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Easy trading and withdrawal with WEX

WEX was founded in 2011 — nearly 6 years ago. Six years is quite a long time for an online project, isn't it? WEX looks a successful service allowing its users to exchange, transfer and receive funds anonymously and smoothly.

WEX is registered (and probably located) in Bulgaria. Undoubtedly, that's a great advantage as more and more customers wish to deal with European or American companies. According to its name WEX support the most popular cryptocurrency in the world — Bitcoin — but it's not only about it.

Crypto paradise

WEX has been in business since 2011 and during all this time this service handles a significant amount of the total volume of BTC operations. The exchange also lets working with Litecoin and Namecoin. Therefore a trader dealing with WEX may create a very strong cryptocurrency portfolio. He may earn on buying/selling both popular currencies like BTC/LTC and a currency which has been steadily growing popular — NMC.

Account top up with BTC, LTC or NMC is free of charge — there are no commissions and fees for that operation. However there are different fees for every cryptocurrency when it comes to withdrawal beginning from 0.2% for BTC transactions and from 0.5% for USD and EUR transactions. If you are interested in creating an account on WEX we highly recommend you to read FAQ and Terms sections available on their official website. The information published on those pages answers 99% of questions beginners usually would like to ask.

Advantages of WEX

Firstly, WEX offers direct withdrawal to your debit card in the most popular currencies like USD, EUR, GBP etc. The full list will be available in your account — it depends on what kind of cryptocurrencies you are working.

The only disadvantage here is that funds withdrawal to a bank account may take up to 72 hours. WEX administration claims that they typically approve and process withdrawal operations within few minutes, however it is possible that some transactions may last longer (up to 3 business days). Therefore if you need your funds urgently it makes sense to use another exchange service enabling to sell WEX codes for fiat currencies. We will provide more details on that in the next paragraph.

WEX offers customer support in English and Russian languages. They typically handle email requests quickly, literally within 1-2 hours. If you have a simple and urgent question you may contact service administration in the live chat. We consider it as a very important advantage allowing users to save time.

Security is the top priority of WEX. A user is responsible for transactions security as well — it's up to you to create a strong password that cannot be hacked. In order to prevent unauthorized funds withdrawal WEX offers email authorization. It's obvious that the email you provide should also have a secure password. Please follow versatile recommendations in creating a password — use both lowercase and capital letters, different characters, numbers etc. Of course, don't even think about setting the same password for your WEX account and your email.

Another big plus is related to a very well though-out interface and automatic system notifications which offer the most attractive real-time exchange opportunities. Everything in WEX dashboard is arranged so that a new user could feel comfortable. You won't need much time to get used to the UI.

By the way, WEX have reduced top up fees for USD/EUR wire transactions recently. The fee is now 20 USD or 15 EUR regardless of the amount you top up your account with. Looks good, doesn't it? It looks perfect especially comparing to the additional 1% fee for all wire transfers that used to be charged before.

We also suggest you keeping an eye on the service news. It happens sometimes that WEX lets its users gain nice bonuses like 0% fees for all transactions. Typically such promos occur at important dates like the service birthday, New Year and so on.

WEX exchange

WEX euro can be exchanged or withdrawn with the use of other exchange services as well. Sometimes other exchanges have better offer or allow to receive money faster and it's a normal thing to deal with them. is a Ukrainian service offering instant exchange of WEX Euro codes for QIWI USD. QIWI is a payment system popular on the territory of former Soviet Union. Unfortunately, there are no other opportunities available for WEX EUR on The fee is 1 USD for all exchange operations. has much more to offer. One can change WEX codes EUR for eCoin, Advanced Cash, Bitcoin etc. You may also withdraw your WEX codes EUR to your checking account in EUR, USD, GBP CZK or PLN. The fees are different for all withdrawal options beginning from 5 CZK and 2% additional commission for a wire transfer to a CZK bank account.

Unfortunately it's not that easy to find a credible exchange service for selling WEX codes EUR since WEX EUR is not as popular as WEX USD which can be bought or sold nearly everywhere.

Internal exchange and withdrawal opportunities available in are definitely convenient — you can both withdraw your funds to your bank account or exchange them for BTC, LTS, NMC, USD, PPC, RUR, DSH and many other fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.

WEX is a worthy exchange service perfectly suitable for both newcomers and experienced online traders. You have great assistance from WEX administration and customers support as well as powerful opportunities to earn.

Account creation takes a few minutes. Then you need to replenish your account and start trading! That's it! Check the system exchange offers and find the most profitable ones!

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