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Lots of payment services are available today — you can register anywhere in no time and start making transactions and accept money. So what makes a payment service outstanding? What are the advantages a really good payment service has? That's a serious question and we will try to answer it in our review about Payeer Euro accounts.

Payeer is very popular among young traders. That is an up-to-date web-based payment solution which is very easy to use and to integrate with. Payeer system is light. It operates smoothly and attracts lots of new users every day.

Let's take a closer look and Payeer and find out what advantages and benefits it grants to its customers.

Advantages of Payeer

Anonymity is the first characteristic of any online payment service, isn't it? Everyone claims that their electronic wallets are the most secured and anonymous ones, however it's rather difficult to check if they really are.

It is different with Payeer. Actually hackers did great research on Payeer's security, but they have never managed to find the right key. The number of Payeer users has been growing, but security and anonymity remain unbeatable. If you care about privacy Payeer is probably the best choice for you.

We cannot tell that we know how security system works in Payeer because no one knows except for their developers. But we know that Payeer wallets are securely protected from any threat.

All payments made via Payeer are always instant. Here we mainly speak about transfers between two users. There were no complaints about some transactions delayed ever — Payeer guarantees that the money you are sending now will reach the recipient in no time (literally).

There are ten ways to add or withdraw funds directly from your Payeer account. We will provide more details a bit later, but the fact that Payeer offers such great opportunities for money withdrawal is another advantage as well. Quite a few payment services have such an impressive range of withdrawal methods.

As we wrote in the very beginning Payeer has a well though-out website with perfect ergonomics. After registration and first logging in you will have a very interesting impression as though you have already been here and used this service. That's really the best proof of designers' skills — Payeer team consists of the best specialists indeed.

Sellers who are looking for sales increase can easily integrate Payeer with their online stores via API. We bet such a solution will help you bring new buyers! Many people do not trust banks nowadays. They prefer to use anonymous online payment service like Payeer instead and they will certainly be happy with the opportunity to pay in a convenient way for your goods or services.

There is a fabulous feature allowing for aggregating payments via API. You need to have some software skills for adjusting that but it's certainly worth trying. The more your online store is automated the easier your life is, right?

Payeer website has English and several localized versions in the following languages: Chinese, French, Georgian, Russian and Spanish. Customer support is available at these languages via email.

In general we would like to recommend all online business owners to check the Business tab on the Payeer website. They have a lot of efficient and up-to-date solutions in addition to the ones we have already mentioned above.

Payeer EUR account — fees and opportunities

In general EUR accounts have all the same commissions and fees just like USD accounts. For example, you pay 0.95% for every outgoing international online transaction and don't pay a dime whenever receiving the money. It concerns international transfers receiving as well, of course.

Currency exchange available in Payeer has a flat fee — 2% per transaction.

Funds adding is free of charge while withdrawal includes 3-5% commission. It depends on the withdrawal method you use. We highly recommend you check it on Payeer website. This information is available to the users who are logged in only, however we are sure you may ask customer support service as well.

Payeer MasterCard

Three types of plastic cards are offered — White, Black and Business.

The most important reason why people use such payment tools like Payeer cards is the possibility to avoid taxpaying. Well, we are not here to judge anyone or to say what is wrong and what is right.

Payeer honestly declares on their website (on the old version, though), that Payeer card holders do not have to pay any taxes. Free funds adding together with low withdrawal commissions (3-5% depending on the card type) is really a great offer!

Check testimonials of Payeer cards users and you will find that people are happy about this payment tool. MasterCard from Payeer is a fully functional solution allowing you to pay for everything everywhere. What else could a person who doesn't want to deal with banks need?

Partner program

Payeer offers a generous partner program where one can earn up to 40% from all the money spend by the people he or she brings to the service. Just imagine that your friend registered via your referral link and spent 100 EUR via Payeer — you get 40 EUR!

Of course, such revenue is possible only when you have a well-established network including dozens of people. Anyway, getting extra 10-20 EUR per month which is a realistic result for the beginning is awesome, isn't it?

Payeer has 6-level partner program. It means you will be getting paid not only for those who registered via your link, but also for everyone who created accounts in Payeer using your referrals' links and so on.

Check Payeer website for more detailed information. There are quite many users who have regular passive income with Payeer partner program.


Payeer is a well-established service which has never had any issues with security or functionality. There is just nothing to add here except for the recommendation to join. Create a EUR account in Payeer and use electronic wallet or Payeer MasterCard for buying and selling online!

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