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Advanced Cash a complex solution for EUR accounts

Advanced Cash is a versatile and flexible payment service allowing its customers to choose between electronic accounts and plastic cards. Of course, one may also use both options.

More than 20 years of successful operation on the electronic payments market (Advanced Cash was a real pioneer). Today the offer the full kit of electronic payment services including adding and withdrawing funds, currency exchange, purchasing goods and services online, cashing funds in ATMs and many more.

Advantages of Advanced Cash

If you are looking for a secure and user-friendly service to open an EUR account Advanced Cash would be a great choice.

Firstly the service has perfect reputation and incredible experience nearly all its competitors from the past have already closed or changed the direction while Advanced Cash remains a leader of e-payment services.

Great customer support replying in English and Russian is pro-active and helpful. Don't hesitate to clarify the things you don't understand well enough — these guys will definitely provide all the necessary information in no time.

Advanced Cash provides an opportunity to create a wallet with one of three fiat currencies — USD, EUR, RUR and recently added GBP — or with Bitcoin. Such a range of currencies is enough for 99% of users.

In general the website of Advanced Cash is really an example which should be followed by anyone who'd like to launch his or her own online payment system. Everything is good-looking and informative. The navigation around the website is really easy and it also concerns user's accounts. You will find all the tools and options needed right away after logging in.

For better convenience you may also request a virtual or a plastic card. The plastic MasterCard can be used for offline purchases as well. It's issuing costs 7 EUR. As for the virtual card you will need to pay 1 EUR only. You will not need to pay anything more in future except for the fees we will describe later.

Disadvantages of Advanced Cash

Well, we are trying to be unbiased here and it would be weird if we tell nothing about cons after having described pros. Lack of localization to other languages except English and Russian is the main problem of Advanced Cash. These guys miss lots of potential customers who may speak German, French, Chinese or any other language.

It's not that easy to find many drawbacks in Advanced Cash, speaking frankly. Somebody could probably consider availability of 4 fiat currencies and 1 cryptocurrency only as a disadvantage, however that is very subjective and depends on your purposes.

MasterCard EUR from Advanced Cash

Using a virtual or a plastic card issued by Advanced Cash you get such benefits like an opportunity to pay everywhere without paying any extra fees and without paying for service.

Any ATM in the world is at your service if it accepts MasterCard (actually, nearly all ATMs do). But you need to be aware of the 1.99 EUR for every withdrawal operation with ATM.

Good news is that you do not have to pay anything for sending money to another account or just for making online purchases.

Daily limits for adding and withdrawing funds from MasterCard are the same — 3000 EUR which is more than enough. Monthly limit for money withdrawal is 90 000 EUR. That is why Advanced Cash cards are so popular among people who run business or who trade a lot online — limitations are very convenient.

If you want to send funds from your e-wallet in Advanced Cash to your Advanced Cash card the commission will be 0.99 EUR. There are also other fees for different operations like PIN code changing, requesting a chargeback, reissuing a plastic card etc. Please find more details on Advanced Cash website.

Some details about e-wallet

We have already mentioned that you can create an electronic wallet in Advanced Cash with one of the available currencies. Some time ago they introduced a new solution — multi-currency wallets.

All four currencies can be used simultaneously in your multi-currency electronic wallet. Advanced Cash claims that their exchange rates are the best and we agree — the exchange rates are beneficial for users indeed.

You can use a multi-currency wallet for sending or receiving money to/from more than 200 countries. In other words, the whole world is at your service with the electronic wallet from Advanced Cash.

Affiliate Program

Affiliate program offered by Advanced Cash is rather a simple one where you use your personal link and bring new people to the service. The fact is that it works perfectly — payments are regular and there are people who earn good money on promoting Advanced Cash. You can join them and earn up to 20% from every transaction of a person you brought!

We suggest you learning more about Advanced Cash affiliate program online and especially reading testimonials left by real people.

Account creation

It's said that you can create an account in a couple of clicks on Advanced Cash website. On practice it takes a bit more since it's not enough to just provide your login data and personal information like name, surname and postal address. You also need to verify your account by providing scans of your ID and any document confirming your place of residence — a utility bill would work out perfectly.

Verification is extremely fast in Advanced Cash — you will hardly need to wait for more than 2-3 hours. But please make sure you've provided the correct personal information!


Advanced Cash is a great choice for online financial operations. You can also use it for offline purchases with Advanced Cash plastic card.

Low fees and transparent terms of use together with functionality and brilliant reputation make Advanced Cash a very attractive option for traders, businessmen and just for people who like buying things online.

If you want to learn more about Advanced Cash — please check the official website where you can either find the answers in F.A.Q page or call to the customer support service at toll-free number.

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