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When we hear anything starting with "Ali" what do we think of? Well, some of us may recall a legend of box Mohammad Ali, but the majority of Internet users definitely think about AliExpress and Alibaba — huge online trading platforms based in China.

What is Alipay about? The answer is predictable. Alipay was created in 2004 with the only aim — make the life of AliExpress and Alibaba customers more convenient and easy. The number of Alipay users has risen beyond 400 million! That is the statistics for the end of 2016. Alipay has been developing at a really impressive clip!

Why is it popular?

AliExpress is often called a clone of eBay. There's no surprise that Alipay is compared to PayPal. Just as PayPal it is so popular because people like buying from AliExpress. This online trading service has literally everything an average customer can think of.

AliExpress offers tremendous range of goods at incredibly attractive prices (often there's free delivery!) — how can buyers resist that? It is reasonable that customers prefer to buy for the things from AliExpress via the payment system developed by the same people.

The other thing making Alipay so popular is 100% protection guaranteed for all buyers. You cannot have such protection using other payment service as none of them belongs to the same corporation.

A customer gets money back in two possible situations:

  • The goods purchased were not delivered.
  • The goods purchased were delivered but are different from the ones in the product description.

Luckily it is pretty easy to prove that you are right in both cases we have described above.

By the way, Alipay is popular worldwide and especially in China — Chinese people prefer it to PayPal. That is why Alipay is a payment service holding nearly 50% of the entire online payments market!

Being under protection

We have already told that if your order was not delivered or if you got something different from what you had purchased — the money gets back to you.

The same applies to possible fraud when somebody "steals" money from your Alipay account or from your credit card assigned to Alipay. Don't worry, the system itself is secure and we have never heard anything about hacked accounts in Alipay. Anyway, no one can exclude such sad opportunity. But with Alipay you shouldn't be afraid of it! Your money will definitely be returned to you.

Alipay is a very fast service where 5 days is the maximum time for all disputes resolution. Please don't hesitate to contact customer support service in case of any worries or doubts. These guys are really effective.

We would like to add that all Alipay users can use "90-days rule" when you can request a chargeback for any purchase made within last 90 days. That is in order to protect you from fraudulent actions of hackers and online swindlers.

Generally a money-back request looks and works like this:

  • A user notices that someone use his or her money to buy something online.
  • The user contacts customer support service where his or her request is re-address to the financial commission.
  • The financial commission takes the decision. If it is positive the money will be returned to the account it was taken from.

The whole process takes no longer than 5 days!

Such approach to customers works well — more than 450 000 companies from all around the world use Alipay in business with customers.

How to join Alipay

Everyone can create an account in Alipay in no time. Actually, registration process is very similar to PayPal — you need to have a real bank account to use Alipay. All the operations are then made with this bank account.

Firstly you register with your email and activate your account. Then you need to provide your financial and personal information which should be real. As for the contact data it is suggested that you provide your phone number as well.

Please don't try to create a fake account in Alipay. The service has a very sophisticated and up-to-date security system which will easily infiltrate any violators.

Customers used to need AliExpress account information for creating a new Alipay account. From 2017 they don't need it anymore as Alipay has stopped exclusive agreement with AliExpress.

Chinese citizens have several privileges with Alipay — for example, they can pay for anything online using their Alipay account without providing any other bank data. Moreover, Chinese users can top-up their Alipay accounts directly from their bank accounts without any service fee — only bank commission is charged then.

Foreigners do not have such an advantage. Direct replenishment from a bank account is not available for them. Western Union is probably the most convenient solution for customers from the USA, Canada and European Union. Users from Russia, Ukraine and other former Soviet Union states can top-up Alipay accounts with Webmoney paying 0.8% service fee.

Actually, it makes sense to check all local payment service of your country — who knows, maybe there is a chance to replenish an Alipay account without paying too high commission. Quite often smaller local online payment services provide such opportunity.


China is the world's largest manufactures and now it's probably the largest seller of tangible goods. AliExpress and other Chinese trading platforms have drastically changed the global Internet market. Unbeaten combination of affordable price and outstanding selection of items make people buy more.

If you often buy from China it looks sensible to create an account in Chinese payment system for that, doesn't it? Especially if this payment service guarantees perfect protection and treats all customers with respect.

Brilliant reputation of Alipay is their main asset. We have no doubts that this payment service will keep on growing in the nearest future. It cannot make PayPal and other big competitors fall out of the race, but it has all the chances to hold leadership for a very long time.

Join Alipay now and check out all the benefits and advantages it offers!

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