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Payza different accounts for different customers

Online payment service Payza is a convenient tool for private users but it can hardly be called a suitable solution for business — the service has too high fees for big sellers and companies. The reason is that Payza does not cooperate with any bank directly and acts via a large network of various intermediaries.

Advantages of Payza

Payza is a globally used payment service available in 197 countries and supporting more than 20 currencies. You can create an account with both widely used currencies like USD and EUR or choose a local one — for instance, Macedonian Denar or Hungarian Forint. This means you can buy or sell directly in the currency of the needed region! Try to find another competitive online payment service providing such a range of available currencies.

We have mentioned in the beginning of this review that Payza is a fast and easy-to-use system that lets all users make financial operations with people who don't possess a Payza account. No doubts, that's another significant advantage.

Fast registration with them minimum information provided is another great thing. When creating an account all you need to do is to fill the form by providing your login, email and password. You need to select the currency as well and specify your PIN code for transactions. Please be attentive here and use a code you can easily remember.

Sometimes Payza requires verification, but they check the ID scans sent for this very quickly. You will not have to wait long. Verification is typically needed when system thinks that a user was previously registered and then banned for some rules violation. But don't worry, it happens very seldom.

Payza customer support service is another valuable asset of the company. But the only possible way to get needed information is contacting them in English.

Mobile application for Android and iOS should be mentioned as well. It is a fully functional app where you can do all the same things you basically do in your account with PC. The mobile app from Payza has great interface and functionality.

Payza lets its users buy and sell cryptocurrencies. That's a necessary tool for a professional trader. Cryptocurrencies keep on growing more and more popular and everyone can earn on them.

Finally, a large number of online stores support Payza. Speaking about EUR account we'd like to notice there are lots of online stores selling electronics, services, pet products, VPN solutions and endless number of other things for Payza.

What about disadvantages?

Speaking about customer support we noticed that it is helpful in English. Unfortunately, neither customer support nor website interface is available in any other languages. That's considered as a big disadvantage today since even smaller services have fully localized website and support service in order to let customers get information in their language.

Minimum sum for withdrawal is 50 USD or 50 EUR for Euro accounts. That can be annoying too especially if you prefer daily withdrawals.

The third and probably the last significant obstacle for users is about high fees for certain types of operations. For example, you have to pay 12 EUR fee for every withdrawal to a bank account. Wire transfers for account replenishment are expensive too — there is 6 EUR fee for each.

If you are going to use a credit card with Payza please contact customer support service prior to toping up your account or withdrawing funds. There is no relevant information regarding credit card fees on Payza website. They just say that the fees may vary.

It means that the fee depends on your particular bank. However, experience has proven that credit card transactions cost about 8 EUR, but still we recommend you to check that with the customer support service beforehand.

Account types

Payza offers three account types for different purposes. The first one is called "Personal Starter Account" and as you may guess from the name it is the best solution for newcomers. This account has no fees for internal transactions, but there is a serious limitation for adding funds — you can upload not more than 400 EUR per month and 2000 EUR per year.

Moreover this type of account does not let you adjust automatic payment receiving on your website. If you want to trade using Payza — don't choose Personal Starter Account. That's a good thing for irregular online buyers and traders.

"Personal Pro Account" is the extended version of the starter's account. You can use it to get payment automatically on your website, to create any number of electronic wallets and to add any amount of funds.

The thing is that you will have to pay 2.5% commission plus 0.25 EUR for every top up.

The same fee is applied to the last type of account — Business Account. Here you get the full set of all tools available in Payza and get rid of all possible limitations. In general commissions for different types of transactions are more or less the same if we compare all three accounts. Anyway, if you run business with big funds flow it's certainly better to use the Business Account due to lack of any limits.

All accounts let you have electronic wallets with different currencies. You can also exchange currency internally within your account — Payza has rather good exchange rate.


Payza is a payment service which is undoubtedly worth your attention. Its tools can be used for selling goods and service automatically via website or online store. From the perspective of regular online buyer Payza is not so attractive — unfortunately this service is not supported by many of large online stores.

Traders like Payza because it's an easy-to-use service allowing buying and selling cryptocurrencies without any serious restrictions. Create an account with Payza for free and check out the service yourself!

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