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Ways to withdraw electronic money to your checking account

We know that lots of e-currency users face troubles with sending virtual money to their bank accounts. That's how we got to the idea of writing an article helping users deal with the most popular electronic currencies. Please read our tips and feel free to use them — your financial operations will become much more pleasant, easy and fast!

Perfect Money

Without a doubt Perfect Money is a great e-commerce tool for both sellers and buyers. Some Internet users earn money with this payment service and they are reasonable interested in the ways of withdrawing Perfect Money funds to their bank accounts.

You can withdraw money directly from your Perfect Money wallet to your checking account — there is an option for wire transfer with 3% system fee and transfer fee. For example, for withdrawing 1000 EUR you'd have to pay extra 130 EUR (30 EUR + 100 EUR of the transfer fee). Actually, you can find better options for withdrawing Perfect Money.

There are plenty of online exchange services and we highly recommend you to be cautious and careful. It's not an easy thing to choose the right one. We suggest that you pay proper attention to the fees taken for every exchange of Perfect Money. Usually there are at least two different commissions charged by the exchange service and MasterCard/Visa respectively.

Some services charge not less than 10 EUR for every Perfect Money exchange to CARD EUR or USD and actually it's not the worst option as there are services taking 20 EUR or USD as minimum fee.

Generally the rule is as follows — it makes sense using an exchange service if it lets you get at least 80 EUR of real money for 100 EUR in Perfect Money. Check the exchange rate (1 PM EUR/0.92 CARD EUR and higher are OK) and try to withdraw a small sum firstly. If it works out well — go on with bigger sums.

Exchange services like,, and lots of others could be helpful.


OKPay system offers an opportunity to withdraw money from e-wallet to user's checking account. However, to do that you need to have a verified account which requires sending photos or scans of your ID. You also need to confirm your phone number. Verification usually doesn't take longer than 3 days.

After it you can request a money withdrawal to your bank account. OKPay internal fee is relatively small — 1%. There is another commission charged by the bank and it's always different. Actually, it may vary from 0.1% to 2% and even higher. Therefore we advise you to clarify this in your bank prior to making transaction. Maybe it would be more reasonable to create a new account in another bank with better fees.

Minimum sum for money withdrawal is 150 EUR or USD. Depending on the bank transaction is usually completed within 2-4 business days. If you are doing it for the first time it may last a bit longer as your bank would probably thoroughly verify the transaction.


Payza has rather easy to understand and transparent withdrawal options. It also supports direct wire transfer meaning that you can get your funds from the service right your checking account without stopping at exchange services.

There is no big difference for Payza what bank you have account in. The only requirement is the right currency — you need to have a USD/EUR account.

When entering your payment information please be careful and attentive. Even a small typo will make transaction impossible and you will need to do everything from the beginning once again.

Sometimes there could be issues with filling withdrawal form as all banks provide their payment data in different way. Please don't hesitate to contact Payza customer support service — these guys are helpful and friendly. They react much faster if you contact the in English.

The minimum sum is 150 USD/EUR. Payza claims on its official website that a wire transfer takes from 2 to 4 business days.


By obvious reasons you cannot transfer your BTC directly to your USD or EUR bank account. You can do that only with "virtual" Euros or US dollars. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and firstly it needs to be exchanged for the needed currency and converted into fiat currency that should be transferred to your bank account.

It's a great disappointment for all BTC owners when they try to withdraw their beloved coins for the first time. Yes, the exchange rate BTC/EUR or BTC/USD may seem nice and optimistic, however when it comes to real exchange you realize that it's all not that simple. Conversion means paying one fee and transaction considers another commission charged from you (that annoying bank fee).

Therefore we suggest you carefully checking all major and minor exchange services for the best fees and most transparent conditions. Don't even waste time on those who publish small text under "*" in the bottom of the page — you will lose more than you get.

Luckily there are many well-established exchange services with good reputation like, Coinbase, CampBX and dozens of other decent services. Compare the commissions and terms, read online testimonials and try. Keep in mind that it's absolutely real to withdraw BTC paying less than $5 or 1% of transaction fee. Take this as the desired standard and try to find an exchange service which meets it.


People usually chose something which already has great reputation and many followers. But there is always a temptation to deal with a young exchange service trying to attract customers with low fees. Don't be too naïve — unbelievably low fees mean that you're dealing with swindlers. Just make your own research and try to withdraw small sums first. Even $5 withdrawal will show if a service is worth attention or not.

Finally, don't neglect the information provided by reputable websites (especially rankings) — quite often they contain useful tips helping to find the best exchange service for your purposes.

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