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Answers to frequently asked questions

BestChange is a free Internet service designed to help find e-currency exchange services with the best exchange rates. For additional information, please visit the following pages: About and Instruction.

The exchange rate monitoring service BestChange was launched 16 years ago (June 19, 2007), and it continuously improves daily.

Every exchanger on the monitor has been thoroughly checked before listing, and the BestChange team constantly monitors the quality of the exchangers' services. This minimizes risks for financial transactions made in our partner exchangers. If an exchanger fails to fulfil its obligations properly, certain measures may be taken to stimulate it to solve the issue.

Those exchangers with specific marks next to their names, which indicate passing an additional check and having an official legal registration, have the highest level of reliability.

If a user encounters a problem exchanging funds in any of the services hosted on the monitor, they can publish a negative review on the BestChange website. Due to the high popularity of BestChange, the exchangers try to preserve their good reputation on it, so if an administrator of an exchanger receives a notification about a user's complaint, they are interested in its fast resolution. Moreover, if users start experiencing issues with a particular exchanger, the monitor administration may temporarily exclude it from the listing unless all the problems are resolved.

Although the BestChange team carefully checks each exchanger before including it in the active listing, it is essential to remember that by going to the website of any of the exchangers, a user comes to a resource that is neither legally affiliated to nor controlled by BestChange. Therefore, the BestChange project cannot guarantee the resolution of an incident in case of money loss due to any actions on the part of the exchangers.

The verification that the BestChange team conducts prior to including an exchanger in the monitor takes into account various parameters and has proven its effectiveness. However, it must be understood that it cannot guarantee that the exchangers will always be diligent in the future. The BestChange administration tries to minimize the risks for users in every possible way by preventing problem situations and promptly responding to them. For many years, BestChange has been protecting users from the dangers peculiar to the exchange market and helping them solve arising problems.

When choosing an exchanger, first see if it has the icons of the additional check and official registration, reviews of other users, the state of the exchanger's website as well as the current status of the exchanger in our system. When making transactions, please remember that they are non-refundable in many payment systems.

BestChange monitor does not act as a guarantor of transactions conducted between users and the represented exchangers. It is an exclusively informational resource that allows users to objectively assess the entire exchange market. The monitor does not advertise any particular services and does not conduct any special promotions for partners.
None of the exchangers posted on the monitor's site is legally connected or controlled by the BestChange project. The decision to conduct an exchange is made solely by a user based on the data provided by the monitor:

  • current exchange rates;
  • users' reviews;
  • period of exchangers' operation;
  • duration of placement in the monitor.

Also, BestChange has no information about transactions between users and the exchangers, including the terms of deals, their volumes and number.
Based on this, the monitor cannot serve as a guarantor of exchanges. If a user needs the services of a guarantor, we recommend contacting one of the well-known secure transaction services.

All you have to do to perform a profitable exchange is the following:

  • choose a currency pair for your exchange;
  • click the names of the required currencies on the left panel, for example, select Bitcoin (BTC) in the Give column and select Tether TRC20 (USDT) in the Get column; for cash directions, you should also choose the city. After that, you will see offers from exchangers in a table and will be able to start selecting the most suitable exchanger with the best exchange rate and reserve. By default, the table of exchange services is sorted by the exchange rate profitability, but you can sort it by any other parameter (for example, by the amount of the available reserve, by reviews and so on);
  • choose an exchanger with suitable conditions and ensure this service possesses sufficient currency reserve to carry out the operation. Also, please take a look at the latest reviews of this exchanger to make sure it has no issues at the current moment;
  • click the exchanger's name, and its website will be automatically opened in a new window;
  • perform the exchange according to the service's rules.

Optionally, leave a review about this exchanger in a corresponding section on the monitoring service.
See also a visual infographic:

An example of finding a favourable exchange rate

The BestChange service is the most convenient and safe tool to search for profitable conditions for an exchange.
The main advantages are the following:

  • simplicity of usage and intuitive interface: it is just necessary to select an exchange pair, and you will be shown all exchangers supporting it;
  • wide choice of trusted exchangers: 250+ services;
  • wide range of payment services: not only cryptocurrencies, including altcoins and stablecoins, but also all world-popular e-payment systems, as well as fiat (cash, bank wire, Visa/MasterCard);
  • useful functions that help to choose an exchanger: icons indicating special conditions of an exchange (for example, no verification required), exchangers' informational pages, reviews left by real customers;
  • an option to subscribe to notifications about the exchange rate/needed reserve amount.

The BestChange monitor has a Calculator that helps determine how much source currency is needed to get the exact amount of the target currency.
To use the Calculator function, follow these steps:

    1) select a currency pair for the exchange;
    2) click the names of the necessary currencies on the left panel. For example, select PayPal USD in the Give column and Bitcoin (BTC) in the Get column;
    3) select the Calculator tab;
    4) tick the Get box;
    5) type the needed amount of the currency in the amount field;
    6) click the Calculate button.

Now you can see how much PayPal USD you will have to give at each exchange service to get the needed amount of Bitcoin (BTC).

When using the Calculator option, a user may find some lines in the list of exchangers greyed out. It may happen in these cases:

  • an exchanger does not have enough reserve to exchange the amount specified in the Calculator;
  • an exchanger has set the minimum and maximum exchange amounts, and the amount specified in the Calculator is not within this range.

This tool instantly alerts users about exchange rates and reserves and allows them to exchange currency when the desired rate and/or reserve is available. Here are a few examples of when this function may come in handy:

  • an exchanger with a suitable rate was found, but its reserves are not enough to carry out an exchange;
  • it is necessary to find the most favorable rate, and there is no rush to exchange;
  • currently, none of the exchangers can perform an exchange in the desired direction, and it is necessary to find out when such an exchange will become available;
  • you own an exchange service and would like to monitor your competitors.

To prevent your antispam system from mistakenly blocking messages from the BestChange bot, please add the e-mail address and WMID of the bot to the trust list of your correspondents:

  • E-mail:
  • Telegram: bestchange_bot

Note: do not use the above data to contact the monitor administration.

The available exchange reserve is the amount of currency a certain exchange service offers for exchanges. An exchanger cannot carry out an operation that requires a larger sum than the reserve it has.

There is a special icon system on the monitor used in case an exchanger has some specific conditions for an exchange. A pop-up window with additional information will appear when the cursor is on an icon. The full list and description of icons can be found on this page.

The exchangers in the monitor can have the following statuses:

  • active — the exchanger is turned on in the monitor;
  • inactive — the exchanger's administrator has switched it off (the exchanger is not currently performing any exchanges);
  • unavailable — the rates of the exchanger are temporarily unavailable due to some technical issues;
  • disabled — the exchanger has been delisted from the monitor.

These indicators (abbreviated as ACTS, WMBL, PMTS in the table) demonstrate the activity and reputation of official accounts of exchangers in the corresponding payment systems:

If an exchanger has a dash instead of a number, it means that it doesn't perform currency exchanges with the corresponding payment system and doesn't have a working account there to track the exchanger's level of activity.

Suppose a user comes to an exchanger's website from a particular direction on the monitor but does not see the needed exchange direction. In that case, the exchange in this direction is likely performed manually by submitting a request to the exchanger's administrator. To know all the details, please contact the support of the selected exchanger.
If some exchanger does not conduct exchanges that it translates to the monitoring service, please inform the BestChange administration about that via the Discrepancy function.

All the information about exchange rates and available reserves comes to the monitor directly from exchangers. Any discrepancies on the BestChange side are highly unlikely, as the monitor is configured to continuously gather the exchanges' data and refresh them every 5-8 seconds. In most cases, incorrect rates or reserves appear due to the incorrect information provided by some exchangers.
Please inform the monitor's administration about every exchange rate or reserve discrepancy via the Discrepancy function.
It must be noticed that every exchanger listed on the monitor values the partnership with BestChange, so many exchangers offer the most favorable rates exclusively to the monitor's users. For this reason, exchange rates may differ for the worse when a user comes to an exchanger's website straight from a search engine but not from BestChange.

It is necessary to immediately contact the exchanger's support team via all possible communication channels (online chat, e-mail, etc.) so that an operator can cancel the transaction.

If the exchange was made in one of the exchangers listed in the monitor, there is no reason to worry — the money won't be lost, as there are no scam websites on the list.
Like any other organization, exchange services may sometimes experience difficulties in providing services to their customers on time. In such cases, the following steps are recommended:

  • Wait a bit more. As a rule, most exchanges are complete within one hour if the regulations of an exchanger don't state the opposite. A delay may be longer if an order was made not within the working hours. Thus, users should pay attention to the schedule indicated on the website of a service.
  • Contact the support team of the exchanger that was to conduct the exchange. Try various available communication channels — some may be more efficient than others.
  • As the last resort, file a complaint (red negative review) on the exchanger's page on the monitor, specifying the exchange operation ID. Having received a complaint, administrators may react to the issue faster. When it is resolved, they post a comment directly in the BestChange comment section.

It is likely that the review has not been confirmed via email. Unconfirmed reviews are not displayed on the monitor and are automatically deleted from the database in 24 hours. If there is no confirmation email in the Inbox folder, please check the Spam folder.

If the automatic email does not arrive, it is necessary to report the problem to the BestChange support team.

According to the rules of BestChange, a user has a right to leave complaints only if an exchanger has not sent a payment within the timeframe stated in the website rules. After receiving the total amount, the user should take down the financial claim (leaving the review and the comments unedited). Also, the user can delete the financial claim if it is resolved. If the user wants to express an opinion concerning the services of a particular exchanger without filing a complaint, it should be done via the Comment type of the review.

The administration of the exchange rate monitoring service has a right to delete reviews according to the following criteria:

  • duplicates;
  • profanities, insults and other information humiliating human dignity;
  • calls for war, separatism, racism, class or ethnic hatred and/or information about these subjects;
  • information about the usage of alcohol, drugs, pharmacological substances or tobacco smoking;
  • false information or the user's untrue speculations;
  • advertising materials;
  • reviews, if a user has written it with the aim of manipulation, including to receive financial or other benefits.

Despite the corresponding rule in the conditions for exchangers' listing, sometimes exchangers younger than six months may be found on the BestChange monitor.

Such services may be added to the rating in the following cases:

  • upon recommendation of an owner of a large Internet project (a cryptocurrency exchange, p2p platform, large mining company, etc.);
  • under the guarantee of another exchanger that has been listed on BestChange for over a year and has proved to be a trusted partner.

BestChange values the reputation of the project and selects exchangers to be listed with great caution. If an exchanger younger than six months old has been added, it has been thoroughly checked the monitor's specialists, and it can be trusted as all the exchangers listed on BestChange.

Although the exchangers listed on BestChange do not always have a special icon indicating the necessity of verification, they all are obliged to comply with KYC/AML requirements, according to which they may request a set of documents from a customer, shall their transaction be marked as suspicious. It is recommended to study the terms and conditions of the selected exchanger carefully. KYC/AML policy complies with international practices for anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism. The exchangers listed on BestChange use these procedures to align with KYC/AML requirements but not to abuse customers' data or arrogate their funds.

Please, study the conditions for adding new exchangers to the BestChange monitor and contact us in a free form.

When using the Calculator option, some lines in the list of exchangers greyed out. It may happen in these cases:

  • an exchanger does not have enough reserve to exchange the amount specified in the Calculator;
  • an exchanger has set the minimum and maximum exchange amounts, and the amount specified in the converter is not within this range.

The grey color of an exchanger means that an exchange is not possible.

Such information is not stored on the side of the BestChange monitor, but there exist two ways that may help:

  1. It is recommended to check the history of visits from the monitor to exchangers' websites. On the main page of the monitor, there is a History option over the Exchange Rates table. Please remember that this information is stored in the browser's cookies, so one should view the history from the same device and browser that was used when going to an exchanger's website from the monitor.
    The history will be clean if another browser or the "Incognito" mode was used.
  2. It is recommended to check the browser history (Ctrl+H) for the day an exchange was made.

It is forbidden to parse the BestChange website pages, but one can receive the exchange rates through an API. To request access to the API, please contact the BestChange technical support and specify the purpose for which these data will be used.

Currently, the BestChange project has no official applications in Google Play or App Store. It is recommended that users be vigilant and not use third-party apps from BestChange behalf. It is planned to launch official apps in the future. The download links will be provided on the monitor website.

For the convenience of the monitor users, only the most popular currencies are being added to the list.
If some currency is absent on BestChange, it means that now there is not enough demand for it, and there are yet no exchangers on the monitor that can exchange it.
The situation can change at any moment, so it is recommended to keep checking the direction of interest.

The users can also propose to add a new currency. The BestChange administration will evaluate if it can be implemented and provide feedback.

Fixing the rate in cash exchanges is impossible due to the peculiarities of such directions: for example, clarification of the details of an appointment and funds transfer. Exchange rates can change significantly from the moment of an order creation till the moment the order is completed.
Anyhow, when creating an order, an exchanger's customer obtains all the necessary information about the exchange details so that they can calculate the exact amount to be received, shall it be needed (e.g., due to the exchange rate fluctuations on exchanges).

Cash directions are not labelled with the Floating exchange rate icon since such directions imply a floating exchange rate. Instead, on the order creation page and in a message sent to the customer's e-mail address, a user receives detailed information about the exact moment when the rate will be fixed and how exactly it will be recalculated in case of a change in the rate. Please note that this rule applies only to cash exchanges; for other currency pairs, the label Floating exchange rate is used as usual.

On the BestChange monitor website a particular exchange rate for the exchangers' ranking is used to provide the most fair distribution of places in the rating. It is calculated automatically, including the individual amount for an exchanger that can be exchanged.

As an exchange amount the minimum of the following values is used:

  • amount $300 or its equivalent in other currencies;
  • the maximum exchange amount that an exchanger offers in the current direction;
  • the reserve an exchanger translates in the current direction.

The ranking exchange rate is calculated as follows:

  1. The average exchange amount is automatically determined, according to which the calculation will take place.
  2. The basic exchange rate is applied to the average exchange amount, as well as additional fees transferred by an exchanger in the current direction.
  3. The resulting value is divided by the amount of the exchange presented on the monitor by default.

An important note is that for cash exchanges, the average exchange amount has been increased from $300 to $10'000.
The equivalent of $10'000 is set, taking into account the typical amounts of exchanges in cash directions. It provides an opportunity to place additional fixed fees with a large value since, under this condition, it will not crucially affect the "ranking rate" displayed on the monitor.

Anyhow, to get the most precise result, the BestChange users may operate with the Calculator function, where the exchange rates and the ranking of services in the list will match the specified amount.

All commissions of exchangers are included in their exchange rates or indicated by information labels. At the same time, it should be understood that it is the sender who pays the commission of each specific payment system. In other words, a customer pays a commission to the payment system through which they send their funds to an exchanger, and the exchanger pays a commission to the payment system through which it sends its funds to the customer.

Anyhow, if the payment system chosen by a customer has some important features or fixed commissions by default, then the information about this will be located under the rates in a turquoise box. For example, the commission charged when sending a payment through the Perfect Money payment system depends on the status of the account: holders of verified accounts pay 0.5%, and those of non-verified accounts — 1.99%.

The AML/KYC policy is a requirement of the regulators of all countries and international anti-money laundering organizations, and it complies with the world's best practices in combating money laundering and terrorist financing. All exchangers included in the BestChange monitor are supposed to adhere to these requirements, which apply to all financial services worldwide.

If the funds in the transaction sent by an exchanger's customer have a high overall risk or are associated with illegitimate sources (there exist various high-risk markers: Dark Market, Stolen Coins, etc.), then the exchanger may block the transaction and ask you to provide data to complete the KYC procedure. This information is required only for compliance with AML/KYC requirements and the subsequent release of funds sent in the transaction.

To avoid the situations when the funds get blocked and verification is needed, one should carefully study the regulations on the selected exchanger's website and also check the address of the wallet from which the funds will be sent for high-risk markers using AML analyzers. To do this, one can resort to specialized services, such as Crystal Blockchain, AMLBot, GetBlock, etc. After receiving the results, it is recommended to ask the exchanger's support whether such a level of risk is acceptable for an exchange.

BestChange project is an information resource: the monitor does not regulate the terms of exchanges but only provides information about the most favorable offers on the market.
If the exchange conditions a user specified are not available at the moment, it means that, unfortunately, none of the exchangers from the active listing is ready to perform them.

However, there is the Double exchange function on the BestChange website.
Users can also request the BestChange administration directly to find alternative exchange options. For example, sometimes, it may be available through a transit currency, another payment system or another exchange direction.

The BTC faucet located on the BestChange monitor was created as a small yet pleasant bonus for the users of the website.

One can receive from 1 to 100 Satoshi every 60 minutes. There are several factors that can influence the amount of a one-time payout, i.a.:

  1. A significant change in the BTC rate. Payouts are similar in their fiat value to the earlier payouts, given the current value of Bitcoin.
  2. High load on the BTC faucet. Over the past year, the number of active "claimers" has increased many times, thus, a larger number of users claim the budget of the BTC faucet.

If an exchanger's client has lost data about where exactly they made an exchange, there are several options to identify the name of the service to which the user went from the BestChange monitor.

  1. Above the Exchange rates table on the main page of BestChange, there is the History link. By clicking it, one can see the history of its visits to exchangers' websites which have been made through the current browser.
  2. Check the browser history for the day the exchange was made.
  3. Try to find the letter that was sent to the email address specified when creating an order at the exchanger. Sometimes such emails can be in the "Spam" folder.

After that, the user can send the question with the order number and the address of the exchanger in the format through the contact form to the BestChange administration. The administration of the monitor will request the relevant service and assist in resolving the problem as soon as possible.

When exchanging in Telegram, there is a possibility to contact scammers who copy the names of exchange services.

It is highly recommended to exchange funds only by creating an order on the websites of the exchangers represented on BestChange.

The captcha installed on our BTC faucet is a modern way to protect against automatic scripts. Thousands of the BestChange site users pass this check every day.

Possible problems and solutions:

  1. Lack of attention. Users who inattentively read the task in the captcha may face the mentioned problem. For example, one needs to click all the images containing house numbers, and only when there are none left in the picture, click the Confirm button.
  2. Outdated browser. One can try accessing the website from a different browser.
  3. Browser plugins block the work of the captcha. One can try to temporarily disable plugins or use a different browser.
  4. Incorrect cookies. One can try to clear the browser cache.

If the problem still cannot be solved, the users can take screenshots or record a screencast and send it through the form. Then the monitor administration will look into the issue more thoroughly and try to help in the situation.

At the bottom of every page of the BestChange site, there is a link to the Currency converter. If a user follows it, they will be transferred to the site's special section where they can convert any currency, in other words, find out the average market rate. The exchange rates are regularly updated from official sources (central banks, exchanges). If a direct exchange of currencies selected for conversion is possible on the monitor, the website will automatically offer the exchange options.

It is important to understand that exchangers, like any other Internet services, can sometimes experience technical difficulties, as a result of which they can transmit incorrect rates.

Normally, an exchanger won't work at a loss and conduct exchanges at a rate more profitable than the one on exchanges. If an exchange rate of some exchanger significantly differs from the other presented on the monitor, please contact the online chat of this exchanger and clarify whether it actually offers such conditions or if it is a technical failure.

If an order has been already created at an incorrect exchange rate, then there are two possible solutions to the problem:

  1. an exchange at the best actual exchange rate, presented on the monitor at the time of the order creation;
  2. a request for a refund.

Perhaps, the issue has arisen because the anonymized user details have been added in one of the blacklists that some exchanger groups maintain. The blacklists help exchangers sustain their security by protecting them from receiving dirty funds, for example, stolen ones, which some unscrupulous clients try to swap in exchangers in order to launder the money.

If a user of BestChange faces the problem when exchangers refuse to provide services to them, they can write to the support to resolve the situation.

However, please note that it is the exchanger that makes the final decision on whether to work with a particular customer or not.

At the bottom of every page of the BestChange site, there is a link to the Help center section, where all the reference information is stored. It can help when using the monitor, cryptocurrencies and payment systems.

You can ask any other questions about the service via the feedback form. Answers to questions about our affiliate program are available in your affiliate account after authentication. If your question becomes especially popular, we will publish it on this page.