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1. What is is a directory of vetted online exchangers that have gone through a thorough diligence check conducted by our administration. Here you can search for e-money, cryptocurrency and fiat exchangers to transfer or swap your funds. There are more than 370 exchangers registered at BestChange, and the service displays information about currency exchange rates and commission fees from each of them in real-time. Thus, you can easily find the best exchange rate on the market.

At BestChange, you can not only compare rates from various exchangers and choose the best one among them, but also select exchangers for a double exchange if the direct exchange between the currencies is unavailable at the moment.

To make an informed decision, you can get acquainted with the reviews left by real customers and, after an exchange, leave feedback about your experience.

If you fail to find an exchanger with suitable rates or reserve, subscribe to our notifications, and we will let you know about it as soon as the offer meeting your demands appears.

Moreover, the BestChange monitor has a calculator for calculating the final amount you will get or need to give, detailed statistics on changes in the rates for various periods (day, week, month or year).

We are always open to cooperation. Owners of exchangers can read the terms and conditions of including their exchangers in the BestChange rating and submit their application to get listed on the monitor. Any user can join our affiliate program and earn money by attracting new customers to our site.

2. How to exchange currency?

Electronic currency is exchanged in 5 simple steps in the BestChange system:

2.1. Select the source and target currencies

Use the left panel under the BestChange logo to click the currency you have first and then click the currency that you want to get. The selected currencies will be highlighted in black (Fig. 1). If you click the wrong currency, just click the currency you need to clear the previous selection.

Figure 1. Exchanging Perfect Money for PayPal

Besides, there are two other ways to select the currencies and exchange direction — using the drop-down lists (Fig. 2) or using the most popular exchange options (Fig. 3).

Figure 2. Selecting currencies from the list
Figure 3. Most popular exchange options

After you select the currencies, the right part of the page will show the list of exchangers that can exchange them (Fig. 4). By default, the exchangers with the best rates are at the top of the list. To sort the list by any other column, click the header of this column.

Figure 4. List of exchangers that exchange Perfect Money for PayPal

To switch the source and target currencies, click the Reverse exchange button over the list of exchangers. The list will be updated automatically.

2.2. Calculate the final amount and look through the statistics

After you select the source and target currencies, you can immediately calculate how much money you will get or how much money you need to exchange to get a certain amount(Fig. 5). To do it, click the Calculator tab, select the Give or Get option, enter the amount, select the Without PS commissions or With PS commissions option (this option determines whether the commissions of the payment systems should be taken into account when the exchange amount is calculated) and click the Calculate button.

Figure 5. Calculating the amount of Perfect Money that you need to give in order to get 120 USD in PayPal

After you click the Calculate button, the BestChange system will automatically calculate the amount for each exchanger and show them in the list for you to be able to select the best one.

If there are no exchangers who work with the currencies you select, use the Double exchange feature to find the best exchange options using the intermediate currency (Fig. 6). Note that two exchangers will be used in this case and each of them will charge its commission. Besides, you can immediately calculate how much money you will get or how much money you need to exchange to get a certain amount. To do it, enter the amount in the text field above the list of results, select the Without PS commission or With PS commission option and click the Calculate button.

To avoid mistakes, the BestChange administration recommends check the correctness of the information provided by the monitoring service (exchange rates, reserves and also the availability of exchange operations in the selected exchangers) before making "double exchanges".

Figure 6. Double exchange of PayPal for Perfect Money (via an intermediate currency)

To see which exchangers and in what order are offered for the exchange, click any of the displayed results (Fig. 7).

Figure 7. One of the exchange plans for the double exchange of PayPal for Perfect Money (via WMZ)

You can also see the statistics of the exchange rate movements, the total reserve amount for the exchange, the amount of exchanged currencies and other indicators in order to make a decision about the exchange (Fig. 8). In some cases, when the exchange rate is obviously bad, it makes sense to postpone the exchange for a few hours or days. You can view statistics for various periods of time, from 1 hours to 1 year. To do it, just select the indicator and the period you are interested in and click the Show button.

Figure 8. Statistics of movements in the exchange rate of Perfect Money for PayPal for the last month

2.3. Select the exchanger

Move the mouse pointer over the exchanger you are interested in in the list on the Exchange rates tab and click the cell corresponding to it in the Feedback column. It will open the profile of the exchanger in the BestChange system (Fig. 9).

Figure 9. 7Money exchanger profile in the BestChange system

You can see the following information in the exchanger profile:

  • the number of rates provided by the exchanger;
  • the amount of reserves;
  • age;
  • positive reviews/user claims on BestChange;
  • WebMoney business level;
  • Advanced Cash Transaction Score;
  • Perfect Money Trust Score Rating;
  • positive/negative user reviews on MyWOT.

Besides, the owner of the exchanger can provide his own information about it and it will be shown when you click the Information from the exchanger administration link. The owner of the exchanger should contact the BestChange support service for that.

Carefully read feedback from users. The moderators of the BestChange system thoroughly monitor the ratings and exclude unreliable exchangers from the system, but it is feedback from BestChange and MyWOT users that can be the quickest way to learn about a poor service.

If the feel you can trust the exchanger, click the Go to the site link to open the exchanger website. Its home page will be opened in a new tab of your browser.

2.4. Go to the exchanger site for the exchange

After you go to the exchanger website, register or log in if you already have an account at that exchanger. Detailed instructions on how to exchange electronic currencies are usually available at the exchanger site.

If you have any difficulties, contact the support service of the exchanger or contact the BestChange support service.

2.5. Leave feedback about the exchanger

After you complete the exchange operation, you can leave feedback about the exchanger at the BestChange site. To do it, go back to the exchanger profile and click the Add feedback link. It will open a small input form (Fig. 10).

Figure 10. Exchanger feedback form

Fill out the following fields:

  • Your name — enter your nickname or your real name (optionally);
  • Your e-mail address — enter your e-mail address the confirmation message will be sent to. This message will contain the password that you can use to delete your feedback at any time (for instance, if your dispute with the exchanger has been settled or it was just a misunderstanding);
  • Feedback — enter the feedback text;
  • Feedback type — select one of the three options:
    • Positive — select this option if you like the service of the exchanger. Your feedback will be highlighted in green in the feedback list below;
    • Comment — select this option if you want to give some neutral information about the exchanger (for instance, the exchanger has a new service or it no longer offers some service) or point out some drawback in the service (processing a payment for too long, no response from the support, uncomfortable interface, etc.);
    • Complaint — select this option if you do not receive money from the exchanger or want to report a fraud. Make sure you specify the exchange application number to speed up the solution of the problem. Your feedback will be highlighted in red in the feedback list below.

Click the Add a review button. Your feedback will appear at the top of the list.

3. Notifications

If you fail to find an exchanger with suitable exchange rates, you can subscribe to our notifications and the BestChange system will automatically notify you when the suitable exchanger appears. To do it, select the Notifications tab where you will find the application form (Fig. 11).

Figure 11. Notification application form

Specify the following information:

  • notification delivery method (e-mail or Telegram messenger) and contact data;
  • minimum exchange rate you are interested in;
  • minimum reserve available at the exchanger;
  • notification period (no notifications will be sent after this period expires).

Click the Enable notification button to register the notification application in the BestChange system.

4. Feedback to the monitoring service administrator

You can send all questions and suggestions regarding the BestChange system to the support service at

To report a bug in the BestChange monitoring service, use the online form. While filling out the form, make sure you specify the correct e-mail address because otherwise we will not be able to contact you.

Besides, if you have any suggestion or feedback regarding the monitoring service, you can send it using the Quick feedback form in the lower-left corner of any page at the site.

Enjoy working with our site!

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