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QIWI: maximum versatility for every customer

QIWI needed a few months to get to the top. Users were really happy with bright and well-designed interface, large number of payment types and easiness of registration.

Today QIWI is trying to crack the European and Asian markets. The company has to deal with really tough competition and everything is going fine — there are more and more foreign customers.

The secret of popularity

The strongest advantage of QIWI is its versatility. It appeared on Russian market very timely when people needed a service they can use for various types of payments like utility billing, mobile phone top up, online purchasing of goods, games, services and so on. QIWI was able to offer all they wanted.

Users could now do everything they normally do in a bank from home. They did not have to waste time in a queue and do all those paper things. Their life has become much simpler with QIWI so there is no surprise that customers from Russia and its neighbors prefer to work with this payment service.

Advantages of QIWI

As a successful and well-established service QIWI has a great deal of advantages. For instance, its operations are processed instantly. Delays with payments processing occur so rarely that we can admit they actually never happen.

Lots of payments are processed without commission. But in all fairness it mainly concerns internal transactions between QIWI users.

QIWI has a very convenient mobile application which is fully functional. You can do as many operations as you would with your PC. QIWI mobile app is available for all major mobile operation systems — iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Furthermore, QIWI is available even without the Internet connection — the service allows its users for sending and receiving payments via SMS. Check their website to learn more about this option.

QIWI has recently launched its own bank and now everyone can order a virtual or a plastic QIWI card. The plastic cards issued by QIWI are accepted in all major online stores.

There are three various ways for registration in the QIWI system. All of them are simple and fast — choose any you like more. You can create an account on QIWI website, enter your mobile phone number in QIWI mobile app or send an SMS to the registration number. All three ways work smoothly.

Finally, QIWI is a secure system — the developers have certainly proven their salt. Try to find any record on the Internet stating about QIWI being hacked and you will hardly find anything. Creating an account with QIWI you don't need to worry for the safety of your account and transactions.

Of course, QIWI does not guarantee the highest level of anonymity like some cryptocurrencies do, however it provides great security for all its users. Your money will be safe.

Is everything that perfect?

Well, in general QIWI does not have many disadvantages. It is a credible service with good reputation. But we'd like to be honest with the people who read us and admit that there is no perfect payment service in the world. QIWI is not either.

The first disadvantage we'd like to mention is tightly connected with an advantage. As we've written above one can send money via SMS without Internet connection. That's a great feature, but unfortunately it works pretty unstable. Users often complain that the money was not transferred even after they had sent several SMS-s.

QIWI is a system beneficial mainly for those who intend to use internal transactions a lot. You cannot withdraw money without commission and the fee for withdrawal or transfer to other payment services can be high. Therefore we highly recommend you check everything twice before sending your money from QIWI account.

We would also like to mention quite a weird thing. It seems that QIWI customers database is shared with the company's partners. Users often say that they regularly get annoying emails from QIWI partners. Such advertising is usually irrelevant and goes to SPAM folder anyway. It's a big secret for us why QIWI lets partnering companies do such things.

Well, that's it. QIWI has grown so popular because there are no crucial disadvantages. Some small things could have been done better, but there is nothing preventing people from sending and receiving money with QIWI.

Direct money withdrawal

QIWI is widely used by people who run online business because it lets them withdraw money without any intermediary services.

For instance, one can withdraw money to a bank account or to a debit card. The minimum commission is 2% for every withdrawal to a debit card or 1.5% for withdrawal to a bank account. Users from Russia and users from other countries should pay extra commission (from 50 to 250 RUB).

Holders of QIWI plastic cards can cash money in any part of the world — all ATMs accept QIWI Visa Plastic card. The commission will then totally depend on the particular ATM.

In our opinion it would also make sense to make a research and find several online exchange services where you can exchange your QIWI funds for fiat currencies or wire transfer and pay smaller commission then for direct withdrawal.


QIWI is definitely a payment service which is worth mentioning. You can use it both as a customer and a businessman. It offers incredibly wide opportunities for making quick online purchases and for selling goods and services.

You don't have to spend much time on the registration and learning how to use this service. QIWI is accepted by many international online stores and you can also order a plastic or virtual Visa card allowing you to pay and withdraw money wherever you are.

Without a doubt QIWI is a very versatile payment service with great prospects on the global market. Who knows, maybe we will soon use QIWI to pay on eBay but not PayPal! Let's wish the best luck QIWI marketing team!

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