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How to add your exchanger to BestChange

The BestChange service has been the leading exchange rate monitoring platform since 2007. Connecting your exchanger to BestChange listing is an excellent opportunity to boost the number of visitors who want to exchange e-currency on your website and increase your income.

We accept exchangers with automatic, semi-automatic and manual operating modes, as well as e-currency-to-cash exchangers.

If you want to join us, please make sure you meet the requirements below. After that, please send us the information required down below about your exchanger for us to consider your application and for you to get listed as fast as possible.

Advantages of being listed on BestChange

  • Surge in potential clients
    We have an exceptionally large audience of visitors who come to our site specifically looking for exchangers and you will enjoy exposure to over 2 million potential clients per month. Our advertising team promotes our monitor on various online platforms to continue the growth of visitors. The more visitors we bring from our monitor to your website, the more exchange orders and the higher the revenue.
  • Increase your trustworthiness
    We are a reputable monitor and visitors trust that the exchangers listed with us are legal, credible and trustworthy. They choose to select an exchanger in our monitor over looking for them in search engines.
  • Accumulating reviews
    Customers can leave feedback about your services on our website which additionally increases your trustworthiness and credibility.
  • Being on par with competitors
    Check competitors' rates, reviews and websites to not miss out on the competition.
  • Adding our banner to your website
    Since we are a recognized market player, advertising partnership with us to your potential customers serves as authority endorsement and increases their trust and chances of conversion.

We have launched our monitoring service in 2007 and since then hundreds of exchangers have chosen to work with us. They enjoy mutually beneficial cooperation and highly cherish advantages of partnership with us. Do not miss out, become our partner too!

1. Technical requirements

The technical requirements to the exchanger's website are:

  1. All website's elements must be fully operational.
  2. The exchanger's website must have a unique design.
  3. The exchanger must have an export rates file that meets our standards. The data in the file must be updated immediately after there are any changes of an exchange rate, reserve amount or other exchange conditions. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that we do not accept a once-a-minute "crontab" schedule.
    Please remember that the export file must contain actual rates, reserves, and additional data about commissions and specific marks. The exchanger will be banned in case of invalid data about rates, whether it is submitted accidentally or not.
  4. On the main page, there shall be an exchange creation form with the calculator function that shall be available without registration on the website.
    1. Each exchange shall have a unique number which will allow to check the current status of this exchange.
    2. Every exchange shall include a mandatory step on which a user shall explicitly agree with the regulation for AML-checks and KYC/KYT procedures posted in accordance with cl. 2.6 of these rules "How to add your exchanger to BestChange".
  5. The exchanger must have an active affiliate program.

    Reward for exchanges must be accrued for all users provided by our monitoring, including those who have not registered on the exchanger's website, as well as for operations that the exchanger considers "not profitable" or "with surcharge".
    Technical implementation of partnership program:

    • A user visits your exchanger by our monitor using URL with GET-parameter that includes Partner ID;
    • An exchanger sets cookies to provide the user affiliation with a partner by following the link;
    • Partner ID from cookies sets to calculate the reward by starting an exchange;
    • The amount deposits to partner account if an exchange was successful;
    • Partner account must contain deposit statistics, payment history and summary statistics.
  6. The website must provide a secure HTTPS connection.
  7. The exchanger's website must receive and process GET parameters sent from the monitoring service when the user is being redirected to the exchanger's website.
    When the user comes from monitoring, the cur_from and cur_to GET parameters containing the values the user selected will be added to the URL of the exchanger site. Short currency alpha codes are used as currency names. This data is necessary to use in order to redirect the user to the page of the exchange direction the user selected in monitoring earlier or to automatically select the currencies in the options.
  8. The exchanger must use licensed software produced by a well-known developer or self-developed software, given that the safety audit is performed on a regular basis. It is prohibited to use counterfeit software.
  9. The website must contain a technical support's contact email address, as well as an interactive online chat for long-term support during exchanges. The "Contacts" section must contain exhaustive information on how to get in touch with the exchanger's administration or support team for any inquiries.
  10. It is prohibited to display the accounts' identificators that are available in Telegram or any other messenger. Instead, it is recommended to place clickable links or buttons opening a messenger at a click.
  11. The monitoring's clickable button or logo must be placed on the website's main page in a visible place. The link should lead to the monitoring's website, which should be displayed in the same language version as the exchanger's landing page at the time of redirection. In case there are multiple logos on your website, the BestChange's logo must be placed first.

2. Listing conditions

Conditions for adding an exchange office:

  1. The exchanger's website needs to be actively working for at least six months from its launching and working with the clients. It is an essential requirement because we only add well-known and proficient exchangers. It is crucial for the exchanger to have an experience before being listed and to have its own customers, reviews and reputation on the Internet.
  2. The name and domain of the exchanger must be unique and unlike those of listed exchangers, as well as with existing well-known projects.
  3. The total available reserve amount must be at least $10 000.
  4. In some cases, additional verification of the exchanger's owner may be required.
  5. The exchanger's website must contain exhaustive descriptions of how to establish an exchange and predetermined time intervals of its fulfillment, as well as information about any charged commissions.
  6. The main page of an exchanger's website shall contain a link to a webpage with the regulations that describe all the necessary provisions for interaction with customers, including regulations for AML-checks and KYC/KYT conduction. The regulation for exchange processing shall be compliant with these rules "How to add your exchanger to BestChange". Please note the list of provisions that shall be mandatorily included in the regulations of an exchanger.
    Mandatory provisions:
    • provisions for an order initiation;
    • provision for exchange rate fixation;
    • provisions and terms for the payment of an order by a customer;
    • provisions and terms for the fulfilment of an order by the exchanger (including additional provisions for the cases when a transfer of funds depends on a customer's location, if any);
    • the format of communication with a customer after they have paid an order;
    • the format of communication with a customer under force majeure, e.g., in cases when the exchanger's bank account has been blocked due to the customer's transfer, when the customer's bank account has been blocked due to the exchanger's transfer, when a customer transfers money to a wrong address/account due to the incorrect details input, etc.;
    • provisions for processing and storage of personal information;
    • regulations for AML-checks, KYC/KYT conduction.
  7. It is necessary to have a full-fledged website version in the English language and English-speaking Customer Support. The website should be language-sensitive - users must be redirected to the exact version of the site according to the predetermined language settings as well as all the information on various tabs and sections should be adapted to language parameters.
  8. The exchanger administrator must have previous experience with currencies available on the exchanger's active pool and get acquainted with the BestChange's listing conditions.
  9. The "Contacts" section must have extensive information on how to connect with an operator and specified in-office hours. It is desirable for the exchanger to have support via telephone and other communication channels (Telegram, Skype, etc.).
  10. The Customer Support Service must answer the clients' inquiries within one hour during office hours.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that some of the requirements are suitable and may be negotiated. In case your exchanger does not meet one or several of them, you may contact us to discuss the situation that occurred. For example, some requirements may be omitted if the exchanger supports rare e-currencies.

Please be advised that we take no fees for adding the exchanger in any form. If somebody contacts you on BestChange's behalf and offers to speed up the listing process for a fee, you can be sure you are dealing with scammers. Please mind that in case of using such services contrary to our recommendations, the exchanger will be added to the blacklist without the decision being reconsidered. We also do not accept temporary deposits from exchangers to guarantee their reliability.

3. Information required for the listing initiation

To successfully add your exchanger to our active listing, please contact us and provide us with the information necessary:

  1. Website URL.
  2. The exact date when the exchanger started to actively work with customers and the list of countries from which the majority of orders come.
  3. The accounts registered in various payment systems that belong to the exchange service, such as WMID, Advanced Cash (e-mail), Perfect Money (account number) and other.
  4. The link to an export rates file that meets our standards.
  5. URLs of the website pages on which the following information is placed:
    • regulation for exchange processing;
    • regulation for AML checks, KYC/KYT.
  6. The referral program terms and conditions.
  7. Additional administrator's contacts: phone number, Telegram, Skype, personal e-mail address on any public domain (except exchanger's internal domain).
  8. File of exchanger's logo image, 400x400 pixels in size.
  9. Any official documentation reliably confirming that the exchanger's total available reserve amount is at least $10000.
  10. Links to the topics on popular forums, reviews services.
  11. Links confirming official registration, license for exchanging activity (if available).
  12. A link to the software developer's website which software your exchange service uses.

4. Rejection for listing

We will not be able to list the exchangers that fall under the specified description:

  1. Partner satellites that are not independent services and have the same exchange directions posted on partner websites.
  2. Exchangers with bad reputation. We do not add exchangers customers have claims against.
  3. Exchangers with a mediocre and stencil-like website design that come along with software the exchanger uses.

5. BestChange's administration rights and obligations

BestChange's administration:

  1. Shall accept review applications and send notifications about the decision within ten days from receiving the application for listing an exchanger.
    Please be advised that the analysis and integration of exchangers accepted for review may require an undetermined amount of time. Usually it takes from several weeks to several months.
  2. Reserves the right to exclude the exchanger from the active listing if it no longer complies with the predetermined rules.
  3. Reserves the right to refuse to add an exchanger to the listing at its sole discretion without providing any explanation.

FAQ about adding exchangers

Can I add the website of my exchanger to the BestChange monitor?
Please first get acquainted with all the conditions of adding exchangers to BestChange monitor placed on this page. For exchanger to be added, it must fully meet all conditions, but you can already send an application about a new exchanger.
What will I get if I add my exchanger to your monitor?
Adding to the BestChange monitor will help decrease your expenses on marketing, as we seriously work on promotion of our platform since 2007.
We have a large base of loyal customers, over 2.5 million users visit BestChange specifically for exchanging funds. Listing on the BestChange monitor will give you a steady flow of customers and will significantly increase your income.
I would like to launch my own exchanger. What do I need to do?
To launch an exchanger, you will need to:
  1. Decide on the name of the service and register the corresponding domain name.
  2. Choose a reliable hosting company, it is preferable to lend VPS or dedicated server straight away.
  3. Select software (script) on which the exchanger will work.
  4. Install the software on hosting, set up the website through the administration panel, set up the design of the website.
Be advised that we accept new exchangers only with unique website design, that is why we recommend that you choose a unique design straight away.
Please tell, what script is the best for the new exchanger?
We can recommend PremiumExchanger, the product with rich functionality, the quality of which is proven by many years of successful work. The software from this developer serves approximately ~70% exchangers participating in the BestChange monitor. The developer has expertise in developing software for exchangers since 2013.
How long does the integrations of an exchanger to the BestChange monitor take?
We are very attentive to the included exchangers and carefully check all available information about them. Unfortunately, some checks and procedures take a fixed amount of time and cannot be sped up without losing quality.
Individual work is being done with each adding resource, we never refuse integration for our potential partners-exchangers without serious grounds, and in case we find some flaws in the work process or software we strive to give recommendations for their elimination.
Given that all necessary conditions are met, integration can take between one to several months.
Can I add my exchanger for a fee?
No, we never add exchanger to the BestChange monitor for money and do not offer services for sped-up adding. We consider, firstly, honesty, reliability, the quality of service, positive reviews from real users on different Internet platforms, duration of work on the Internet without complaints from users and recommendations of other exchangers with which we have been collaborating for a long time.
How do you check duration of an exchanger work?
The analysis of the working duration of an exchanger is carried out taking into account the representation of the domain name on the Internet. The website of the exchanger must have a sufficient number of high-quality mentions proving the date of launch. It is important that the exchanger has worked for some time before inclusion to BestChange, so that it has its own loyal customers that leave reviews on public platforms, and the website of the service is famous on the Internet.
Why the 6 month of working is a must to for an exchanger to be included into the monitor?
Lots of young exchanger await being added to the monitor form half a year and more. This requirement is first and foremost for the very exchanger services. This time can help you fine-tune the work of service, hire a responsible team, get listed on a maximum number of smaller monitors, topical forums, review services and other platforms. If you would just sit and wait and not work over your service, the adding can get postponed even more than 6 months.
Of course, we keep our users in mind, BestChange team valuers its reputation and tries to minimize any risks for users. We think that 6 months of stable work without negative feedback can indicate the well-coordinated work of the service team and a serious intention to develop the business. Unfortunately, no deposits, additional fees, questionable guarantees and other things we are usually offered by ambitious administrators of young exchanger, cannot guarantee that to our users.
Can I add another exchanger?
The question of adding an additional exchanger owned by the same company or owner can be viewed only after the previous exchanger added by the company and owner has worked at least 6 months in the monitor.
We review application to add additional exchangers in two cases:
  1. The additional exchanger is an independent service. For that, the following conditions must be met:
    • is serviced by employees who are not involved in the work of other exchangers located in the monitor;
    • is under management by the manager, not involved in the work of other exchangers located in the monitor;
    • does not have financial reserves and payment details common with other exchangers located in the monitor.
  2. The additional exchanger is a "satellite" of an exchanger already placed in the monitor. Satellites owned by one company, or one owner must not duplicate each other's exchange directions.
Moreover, a well-reasoned justification is required to add an additional exchanger. In your request, please describe as detailed as possible what is the reason for adding an additional service, and why implementation with one website is not possible.
What is needed for adding to the Russian version of your monitor?
To add an exchanger to the Russian version of the monitor it is necessary:
  1. To have a full-fledged version of the website in the Russian language (built-in translator won't do). All the parts of your service (for instance, sent-out emails) must also be in the Russian language.
  2. To get a Russian speaking support service.
  3. To fine-tune the website of the exchanger: when transitioning via a special link with language ID the client must get to the Russian version of your website.

If you have other questions, please get in touch with us by one of the ways given on the contact page.