchange service name and the home page of this exchanger will be opened in a new window;
  6. Perform the exchange according to the service's rules;
  7. Optionally: leave a review about this exchanger in a corresponding section on our monitoring service.
Why do crypto enthusiasts choose BestChange?

The BestChange service is the most convenient and safe tool to search for profitable conditions for an exchange. Our main advantages are:

  • Simplicity of usage and intuitive interface: all you need to do is to select an exchange pair and you will be shown all exchangers supporting it.
  • Vast choice of trusted exchangers: 440+ exchangers.
  • Multiple supported payment services: not only cryptocurrency, including altcoins and stablecoins, but also all world-popular e-payment systems , as well as fiat (cash, bank wire, Visa/MasterCard).
  • Useful functions to help to choose an exchanger: icons indicating special conditions of an exchange (for example, no verification required), informational page of the exchanger, reviews left by real customers.
  • An option to subscribe to notifications about the desired exchange rate/necessary reserve amount.
How much PayPal do I need to exchange them to 0.1 BTC?

To learn what amount of the source currency you need to get a certain sum of the target currency, you can use the Calculator option.

  1. Select a currency pair for an exchange;
  2. Click the name of the necessary currencies on the left panel (for example, in the "Give" column select PayPal, and in the "Get" column select Bitcoin;
  3. On the newly opened page select the "Calculator" tab;
  4. Check the "Get" box;
  5. Type "0.1" in the currency sum textbox;
  6. Click the "Calculate" button;
  7. Now you can see how much PayPal you will have to pay at each exchange service to get 0.1 BTC.
What the "Notification" function is for?

This tool instantly alerts users about exchange rates and reserves and allows them to exchange currency when the desired rate and/or reserve is available. Here are a few examples when this function may come in handy:

  • You have found an exchange service with a satisfying rate, but its reserves are simply not enough to carry out the exchange;
  • You would like to exchange your funds using the best rate possible and you are not in hurry;
  • You weren't able to find an exchanger that could help you perform an exchange in a certain direction, and you would like to be notified when such exchange will be possible;
  • You are the owner of an exchange service and would like to monitor your competitors.
I submitted the notification request, but still have not received a changed rate notification from you. Why?

Most likely, the automatic message sent to you was blocked by your antispam agent. In order to avoid such issues in the future, please add the e-mail address and WMID of our robot to the trust list of your correspondents.

  • E-mail:
  • Telegram: bestchange_bot

Note: do not use the above data to contact us.

What is the "Inverse exchange" function for?
The "Inverse exchange" function swaps selected currencies in "Give" and "Get" fields. This can be useful to quickly estimate a margin — the difference between currency buy and sell rates, and also for monitoring the exchange market state.
What is "Reserve"?
The available exchange reserve is the amount of currency a certain exchange service offers for exchanges. The exchanger cannot carry out an operation that requires larger sum than the reserve it has.
What do small green marks next to exchanger names stand for?
Our exchange rate monitoring service has a special mark system which is used in case the exchanger has specific conditions for an exchange. When pointing the cursor at a mark, a pop-up window with additional information will appear. The full list and description of icons can be found on this page.
Exchanger statuses: what do they mean?

The exchangers in our monitor can have the following statuses:

  • active the exchanger is ready to provide services and participates in the monitor;
  • disabled if the monitor has switched off the exchanger due to some reasons, including technical issues;
  • not active if the exchanger administrator switched the exchanger off the monitor due to this or that reason;
  • unavailable when the rates of exchanger are temporarily unavailable due to technical issues.
What do numbers for Advanced Cash TS/WebMoney BL/Perfect Money TS mean?

These indicators (abbreviated as ACTS, WMBL, PMTS in the table) demonstrate the activity and reputation of official accounts of exchangers in the corresponding payment systems:

If an exchanger has a dash instead of a number, it means that it doesn't work with the currency exchanging of the corresponding payment system and it doesn't have a working account there to track its level of activity.

I visited websites of suggested exchangers but didn't find a way to perform the exchange I need. Why?

Most likely, the exchange in the chosen direction can only be performed manually by submitting a request to the administrator. To do this, please contact the support of the selected exchange service.

In case you have proof that some exchangers do not perform the exchange they are supposed to perform according to the monitoring service, please inform us about that.

Why the rate/reserve in the monitoring differs from those in the exchange service?

All the information about exchange rates and available reserves comes to us directly from exchange services. All the possible discrepancies on the BestChange side are minimal, as our monitoring is configured to perform constant gathering of exchange services' data and refreshes it every 5-8 seconds. In most cases, the issue with an incorrect rate or reserve comes from incorrect information provided by certain exchangers.

We ask our users to inform us about every exchange rate or reserve discrepancy they find.

Please, keep in mind that every exchanger, listed on BestChange, is proud of our partnership. Many exchangers offer the most favourable rate exactly to our users. Please be ready for the fact the exchange rates may differ for the worse when you're visiting the site of the exchanger excluding direct transition from BestChange monitoring.

While submitting an exchange rate request I made a mistake in the beneficiary details. What should I do?
You should immediately contact the support team of the exchange service, so that an operator could cancel the transaction and refund you the funds to the initial payment source.
I send money to one of exchangers, but the exchange still didn't finish, despite the deadline has already passed. What should I do?

In case you have performed an exchange in one of the exchange services listed in our monitoring, don't worry — your money isn't lost, as there are no scam platforms in our list.

Nevertheless, sometimes some exchange services, like any other organization, may experience difficulties in providing their services to users in time. In such cases we recommend:

  • To wait a little bit more. As a rule, most exchanges are complete within one hour, if the policy of the exchange service doesn't state the opposite. The delay may be longer if the exchange request was placed out of hours;
  • To contact the support team of the exchange service you tried to perform the exchange at. Try various available contact options, some of them will be more efficient than the others;
  • As a last resort, you may submit a violation on this exchanger's side (red, negative testimonial) and specify your exchange operation ID. The majority of administrators do cooperate with our monitoring service, and if they receive a complaint, they react to the issue faster, and when it is fully resolved they post a comment directly at BestChange comment section.
I have written a review of an exchanger, but the review does not appear on the website. Why?
It is likely that you haven't confirmed your review via email. Unverified reviews are not displayed on the website and are automatically deleted from the database in 7 days. If you did not find the confirmation email in your "Inbox" folder, please check your "Spam" folder.
Why can the administrator of exchanger take down my complaint?
According to the rules of the monitoring service, the user has a right to leave complaints only in case when the exchanger has not paid the funds when obliged. After the full amount has been received, the complaint must be taken down (leaving the review and the comments unedited) or completely removed from the page of the exchanger. In case you want to express your opinion concerning a particular exchanger's services, please use the "Comment" type of review.
Why was my review deleted?
Administration of exchange rate monitoring service has a right to delete reviews that:
  • duplicate the user's other reviews;
  • contain profanities, insults and other information humiliating human dignity;
  • contain calls for war, separatism, racism, class or ethnic animosity and/or information about these subjects;
  • contain information about the usage of alcoholic, drugs, pharmacological substances or tobacco smoking;
  • contain false information or user's untrue speculations;
  • contain advertising materials;
  • are written by the user with a view or receiving financial or other benefits.
Why do I see exchangers less than 6 months old on your website?
Despite the corresponding rule in the conditions for exchangers' listing, sometimes you may find exchangers that have not reached a 6-month mark yet. In some cases, we add such exchange services to our active listing. These cases include adding exchangers:
  • from an owner of a large Internet project (cryptocurrency exchange, p2p platform, large mining company and the like);
  • due to a guarantee from another exchanger that has been listed on BestChange for over a year and has proved to be a trusted partner.

The BestChange team values the reputation of the project and selects exchangers to be listed with great caution. If we have added an exchanger younger than 6-month old, rest assured it has been thoroughly checked by our specialists and it can be trusted.

Is going through AML/KYC procedures required in exchangers listed on BestChange?
Despite exchangers listed on BestChange not always having a special mark indicating the necessity of verification, a lot of them are obliged to comply with KYC/AML requirements according to which the client may be required to provide a set of documents shall his/her transaction is marked as a suspicious one. We advise you to carefully study the terms and conditions of the selected exchanger. KYC/AML policy is in line with international practices for combating money laundering. Exchangers listed on BestChange use these procedures to comply with KYC/AML requirements and not to abuse customer data or misappropriate their funds.
How to make sure if some Internet exchanger is reliable?

Here are a few simple ways:

  1. Take a look at the domain name of the website. Trustworthy exchangers do not work on free hostings with 3-rd level domain names.
  2. Check if the website is in any black lists. Make a search for the domain name of the exchanger you would like to check (for instance, "") in a search engine (Google, Yahoo).
  3. Check the domain registration date via "Whois" service. In case the domain was registered a few days ago, most likely it is an unreliable exchange service.
I am an owner of an electronic currency exchange service. How can I add it to BestChange?
Please refer to the Exchange Service Monitoring Participation Rules here.
What does a greyed out line of the exchanger in the table mean?
When using the "Calculator" option, some lines in the list of exchangers can be greyed out when:
  1. the exchanger does not have enough reserves to exchange the amount you specified in the calculator;
  2. the exchanger has set a minimal exchange amount, and the specified amount in the converter is not enough for an exchange.
The grayed out color of the exchanger means it is not possible to use it to make an exchange.
How can I recollect the address of the exchanger I visited? Do you keep this information?

Unfortunately, the BestChange service does not keep such information, but there are two ways which are most likely to help you:

  1. On the main page of the service, there is a "History" over the "Exchange Rates" table. If you click on it, you will see the history of your visits within the BestChange. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that this information is kept in the cookies of your browser, that is why you need to view the history from the same device and browser that were used earlier.
  2. You can check your browser history (Ctrl+H) for the day when you made the exchange.
Does BestChange have official apps in App Store and Google Play?
We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the BestChange service does not have any official applications in GooglePlay or AppStore at the current moment. We recommend users be vigilant and do not use third-party apps. We are planning to launch our official apps in the future. The download links will be provided on our website.

You can ask any other questions about the service via the feedback form. Answers to questions about our affiliate program are available in your affiliate account after authentication. If your question becomes especially popular, we will publish it on this page.