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Cryptocheck perfect anonymity with double key deals

Cryptocheck is a relatively new online payment service founded in 2015. From the very beginning it was claimed to be the most innovative payment solution. That's hard to say if it is indeed, but we have to admit that Cryptocheck certainly has some new features which are supposed to make a user's life easier.

The reasons to choose Cryptocheck

According to the information from the official website Cryptocheck is a combination of electronic vouchers, traditional online payment systems and cryptocurrency. On practice we have an incredibly flexible solution allowing to perform various operations with money.

The first advantage is that you do not have to register in Cryptocheck. Everything here is based on checks (easy to guess from the name of the service, though) and thus you do not need to submit any personal data. It makes Cryptocheck popular among people who are interested in complete anonymity.

Speaking about anonymity and security we'd like to note that both seller and buyer and use their keys on one payment check. Therefore users are allowed to work with double key technology which reduced the risk of fraud to the lowest possible minimum.

The only real risk is virus on your PC or mobile device. Cryptocheck administration asks its users to be attentive and to protect their devices properly.

0% commission for all transactions is an unbeatable advantage. But you will have to pay service fee for adding or withdrawing funds anyway. Unfortunately, Cryptocheck website is not informative enough and the information about the size of such commissions is missing there.

A lot of global exchange services support Cryptocheck — you can buy or sell checks for a big number of other electronic currencies like Perfect Money, Bitcoin and so on.

Cryptocheck applies no limitations for transactions. You can send and receive any amount of money. One could ask if Cryptocheck is a service for money laundering, but we don't think so. Cryptocheck is a service with very strong security team and we are sure that people with fraudulent intent are quickly detected.

Actually, that's impossible to block an account belonging to a swindler as there are no accounts in Cryptocheck system. But they can block IP and the transaction itself. Nowadays there are plenty of ways to identify an illegal financial operation even without having access to sender's or recipient's personal information.

Checks never expire and the sum declared in a check remains unchanged forever. A check's value is backed with the funds added to the system by the check owner. That is the simplest model and therefore the most reliable one.

The system where every check is bound to a certain sum in USD is very convenient — you will never suffer from exchange rates volatility. If you have a $500 check today it means that in 25 years you can sell it for $500. Well, you can if Cryptocheck still works, of course.

Finally, you can use checks even without going online! That is enough to know the number and the code of a check. You can easily cash such a check in any Cryptocheck dealer's office — try to find one in your area. The number of dealers has been growing in the US, Canada and Europe.

Disadvantages of Cryptocheck

The website of the service makes a weird impression — home page looks great and functional while Help section is nearly empty. FAQ is available in Russian only while the entire UI can be switched either into English or in Russian.

You will not find any relevant information regarding commission for adding and withdrawing funds — there is only an advertisement message claiming that all transactions between users are done without any fees.

Currently Cryptocheck supports only US Dollar. According to the latest information they are planning to add Euro and Russian Ruble soon, but we have not heard anything about British pound. Undoubtedly, including British pound would be a reasonable step allowing to attract new people.

Customer support service of Cryptocheck looks like a very small department with limited time and human resources. They reply within a couple of days which is inacceptable in some situations.

We do our best to provide people with the most relevant and transparent information and we must mention about rumors and speculations appearing on Internet forums. Some people are very suspicious about Cryptocheck.

They are worried thinking that Cryptocheck is a fraud service which can disappear at any time. People noticed that Cryptocheck is popular on the exchanges belonging to the same owners as Cryptocheck itself.

We have no objective information about that, though. It's up to you to decide if Cryptocheck is a trustworthy service. To be honest we have never seen any real evidence that it's a fraud.

Offer for business owners

Merchants can benefit from Cryptocheck a lot. The service offers a deal to all people running online business. A merchant can set automatic acceptance of the checks issues by Cryptocheck. The service provides detailed instructions including the manual for API integration.

They also have a special offer for online exchange services. It looks like a good deal! Moreover, there are really many exchanges online where you can buy or sell Cryptocheck today. So such an approach works.

Automatic Escrow Service

The last thing we'd like to tell about is Automatic Escrow Service (AES) — a feature making Cryptocheck even more secure. We have already mentioned in the beginning about two key deal system available in Cryptocheck and this is how it works:

  • After settling all the terms a buyer starts a transaction and specifies terms there.
  • A seller approves the transaction and provides goods/services to the buyer.
  • If the buyer is satisfied with the goods/services he closes the deal and the check goes to the seller.

Please find the more detailed description of AES on Cryptocheck website — we consider it as a great tool making cooperation of buyers and sellers more transparent and secure.

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