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Perfect Money Vouchers: top level security without delay

People who actively use online payment services often feel irritation when it comes to making or receiving payments. They say it lasts too long and the system requires too many authentications and confirmations. From the other hand every trader wants his money and personal information to be secure. Is there any compromise?

There is! Perfect Money is a well-established online payment service caring of its customers and regularly introducing new features making the use of the system more convenient.

They have recently created a new payment tool allowing people to make instant payments which are absolutely secure. The tool is called "voucher" or "e-voucher". So let's take a closer look at what it is like and how can an average use benefit from it.

Pay faster!

In general terms an e-voucher from Perfect Money is just a sequence of digits that is equal to a set amount of money. It is not a payment number — not at all. It's a payment itself which can be made at any time you want.

That works like a pre-paid card one uses for topping up a mobile phone account. Every Perfect Money user can create a voucher in his account for every amount. The only condition is to have that amount on the account.

Vouchers have a great advantage over usual transfers — they are always processed instantly while funds transfers can be delayed, rechecked and sometimes even rejected.

How to create a Perfect Money voucher

Firstly you need to have a verified account in Perfect Money. It's impossible to generate an e-voucher if you have not confirmed your name, surname, date of birth and other personal data. Therefore if you do not have an account with Perfect Money yet and think about creating it — don't waste your time and verify it right after the registration is complete.

After your account is activated and verified you need to go to the Withdrawal section of your dashboard. There will be a button for generating an e-voucher. An e-voucher can be created for both account replenishment and money withdrawal. Select what you need, set the sum and click OK.

Finally you will get an SMS from Perfect Money with the activation code. Please don't delete it and don't show it to anyone you do not trust. This activation code is the only way you (or someone else) can use the generated voucher. If you created an e-voucher but your plans have changed and now you are not going to spend it — just save this code in a secure directory of your mobile device or computer.

Advantages of Perfect Money vouchers

The main advantage is the ease of use, of course. There is no risk of transaction delay or rejection. There is no annoying procedure with several confirmations necessary for making a payment. So an e-voucher is a fast and convenient tool from Perfect Money.

Its security has no difference from the security of an ordinary payment you make in the system. This is because you generate a voucher in your Perfect Money account which is protected from any malefactors.

Perfect Money e-vouchers never expire! It means you can use the sum stated in a voucher any time and any day! Just make sure that you store the activation code in a secure place.

Inveterate tourists highly appreciate Perfect Money vouchers as they may take them anywhere and use in most of countries. Such a voucher is a good substitution of a credit card or a bank check. But you cannot lose your e-voucher and that is nearly impossible that anyone can use it.

Comparing to traditional transactions vouchers really offer several important advantages. Somebody who makes payments on daily basis certainly considers Perfect Money vouchers as very convenient tools.

How to exchange Perfect Money vouchers

Let's imagine a satiation when you wanted to make an online purchase or transaction and generated a Perfect Money e-voucher for that. But by some reason you do not need to make this transaction and what's more you would like to exchange this voucher for other electronic or fiat currencies.

Luckily you can easily do it due to large number of exchange services available. More and more of them support Perfect Money vouchers and provide fair conditions for exchange.

Nowadays Perfect Money vouchers can be exchanged for all major and minor cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero etc.), for other electronic currencies (Payeer, QIWI etc.) and for fiat currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, RUR etc.) via wire transfer.

We'd recommend you to check out well-established exchange services like,, and others. The commissions are really different depending on what you need to exchange your voucher for. Typically they start from 0.5% and may reach 3-4%. Please pay attention to the exchange rate. It especially concerns fiat currencies — some services exchange USD vouchers with the $0.9 rate or lower. Usually you can find a better rate on a smaller exchange service.

Please check the reputation of all exchange services you are planning to work with.

The alternative option for selling a Perfect Money voucher would be offering it for sale on Perfect Money forum. Quite often people buy vouchers there with better rates and no commissions at all.


Perfect Money e-vouchers have several significant advantages and practically no drawbacks. Could you name any? We cannot either. It's a very interesting payment solution indeed and as we see other payment services are now trying to introduce same things. They see that Perfect Money vouchers are demanded by users and want to take a part of the market.

As an ordinary user you can benefit from a Perfect Money e-voucher a lot. After generating you can use it sooner or later — when you need it. And you will be able to do it without any delay and just without any risk and issues. Finally, if you do not need a voucher nothing prevents you from selling it directly to another user or to exchange it for the currency you'd like to get.

Create an account in Perfect Money and enjoy the most convenient and fast online payment tool!

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