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EPAY was founded in 2014 and by now it has managed to attract lots of people from all around the world who turned into loyal customers. EPAY is another example of how a young payment service may achieve success and offer something no one else offers.

Services available on EPAY

There are five main features available on EPAY which are basic for the majority of other payment services. The first one is making online payments. Today many sellers from China and European countries use EPAY and you can transfer money to one or several sellers at once. The steps are very simple — log in, enter sellers' e-wallets data, set the right amount and send it.

Another feature is money receiving. You can raise an invoice by specifying an email of the person who is supposed to pay and the desired sum. After your confirmation the request will be sent to the payer. All he or she would need to do for make the money sent is to click Approve button.

The third service is money replenishment or withdrawal. EPAY works with large number of banks located in different countries and you can withdraw the funds from your EPAY account directly to a bank you have a card with. Please visit for more details — the chances that you will find your bank in withdrawal methods are rather high.

Currency exchange service is available for all EPAY users. Please note that currency exchange is provided by third-party services but now by EPAY directly. Therefore you take the responsibility for your personal information and security when exchanging money. It works as follows — you see the list of services available in your region, click any of them and get brought to the website of the selected service.

EPAY offers an interesting bonus for online merchants called "Awards for Merchants". It's the $10 bonus for the first payment made via EPAY by a new merchant. Furthermore they have well developed referral program where you can bring up to 1000 new users or companies and earn $5 for each of them.

EPAY: pros and cons

Not to exaggerate but EPAY has really great interface. It's properly designed and well thought out. Newcomers won't feel awkward here — everyone may quickly learn how to work with the service, send and receive money. All important features like e-Wallet information, payment buttons and referral program information are located in the right place so that you didn't have to search for them.

EPAY offers zero commission for all internal operations like money transfers and deposits. The only fee is withdrawal fee — it's fixed and equal to 1%. It is incredibly convenient when the withdrawal fee does not depend on a bank or withdrawal method, isn't it? But please don't forget about bank commission — each bank charged different amount of money for withdrawal from EPAY to a checking account. You'd better to clarify it with your bank.

EPAY will not make you go through the nine circles of verification hell. You verify the account only once and then use it as you like.

Security of EPAY doesn't raise any fears. You may rest assured — your account and the entire system are safe. We don't know much about EPAY security system but an ideal reputation from the point of fraud speaks for itself. No one has ever hacked EPAY system.

Email invoice issuing is a very convenient way for anyone who wants to use online payment services often. You send the request, the other person approves it and you get the funds to your EPAY account instantly.

Speaking about the advantages of EPAY we would also like to mention a very clear referral program. It doesn't matter how much a person you brought spends and it doesn't matter if this person spends at all — you get your $5 anyway. The maximum referral reward is $5000 for 1000 new users you brought. Looks decent!

There are no serious drawbacks we'd like to share about EPAY. However it could be great if its owners pay more attention to localization. Undoubtedly English nowadays is the international language, but there still are many potential customers who do not speak it.

Translating EPAY website and dashboard into a dozen of most spoken languages is not a big deal from both financial and time points. We hope EPAY are planning to do it or are doing it already — good localization is very important. That's how a service shows its respect to customers.

Another disadvantage can be called pretty low popularity of EPAY, although it has been getting better recently. Much better. Anyway, some users may consider the number of payment systems "compatible" with EPAY too low. Well, that's possible. EPAY guys have to work this out and promote their service on global market. That's the only way to grow bigger and attract more users.


Since its foundation in 2014 EPAY has reached a very important milestone. It's still a young service but not a "freshman" anymore. They have nearly three years behind and the time has come to reflect a bit.

EPAY has a convenient website and very attractive commissions. It can be a good choice for a trader or seller who is targeting Asian market since EPAY is still more popular in Asia than in Europe. From the other hand the number of European customers has been growing and in few years EPAY can turn into a major player on the Western market.

Relatively low popularity of EPAY can be a great advantage for an active user who can promote the service among friends and bring new people. Transparent referral program with fixed payments is really an effective tool that can work better than expensive advertisement. Maybe you should take part too?

EPAY is an online payment service that grows gradually but unstoppably. It has huge potential and the weakest link is marketing. If they remove this soft spot and take effort they have all the chances to conquer new markets and win great sales.

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