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MoneyPolo EUR a great solution for individuals and business

With over 6 years of successful international operation MoneyPolo is among the most popular online payment services today. Both customers and partners highly appreciate smooth operation and top-level security provided by MoneyPolo. Creating a Euro account with MoneyPolo is certainly a decision which is worth considering regardless of how often and how much money you spend or earn online.

Versatility and convenience for everyone

MoneyPolo is a service that tries to be suitable for any needs of any kinds of customers. On the company's website you can even see the list of potential customers who can benefit from using MoneyPolo:

  • Individuals can order a prepaid plastic card from MoneyPolo and use it worldwide. They can also send and receive money transfers and use ATMs all around the world for funds withdrawal. MoneyPolo has more than 400 000 partners in nearly all countries where one can make a money transfer.
  • Freelancers can benefit from using MoneyPolo in the same way — having an account in the service they can accept payments from their customers. Both electronic wallets and plastic cards are available.
  • Startups and small business owners can use prepaid cards and electronic wallets (including multi-currency wallets) as well as a payment account allowing for automatically receiving and sending funds. That is a reasonable solution for any small or medium-sized company selling goods and services online.
  • Large companies have access to the same functionality as small business does with much more flexible limitations. MoneyPolo offers individual offers for businesses with huge turnaround.
  • Financial companies would definitely benefit from using direct money transfers (Visa, MasterCard and China UnionPay) and acquiring services. In addition MoneyPolo offers cryptocurrencies exchange which is often needed for making online transactions.
  • Software developers already use MoneyPolo. In some countries even allow for having direct cash deposits and developers can get this service from MoneyPolo. Moreover, MoneyPolo is a convenient and safe tool for developers in their business relationships with corporate customers.
  • Agents and partners are encouraged to join MoneyPolo network and earn on every transaction made through their facilities. Cooperation with merchants is based on API integration which can be adjusted in a very short time.

Advantages of MoneyPolo

The strongest point here is the MoneyPolo offers an incredibly wide range of services. For example, one can make transfers in 128 currencies! The fees are different depending on the country and the currency you choose. Typically fees begin from 1.5% which is very low for instant international transfers.

Actually, there are two options for sending money — one can do it either in a MoneyPolo partner's office or online using MoneyPolo account. The second option includes a bit lower commission which can be beneficial especially if you are going to send a significant amount of money.

MoneyPolo Visa and MasterCard are fully functional plastic cards. They have absolutely no disadvantages comparing to a plastic card issued by your bank. MoneyPolo cards are available for everyone regardless of how much a customer earns and what kind of credit history he or she has.

Disposable virtual cards can be used only once — for one purchase. But a plastic Visa or MasterCard are valid for up to three years.

Visa is the only available option for Euro accounts. It costs 15 EUR with no further maintenance fees. The maximum balance allowed is 15 000 EUR. A Visa card from MoneyPolo can be both personalized or no-name.

Fee policy of MoneyPolo is transparent and clear. Fixed commission for ATM withdrawing with Visa is 2.8 EUR per operation (or 1.9 EUR for cashing with an ATM on the territory of the UK).

A card-to-card transaction fee is only 1.2 EUR with the 0.42 EUR fee for a declined transaction. Loading money via a bank transfer or API includes 3% commission for each loading operation. The full list of fees is available on MoneyPolo website in the Prepaid Cards section. See yourself that the commissions charged by MoneyPolo are way lower than in most other online payment services.

A MoneyPolo payment account is incredibly functional — you can pay bills, top up your phone, send money to your prepaid card and do a great deal of various financial operations. The most advanced users even plan their budgets with MoneyPolo!

A multi-currency account in MoneyPolo is a great tool for both beginners and experienced traders. You can work with different currencies and exchange them in your account without any fees! Actually, there are services which do not charge fees for internal currency exchange, however they offer such an exchange rate that a customer loses anyway. MoneyPolo is a totally different example!

Currency exchange rates in MoneyPolo are nearly the same to the ones offered by banks. Don't believe? Then compare yourself!

The last advantage of MoneyPolo we would like to mention is great customer support service. Phone support is available in 6 countries — United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden, Slovakia and Mongolia. Of course, you can contact customer support service in the local language or — if you prefer — in English.

Emails are processed quickly too — you will not have to wait long for a reply. In general it takes up to few hours for the customer support service to answer a request.


MoneyPolo is a system where you can try plenty of different functions and services. The terms and fees are transparently published on the website — you do not have to worry about failing to comply with them.

UI and functionality of MoneyPolo let newcomers learn the service quickly and benefit from a wide variety of tools it offers. If you want to check this service out — just to go and create a free account or just order a prepaid card from MoneyPolo official website.

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