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Neteller not a payment service, but an online bank

An old ox makes a straight furrow, they say. We can apply this to lots of different things including online payment services — for example, Neteller.

Neteller is a well-established veteran on the market of electronic payments. This service was founded in 1999 when people didn't even know that much about an opportunity to make online instant payments.

Since then Neteller has been remaining one of the most popular payment service among certain type of customers — for example, among online poker players.

The service is registered in the Isle of Man which is an offshore territory. It belongs to the company called Optimal Payments Ltd. Online casino owners and people who run poker rooms prefer to use Neteller for making payments. The same can be said about regular online gamblers. Without a doubt, Neteller has some advantages and now we are going to tell more about this interesting payment service.

A little bit of history

Neteller used to be a small online payment service available for users from the USA and Canada only. However the number of e-wallet owners was growing really quickly and it pushed the management of Neteller to expansion.

Neteller entered European market in the beginning of 2000-s and it was an incredibly right step. By now a small payment service has evolved into a large online bank allowing its clients to have electronic wallets in different currencies. The service itself is now available in many languages and in nearly all countries.

Without a doubt, Neteller today is a global player with great chances to grow even bigger.

Advantages of Neteller

FCA is a British regulatory body controlling security and transparency of financial operations. Neteller is under the jurisdiction of FCA and it means that you don't risk at all when creating an account with this service. Your personal data will be stored and protected in accordance with the strictest standards.

The system of Neteller features Norton Antivirus and is regularly updated preventing any malware from getting inside and stealing or corrupting users' information.

Neteller offers two types of cards — a plastic MasterCard card (Net + Prepaid) and a virtual one (Net + Virtual) which can be used for making online payments only. Later we will tell you how to apply for a Neteller card.

Neteller website is fully localized into 17 languages which is certainly enough to conquer the world. Actually, the UI and functionality of the website are being constantly developed and we are absolutely sure that new languages will be added in future.

Neteller prepaid and virtual cards let one pay without any commissions in many different places — hotels, stores etc.

There are more than 60 ways to add funds available now. Find the full list on Neteller website. Please, keep in mind that the list of replenishment methods can be different depending on the country and/or region.

Neteller offers interesting solution for business and for VIP customers. Check their website to find more details.

Finally, Neteller is considered to be the best payment tool for playing poker online. With it you can withdraw your winnings with the lowest possible fee. It's a great challenge to find a poker room or an online casino that does not support Neteller. Therefore the point is that Neteller is really a worthy payment service to deal with.

Prepaid cards from Neteller

If you are an experienced online trader or gambler you should know about annual award — Prepaid365. Neteller won it with its MasterCard and virtual prepaid card in 2014. Today these two solutions are still in high demand due to simplicity of applying and versatility of use.

Actually, MasterCard from Neteller is just a usual plastic card — totally similar to the one issued by your bank. You can use it all around the world where MasterCard is supported. The fees for adding or withdrawing money are equal to zero which is definitely better than any bank can offer.

Of course, you can also use this prepaid card for buying online. However, a virtual card from Neteller can be a more beneficial option here.

In order to apply for any (or both) of Neteller cards you need to confirm your identity and postal address. That is enough to send scanned copies of your personal documents. The service takes decision and sends your card within 21 days, but often they approve even faster.

The first virtual card is obtained for free and all the next ones will cost you 2.5 EUR. As for the MasterCard you will need to pay 13 EUR for its issuing.

Both cards have transaction limits which are different for verified and non-verified accounts. If you don't want to verify your account you can spend only $500 daily regardless of the currency (automatic conversion is used). Moreover, an account without verification can have only one virtual or plastic card.

Users with verified accounts have a huge advantage — they can spend or withdraw up to $7000 per day! They can also have up to 5 virtual Neteller cards simultaneously.

In order to apply for a card from Neteller you need to log into your account and go to "Virtual cards" tab. There you need to click "Add a card" and fill in the application form.

The procedure for plastic cards is similar, but they are not available in some countries — for example, in Ukraine or Russia. This is due to SEPA restrictions. In order to check if you can apply for MasterCard from Neteller please check if your country is located in the SEPA area.


Twenty eight years of global operation is really a long time for any company and especially for an online payment service. Neteller is a very competitive payment system which constantly develops and expands so that its customers could use new functions and tools.

It used to be a service intended mainly to the target audience of online gamblers, however nowadays Neteller is more like an online bank with all the proper functionality and no annoying limitations typical for traditional banks.

You can benefit a lot from using Neteller account and prepaid cards — create an account with Neteller and find more details on their website!

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