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Epese a payment service for webmasters

Epese has evolved into a versatile payment solution and gained popularity among people who run online business. According to the words of Epese creators their goal was to create a service that supports fair partner programs only — there were lots of fraud partner programs back then and quite often it happened that webmasters got no money for participating in such a program. From the very beginning Epese was highly appreciated by customers. Actually, it is appreciated now as well!

Who can use Epese today?

As we have mentioned above Epese is a business-to-business solution aimed to the customers selling goods or services online. There are dozens of online betting agencies, partner and referral programs, online casinos and poker rooms which work with Epese. Actually, there are no limits and you can create an account in Epese for your online store or pharmacy if you want. That's more like a tradition that gambling companies and services constitute the majority of Epese clients.

Advantages of Epese

Frankly speaking, Epese has rather a standard set or "pros and cons", however please keep in mind that it is a service for online businessmen, not for everyone. Therefore security is the top priority in Epese. These guys really protect their users from any kind of malware, hacking and other threats. Using Epese one has nothing to worry about.

Another advantage is full automation. It is quite easy to set all the payment rules in Epese yourself so that your customers could get the money earned automatically, without your participation. You can also set the automated money receiving for yourself.

Epese is really a unique system with brilliant reputation, and undoubtedly that is another huge advantage. Ten years of flawless operation and thousands of customers located in different parts of the world are the best confirmation. Quite often competitors order negative feedback about other services from copywriters, but it is still very difficult to find any negative testimonials about Epese — at least in the English-speaking segment of the Internet.

In addition to standard payment options Epese also offers an opportunity to withdraw money with their debit card — you can order MasterCard from Epese and use it in all ATMs which support MasterCard. In other words, an Epese plastic card is your best friend in any country and in any city in the world.

Disadvantages of Epese

If there is a plus there should be a minus somewhere, shouldn't it? We did our best to find a drawback in Epese but failed. We have only a few remarks and the first one is about Epese website — it looks incredibly outdated and someone who visits the Epese website for the first time could think that this service is not functioning anymore.

Localization of Epese website is another problem — it's not translated into English fully and it is really a great obstacle for a global user. The only language Epese website is fully available into is Russian, but the service has customers from abroad as well. It's a great secret for us why don't they even try to make their website more up-to-date and localized to attract even more foreign clients.

Customer support service is available via email and ICQ only — quite a poor solution, but they reply to email very quickly, so we cannot complain about that. We just think it's senseless to have an ICQ support nowadays — people simply use other messengers.

Finally, Epese is much less popular than any B2C payment service — people know Perfect Money, OKPay and Webmoney, but they usually know nothing about Epese. From the other hand, that is not a big deal — the thing is that Epese is a service for business customers and it's obvious that final customers do not know much of it.

Fees and commissions

Epese website has a very old-school design, but it is still informative enough. For example, it is very easy to get the information regarding the system fees and commissions.

Internal transactions as well as bank transfer to an Epese account have no commission — isn't it a great advantage over many other services? It certainly is!

However if you bank transfer was made with some mistake — in payment information, for example — you will have to pay 1% fee for wrong payment processing. Therefore please be attentive when making a payment.

Adding funds via electronic money (for instance, via Webmoney) includes 1% commission. Withdrawing money to electronic wallets includes 2% commission.

There is a pretty interesting situation with withdrawing funds via bank transfer — you have to pay 0.5% for both USD and EUR outgoing transactions, however the minimum fee amount is different: 30 USD or 20 EUR. That's another thing worth keeping in mind.

A new debit card from Epese costs $5.95, the delivery is free. A newly ordered card is typically delivered within 2-3 weeks after the order placement. You may speed up the delivery and pay $45 — that is the only way to receive the card within 5-7 business days.

Debit card replenishment includes 0.9% fee or 5 USD or 5 EUR depending on the currency of your account. You will have to pay 2.6% commission for every ATM withdrawal regardless of the amount.

Actually, that's all about the fees and commissions in Epese. There is no other information on their website.


Regardless of old-fashioned website Epese is a stably functioning service which is available for its customers worldwide. It's a reliable and easy-to-use solution for webmasters. Let's be honest, Epese is a perfect tool for owners of online gambling and poker services as well as for people working with partner and referral programs.

Great reputation, simple interface and smooth functionality — what else could business customers need? They can get it all with Epese! Create a new account now — the registration won't take more than a few minutes — and make your payments fully automated.

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