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Cryptocurrency stock exchanges where to buy and sell Euro for digital currencies

Here we are going to speak about credible stock exchanges which are undoubtedly worth the attention of every trader.


We have decided to start with Exmo which is one of the most popular online stock exchanges today. Traders trust it and it is the best criterion for such a service.

Exmo offers rather moderate range of currencies — Euro, US dollar, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Russian Ruble. But does one need too many currency pairs? Well, some traders may need it but the majority feels absolutely OK with EUR, USD, BTC and LTC. Therefore here on Exmo you have a lot of trading opportunities.

Experienced traders like Exmo because here they have all necessary tools like Stop loss (preventing from big losses), Trailing stop (lets change the value of a field), loan granting and purchase/sell order.

Beginners would also benefit — from example, from the referral program letting you earn 25% of all transactions of the people you brought to Exmo. Anyway, usually there is no sense to count on referral program only — it's just a good bonus but not a way to get stable passive income.

Exmo is an absolutely secure online stock exchange. Everyone can start trading here after the registration — it's really short and doesn't take longer than a couple of minutes.


As opposed to Exmo Quoine works with 29 currency pairs. That's a bigger stock exchange where you have a better choice for buying or selling. This stock exchange was founded in Singapore and used to be oriented mainly on Asian market, but nowadays traders from Europe, the US and Russia visit it much oftener.

Here you can buy or sell Euro for BTC an Ethereum at rather attractive rates. Quoine is based on an extremely powerful software platform allowing to process millions of financial operations per second with no risk of data loss.

Furthermore, Quoine cares about its customers — the website is localized. Its interface is available in English, Japanese and Indonesian. Quoine customers support is very helpful as well — they are available in online chat and via email. Please don't hesitate to contact them in case of any queries — you will not have to wait long!


That's another stock exchange working with limited number of currency pairs. Euro can be bought or sold for BTC, LTC, Ethereum and Dimecoin — well, the latter option is pretty unexpected as LiveCoin mainly supports the most popular digital currencies.

You shouldn't feel uncertain with minimalistic interface of LiveCoin — that is a great service that lets all users withdraw any amount of money instantly. There are simply no limitations for funds withdrawal and you can take as much as you need.

LiveCoin has good exchange rates with Perfect Money, Payeer and other major online payment service which work globally. Soon you will appreciate the simple interface since it allows you to start trading right away, without learning how to use the exchange.

Check the bonus program — you can get from 0.01% to 0.1% for liquidity providers. That's a great chance to increase your capital!

LiveCoin has been operating since 2014. It's a stock exchange with perfect reputation and reliable software system.

If you were looking for a place where you can simply trade Euro for the major digital currencies — congratulations! You have finally found it! lets traders sell and buy Euro for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and Namecoin. That is an extremely easy-to-use stock exchange which perfectly suits inexperienced users. has a significant advantage over many other online exchanges — it offers the opportunity to withdraw fiat currencies like Euro or US dollar to bank accounts, Visa and MasterCard etc. You can get your funds via Skrill, SEPA, AstroPay and other widely known systems. has localized interface for people speaking English, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian. That is a well-established exchange that keeps on developing. We highly recommend you try to trade with regardless of your background and experience!


Cryptonit is an English online stock exchange providing an opportunity and tools for trading with both fiat and digital currencies. It is known for transparent cooperation with FSA — a financial controlling body from the UK. That is the best proof of reliability, security and credibility of this service.

Euro can be bought and sold for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Namecoin, Peercoin and Feathercoin. But before starting to earn you need to verify you account.

There are three ways to do it. The first one is rather boring. You just need to send a scan of your ID, passport or any other document with your name, surname and address. The second option is quite funny but still totally legal — send a picture of you holding a document (the documents) mentioned above.

Finally, if two first options do not suit you — arrange a video call with the representative of the stock exchange! Sounds crazy, doesn't it? But that is how Cryptonit cares of its customers. That is really nice of them.

Don't miss a chance to earn with referral programs — bring new people to Cryptonit, create an account for your mining pool or assign your hash mark to your orders. We highly recommend you to visit Cryptonit website and take a closer look at their referral programs!

In case of any confusion Cryptonit customer support is available via phone, online chat or email.


It's not an easy thing to find the right stock exchange for buying and selling Euro. There are dozens of exchanges deserving your attention and we highlighted just a few of them. We believe that any of the exchanges enlisted could a perfect place where you can trade and benefit. Just create an account and try your fortune! We wish you good luck.

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