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Ria Money Transfer fast Euro transfers all around the world

In the very beginning Ria Money Transfer used to be service created for immigrants from South America to the USA. The immigrants could send and receive money from their relatives left in the home country.

The time passed and Ria Money Transfer has grown into a powerful online service with thousands of active users. Today it is often considered as a benchmark of quality and service due to its customer-oriented approach and flexibility.

Advantages of Ria Money Transfer

First of all, Ria Money Transfer is a global company available in more than 160 countries. Nowadays one can use it for sending and receiving Euro transactions as well — the amount in USD is automatically converted into EUR upon sending money.

Ria Money Transfer charges rather small fees starting from 3 Euro per transaction. Typically commission does not depend on the amount one sends — it's fixed for different kinds of transactions.

Actually, there are three types of transfers — one can send money from a bank account, a credit card or a debit card. We will tell more about all three types later. That is a great advantage of Ria Money Transfer that customers may choose themselves the most convenient type of transfer.

In 2007 Ria Money Transfer was acquired by another large online payment service — Euronet — whose ATMs can be seen all around European Union and some other countries like India. Undoubtedly, this acquisition appeared to be beneficial for the Ria Money Transfer brand. Since then the service has become even more popular.

F.A.Q section on the Ria Money Transfer website is informative and useful. One may find practically all answers there without searching for too long. Those who would still like to contact Ria Money Transfer customer support service may choose among the most suitable support offices scattered all around the world.

European customers can contact any of the support offices located in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, England, Finland, France and Norway. Local languages can be used, of course. Such a developed offices network makes Ria Money Transfer an outstanding service which really cares about the customers. Furthermore, upon clicking the link under the short list of worldwide offices you can access the full list containing more than three dozen countries.

Euro and US Dollar are the two official currencies supported by Ria Money Transfer, however recently they have allowed to send and receive funds in local/regional currencies. A USD or EUR transaction amount is automatically converted into the local currency.

Ria Money Transfer accepts even really small sums of money beginning from 2-3 EUR (depending on a country, though). The fees are different as well as every country has its own financial regulations and the service has to obey it. Anyway, the fees of Ria Money Transfer look really competitive.

High speed of transactions is another great feature of Ria Money Transfer. Average transaction processing time is somewhere between 5 and 20 minutes with some really minor exceptions. A transfer can be received within 25 days since the day of transaction.

Finally, all money transfers made via Ria Money Transfer are non-commercial. It means that the transfers are not examined by the appropriate legal bodies unless there is a suspicion that somebody uses Ria Money Transfer for commercial purposes.


As we have just mentioned above a sender can select among three types of transfer. Each of them has its commission. When sending money from a bank account one pays the fee starting from 3 EUR per transaction — 3 EUR is a fee for sending money to Germany while sending money to Denmark or France required 5 EUR commission for a transfer from a bank account.

Transfers from credit and debit card include fees from 5 and 7 EUR, however these are very dependent on the country. In certain cases the fee for credit card transfer can even exceed 15 EUR — that what we see in the example with Denmark.

Our advice is simple and obvious — check the fees on Ria Money Transfer website and try to find the most affordable transfer solution.

How to send and receive money

As other major money transfer services Ria Money Transfer does not require anything but the ID or passport. This is the only document one needs to take. All transfers are made in the banks which have partner cooperation with Ria Money Transfer — you may find such banks in your area on the Ria website.

After providing name and surname of the recipient as well as currency and his/her location you will obtain the number of transaction. Tell this number the recipient and that's it — he or she will be able to receive money in a couple of minutes.

A recipient needs an ID as well and, of course, the transaction number provided by sender.

That is a very simple and clear schema used by all major money transfer services.

Please keep in mind that it is the sender who pays all the fees. Commissions and fees are not included in the transferred amount — they are added separately.

Finally, Ria Money Transfer may be used only by adult customers. Despite there are different standards for maturity in different countries Ria Money Transfer does not allow people under 18 to be involved in any financial operations.


Considering all the advantages and brilliant reputation Ria Money Transfer is a very good solution for international money transfer. It can be too expensive and even senseless for sending money within one country, however Ria Money Transfer is a trustworthy intermediary for international transactions.

It doesn't matter where the recipient is — USD and EUR transfers can be sent to any of 160 countries and the money will be received by the recipient literally in few minutes! No registration, no bureaucracy and hassle!

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