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How to withdraw e-money to your EUR bank card

E-money is a popular thing among people doing online business. But if you have a website where you sell goods or services once you'll have to answer a question — how can I withdraw electronic money to my Visa or MasterCard? Sometimes it is just necessary. You cannot buy everything online and it's obvious that some money needs to be withdrawn.

We'd like to tell you about the most credible and convenient online exchange services allowing you to transfer the money earned to your bank account. is a service offering incredibly wide range of payment systems and methods combinations, but actually only two types of e-money are available for Euro operations. Here you can change your Perfect Money EUR and Bitcoin and get a Euro wire transfer to your bank account. Of course, the system works in both sides — you can also buy Bitcoin and Perfect Money by a wire transfer from your debit card.

The fees for selling Bitcoin are pretty high — 3% for Euro wire transfer. They are even higher for Perfect Money Euro — 3.5% for withdrawing funds to your Euro Visa or MasterCard. However if you purchase Perfect Money EUR you pay only 1% commission. When buying BTC-E EUR you are supposed to pay 2% fee. is a well-established service where you can make quick money exchange or withdrawal. Please pay attention to the reserve available — sometimes they are short of certain fiat or e-currencies. We also recommend you to keep in mind that Visa and MasterCard often take up to 3% commission for all incoming transfers. is a Russian exchange service that can be very interesting to foreign users as well. It allows for selling Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Advanced Cash and few more electronic currencies for Euro and withdrawing the funds to a Euro MasterCard or Visa card.

Please be ready for double fees — fee and Visa or MasterCard 3% commission. The service takes only 0.5% for each withdrawal. For example, if you want to withdraw 100 Euro you will have to pay 100.5 Euro. After the Visa/MasterCard 3% fee is charged you get 89.23 Euro to your bank card. This is due to the service exchange rate where 1 EUR in Perfect Money is equal to 0.94 EUR on your bank card.

As for Advanced Cash the situation looks a bit different. You also will be charged with Visa/MasterCard 3% fee plus 1.95 Euro taken by

Luckily there is no service commission for Bitcoin withdrawal — you will have to pay only 3% Visa/MasterCard commission taken automatically upon transaction.

Unfortunately, it's impossible to purchase any e-currency with a EUR MasterCard or Visa card. is well-known exchange service in Russia. Actually, European and American customers have been using it more often recently. In general the service works very fast despite they process some requests manually.

According to the exchange service name you have probably guessed that it's a Ukrainian payment system. Just like they have fully localized English interface and easy navigation.

The minimum fee for withdrawing Euro from Perfect Money to your Visa or MasterCard is 2 EUR. Add 3% Visa/MasterCard commission and you will get the following: if you need to withdraw 100 EUR you will have to pay 100.5 EUR and receive only 85.75 EUR to your bank card. The exchange rate of is not as good as on — 1 EUR in Perfect Money is worth only 0.908 EUR on your bank account.

Good news is that allows for selling Litecoin for EUR (exchange rate is 1 LTC to 2.929 CARD EUR). Changing 100 LTC for Euro you'll need to pay 100.1 LTC together with Visa/MasterCard 3% commission and 5 EUR service fee. Yes, the service fee for such exchange is pretty high and it can be inacceptable for some users. Anyway, there are not that many services where you can sell LTC for CARD EUR.

There are other exchange options like and BTC-E Euro. We highly recommend you visiting website for more information.

The minimum service fee for buying Perfect Money with EUR Visa/MasterCard is 10 EUR plus 0.75% of Visa/MasterCard commission. The same is for LTC purchasing with the additional 0.01 LTC service fee. is a European service registered in Belize (Central America). Comparing to nearly all other exchange services offers the widest selection of exchange options. Here you can withdraw money to your EUR MasterCard or Visa using Bitcoin, Litecoin, Payeer, Advanced Cash, Money Polo and so forth. Don't hesitate and check website for the full list of exchange options — we bet you would be impressed.

The fees are rather high, though. For instance, for selling one Bitcoin for EUR you'll be charged with 2% service commission and 19 EUR wire transfer commission. Therefore you'll receive just 741.5 EUR to your bank account.

100 EUR in Perfect Money are exchanged for 96 EUR on your MasterCard or Visa. In addition there are two fees again — 4% service fee and 19 EUR wire transfer commission. Therefore for selling 100 EUR in Perfect Money you get 77 EUR to your bank account.

Well, the fees seem to be relatively high indeed. Anyway, is a service where you can find rarely met exchange combinations and withdraw funds to your debit card. Their website is well localized for several major languages like English, German, Chinese and Russian as well as for European languages like Polish, Estonian and Spanish.

Look before you leap

Withdrawing e-money to a MasterCard or Visa card can be either disappointing or pleasant. If you don't want to wait too long and get 25% money more than you have in your e-wallet we suggest that you be careful and cautious. Analyze the situation, check as many online exchange services as you can and make sure there are no hidden fees and commissions.

Pay attention to what people say on proper forums but don't believe them too much — they may just promote their exchange services. Finally, try a small sum firstly and see the result. If it meets your expectation — feel free to withdraw more!

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