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e-Wallet with Skrill: versatility, security and British quality

Today Skrill is incredibly popular among two categories of users — online buyers and online gamblers. Nearly all respectable poker rooms work with Skrill.

In this review we will tell you more about this service and share the information about wallets in Euro.

Why people choose Skrill

One of the main advantages Skrill has is an opportunity of instant money withdrawal to a Visa or MasterCard card or directly to a bank account. It makes Skrill an attractive solution for both sending and receiving money. There is no surprise why so many poker rooms use Skrill as the main payment tool.

Identification in Skrill is based on email address only. It means that you will not face any issues with complicated logging in. Considering tough competition of today's payment services we should admit that such simplicity is certainly a significant advantage.

Commissions in Skrill are not that high and terms of use are absolutely transparent. You will never be charged for more than it is stated on the Skrill website. Moreover, there is 0% commission for Skrill account top-up via Swift. But if you want to withdraw money the same way you will have to pay 5.5 EUR (USD).

Please check the Fees page of Skrill website to get more information.

We would like to note that Skrill has good customer support service — the agents reply quickly and offer helpful recommendations. Don't hesitate to let them know if you face any issues with the system.

Disadvantages of Skrill

Each user can have only one account in Skrill — that is controlled with the verification. But you can easily create as many electronic wallets as you need — that's the only workaround.

Please be very attentive with selecting your currency. You can do it only once when creating a new account in Skrill. If you are going to make purchases in European Union or play in European poker rooms don't forget to select Euro — US Dollar is the default currency.

Unfortunately there's no option to change the account currency later. Customer support cannot help with it saying that it's a rule of the service. It means that it makes sense to use Skrill with operations in one currency only.

Skrill officially prohibits exchanging the money in your Skrill e-wallet for funds in other payment services. Sounds terrible, doesn't it? But on practice you can easily do it on any big exchange service. You can sell Skrill EUR for Bitcoin, Litecoin, USD and any other crypto or fiat currency you need.

Finally, there are such limitations as deposit limit, limitation for outgoing transactions and limitation for one-time transactions. Exact limitations depend on your account, activity in the service and other things. Please check the relevant information about limitations on Skrill website. Please don't try to cheat with limits! There are no loopholes to pass those limitations by except VIP Client status (we'll tell about it later).

You may only increase the limits by verifying your account. There are 3 types of verification and you can choose the most convenient one. The first option is to order a letter from Skrill to your postal address — it increases your withdrawal limit to $3500 per month or to the sum in other currency. The sum will be equivalent to $3500 anyway.

The most effective is bank card verification when the system charges your card for a certain sum from $1 to $3 and you need to provide the exact amount of money charged. That is how you can increase withdrawal limit to $4000.

The third way is to make a transfer from your bank account to your Skrill account and specify ID in the transfer info. The limit will be raised to $3500.

Finally, if nothing suits you — contact customer support service and they will find a different way to verify your account.

As you see there are some disadvantages which can make Skrill not suitable for some users. Anyway, if you are looking for a secure and legal online payment service with brilliant reputation these shortcomings would hardly stop you.

Skrill VIP account

VIP account is absolutely free, but to upgrade you need to transfer at least 2000 USD or EUR to your partners via Skrill every month. The biggest advantage of VIP status is free withdrawal and replenishment — no commission at all!

You also get access to 24/7 customer support and your requests will have higher priority. Another thing is that you can take part in various VIP-promos and win great bonuses!

EUR account with Skrill

A spate of rumor was wandering around the Internet some time ago — people notices that Skrill does not allow to withdraw USD to bank cards and accounts anymore! Some said they cannot get their money at all while the others told it was still possible to withdraw US dollars to Visa cards.

A bit later Skrill published its official announcement stating that USD operations are no more supported and that the service would work with Euro. The management suggested users checking their bank accounts and switch for EUR in order to avoid extra bank fees.

What made Skrill make such a steep turn? We are not sure about it, probably it's somehow connected to changes in American legislation. Traders suffered a lot, of course, as it was totally unexpected for them.

Today EUR account is the best solution for using Skrill. Just check in Google how many online stores, websites, services and poker rooms support EUR Skrill account and you will see that former owners of USD accounts didn't lose much.


After stopping USD account support Skrill have reoriented to the European market and it is great news for all EU users and just everyone who buys or sells in Europe.

A well-established service with great reputation, VIP status for the most active traders and interesting referral program — what more could an average buyer or seller need? Create an account in Skrill and try this service yourself. We bet you will like its simplicity, versatility and reliability. Skrill helps you feel confident and secure regardless of what exactly you do — buy or sell.

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