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OKPay EUR a user-friendly service with transparent conditions

Top priority of OKPay is to provide individual and business customers with unlimited opportunity of international financial operations. Actually, by now they have been doing perfectly!

Solutions from OKPay for individuals

Individual clients can create an electronic wallet in OKPay and adjust automated payments. They can send and accept money and, of course, make online purchases — a lot of major and medium-sized online stores work directly with OKPay.

Twenty more currencies are available in addition to EUR — the main currency of OKPay. Customers are free to exchange currencies as much as they want. They can convert EUR to US dollars, British Pound, Russian Rubble and other popular currencies.

Another solution offered by OKPay is a plastic card. It's fully functional just like any other debit card issued by a bank. One can use it for online and offline payments of all kinds. Customers may choose between Visa and MasterCard. However, from the point of EUR account Visa is the only possible option.

A customer needs to pay 15.99 EUR for the card issuing. There is also 0.54 EUR commission for every online/offline payment. Withdrawal fee for cashing money via ATM is equal to 2.70 EUR per operation. None of these two fees depends on the amount of money spent/withdrawn.

The same rule applies to adding funds to your Visa card — 2 EUR is a normal fee per operation and 3 EUR is an express commission when you need the money to get added instantly. Normal replenishment time is up to 2 days for the funds to get added to the account balance.

When exchanging money from the Visa account a customer pays flat fee of 2.75 EUR plus VISA FX fee. Please check VISA FX commission amount on the Visa website.

The maximum balance allowed for Visa cards is 15 000 EUR. Daily withdrawal limits for ATMs is 1500 EUR (up to 7 withdrawal operations are allowed).

Every plastic card issued by OKPay is valid for 3 years since the day of issuing. OKPay provides free delivery to the specified postal address and free PIN-code change.

Business solutions

How could you benefit from using OKPay as a business owner? Well, the most obvious answer is to add OKPay payment module to accept payments for your goods and services. The payment module is a well-thought out solution allowing to get automated transactions made via banks, online payment services, cell phone accounts, crypto currencies, direct money transfers and so on. Please check the full list on the OKPay website.

In addition OKPay offers another module for automated payouts. That is a great solution for companies working with outsourcing and freelancers — you won't have to waste time on manual payouts as the system can do everything for you. The OKPay module allows for automatic payouts via electronic payments, cash transfers, bank transfers and payouts to Visa and MasterCard. What's more, the people you are going to pay do not need to have an account in OKPay!

Of course, OKPay provides all the necessary technical documentation for integrating their modules. Anyway, it would be difficult for a person who has little experience in integrations.

Online stores could be interested in OKPay electronic wallet allowing for making any financial operations — get money, send money, exchange money and so forth. A customer can create an unlimited number of e-wallets and keep money in different currencies.

Those who prefer working with banks as a business customer but want to make payments on the web will certainly appreciate online banking service from OKPay. OKPay uses the most reliable bank mechanisms and solutions so that the customers could work smoothly and securely.

Finally, there is a very interesting service available for business client — customer verification. OKPay can do that for you! They have an automated module for accounts verification and it can save you a lot of time. Please check OKPay website for more information — it can be found in the Business section of the website.

Advantages of OKPay

That's hard to say what software and methods OKPay team uses for protecting their customers from fraud and malware. It works perfectly — that is all we need to know, it's it? At least there were no publications or claims about poor security in OKPay.

OKPay website and interface in general are really convenient and user-friendly. It's localized in 21 languages — From English and Spanish to Estonian and Arabic. That's impressive. Undoubtedly, guys from OKPay are interested in acquiring more users from different parts of the globe.

Finally, OKPay has the most informative help section ever. They offer videos showing how to use the service and make various operations, they quickly reply to any queries online via email and they have a full-fledged customer support available at phone from 8 to 18 GMT.

Manuals and guides are also useful — you can use those step-by-step instructions to adjust your account dashboard in the most usable way. Fortunately OKPay UI is convenient enough and probably you will never even need to read F.A.Q or contact the customer support service.


OKPay is certainly a leader among EUR online payment services. It offers the widest range of financial services to both individual and business clients and everyone will find something suitable for his or her needs.

OKPay is a reasonable solution for buying online, sending and receiving money and for running online business. You can arrange automation for the financial processes of your website or online store in no time!

As an individual customer you will definitely appreciate Visa EUR card from OKPay allowing you to pay both online and offline. OKPay is a well-established service which is convenient for all kinds of users.

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