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Epese – a payment service for webmasters  May 1, 2017

Epese is a well established B2B online payment service which has been operating for more than 10 years. Initially it was a system allowing webmasters to arrange automated payouts for their partner and referral programs.

Augur – a mysterious start-up for predictors  April 27, 2017

Since the launch of Bitcoin hundreds of other cryptocurrencies appeared and dozens disappeared. It's incredibly difficult to attract a user with a new cryptocurrency, however Augur creators managed to do this.

How to add/withdraw CNY to online payment service accounts  April 26, 2017

In this article, we will consider ways to withdraw money to a bank account opened in Chinese yuan (CNY) and how to deposit yuan to e-wallets of popular payment systems: Alipay, Epay, Perfect Money, PayPal, Advanced Cash and others.

Ria Money Transfer – fast Euro transfers all around the world  April 19, 2017

Ria Money Transfer is one of the oldest global players – it has been operating since 1987. With more than 30 years of successful performance Ria Money Transfer is a very popular tool for instant international money transfers.

MoneyGram – Fast Euro transfers without registration  April 17, 2017

MoneyGram is an American international money transfer service. In this article, we will consider the features of transfers in euro (EUR) in the MoneyGram system.

MoneyPolo EUR – a great solution for individuals and business  April 16, 2017

MoneyPolo is an international payment system for money transfers created in the Czech Republic in 2011. One of the critical activities of the company is the transfer of money in euro (EUR).

Paxum – Canadian service for European customers  April 3, 2017

Speaking about the most popular payment services for working with EUR wallets you would hardly put Paxum at the first place. However, this service has brilliant reputation among experienced traders. We will tell you more about Paxum in this review.

OKPay EUR – a user-friendly service with transparent conditions  March 30, 2017

OKPay is quite a young online payment service launched in 2010. Its team has achieved impressive results over last seven years – the service is now available in more than 200 countries. It means that one can use OKPay in any location in the world!

Anonymous instant EUR transfers with Payeer  March 21, 2017

Payeer is an international payment system that allows you to send money to more than 200 countries worldwide. Today we will tell you about the features of euro (EUR) transfers using Payeer.

Advanced Cash – a complex solution for EUR accounts  March 16, 2017

Advanced Cash is an international payment network for exchanging and conducting transactions in fiat currency. The service supports the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies and savings crypto wallets. Here you can store dollars, euro, pounds, rubles and other currencies.

Adding and withdrawing GBP in popular payment services  March 10, 2017

An overview of depositing and withdrawing funds in british pounds (GBP) using popular payment systems: Payza, Skrill, Payoneer, and PayPal.

Ripple – a cryptocurrency and a fully functional exchange service  March 1, 2017

An overview of the history, features and benefits of Ripple, one of the oldest cryptocurrencies created in 2013.

Zcash – more anonymous than Bitcoin  February 28, 2017

Every new cryptocurrency appearing on the global market is positioned as a "Bitcoin killer". It is annoying but we can understand this trend – Bitcoin managed to drastically change electronic payments and people are impatiently waiting for something new.

Cryptocheck – perfect anonymity with double key deals  February 27, 2017

An overview of the features of the functionality, advantages and disadvantages of the innovative payment service Cryptocheck.

Tether – a mysterious crypto-dollar  February 27, 2017

Tether is a company from China which made a real revolution in the world of cryptocurrencies. They turned a fiat currency into a cryptocurrency! This is now possible due to integration with another service — Cryptsy.

Neteller – not a payment service, but an online bank  February 20, 2017

Neteller is one of the oldest electronic payment systems operating since 1999.

Payza – different accounts for different customers  February 16, 2017

Online payment service Payza was founded in Canada in 2004. It's one of the most versatile payment systems allowing sending and receiving money from people who do not have account in Payza. What's more, you don't have to verify your account to use the service to to the full.

e-Wallet with Skrill: versatility, security and British quality  February 13, 2017

Skrill is one of the oldest online payment services which used to be known as Moneybookers until 2010. The company's main office is located in London, Great Britain.

Easy shopping with Alipay  February 11, 2017

Alipay is an international payment service originally created to work with global trading platforms AliExpress and Alibaba.

GBP account in PayPal – does it make sense?  February 8, 2017

PayPal is the undisputed leader in the world of electronic payments. You can use PayPal in any online store and purchase whatever you need. The thing is that PayPal entered the market earlier that its most successful competitors and it allowed the company to occupy the most profitable niche.

Secure international and domestic transfers with Western Union  February 3, 2017

Western Union is familiar to absolutely every Internet user regardless if he or she used this payment service before.

Cryptocurrency stock exchanges – where to buy and sell Euro for digital currencies  January 28, 2017

Trading online is an ordinary thing for thousands of users from different parts of the world. They buy and sell every day and look for the most profitable exchanges where they can earn more.

Exmo codes – instant transfers and withdrawal  January 19, 2017

Exmo is a company known for its international team consisting of prominent enthusiasts from different parts of the world. It used to be a Russian business project registered in Spain but now it has turned into something more global.

Perfect Money Vouchers: top level security without delay  January 15, 2017

An overview of the features and benefits of Perfect Money vouchers — one of the payment instruments of the system of the same name. – a payment service based on emails  January 12, 2017

We are used to work with online payment services belonging to American or European companies, however one would hardly recall any major payment service from Asia. EPAY is a Chinese service available currently in two languages — English and Chinese.

QIWI: maximum versatility for every customer  January 10, 2017

Everyone in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine knows QIWI — it concerns all people involved into online trading. QIWI is the largest online instant payment service in former Soviet Union and it has been gradually growing since its foundation in 2008.

Monero: A promising altcoin with perfect anonymity  January 7, 2017

Monero (“coin” in Esperanto) is a Spanish-born cryptocurrency launched in 2014 and runs on the CryptoNote protocol.

Easy trading and withdrawal with WEX  January 4, 2017

Cryptocurrencies appeared not that long ago, however despite this segment is still young there already are some bigger and smaller players. People prefer to trust those companies and services which managed to survive through last few years and WEX is certainly one of them.

Ways to withdraw electronic money to your checking account  December 25, 2016

Funds flows never stop. Electronic money are turned into real funds and changed for fiat currencies. People top up their e-wallets and withdraw money by cashing them or transferring to their checking account.

How to withdraw e-money to your EUR bank card  December 21, 2016

An overview of how to withdraw electronic money to a Visa or MasterCard bank card in euro (EUR) using verified exchange offices.

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