Exchange rates:

A list of marks used in BestChange monitor and their description

Each mark can be attributed both to a particular exchange direction and to all directions the exchanger has. Hovering the mouse over marks in the table of exchange directions you will see additional conditions of an exchange.

If there is a discrepancy in the placement of icons on the monitoring, please let us know, we will definitely analyze the situation.

  1. Floating exchange rate

    This mark may be used in the following cases:

    • if the exchanger fixes the exchange rate of an order for 30 minutes or less after the transaction is sent to the Blockchain network;
    • if the exchanger charges a commission on the received amount in case the user refuses to complete the exchange order according to the rate of which has been changed.

    When hovering the mouse over the mark the following information may be shown:

    • the time during which the rate is fixed (in minutes);
    • the percentage of rate change after which the rate in the order can be reconsidered.

    An exchanger that uses this mark must display the following information on the order creating page:

    • conditions under which the rate may be changed;
    • conditions for the funds to be considered as received (for cryptocurrencies, the number of confirmations or appearance of the transaction in the network);
    • the name of the stock exchange whose exchange rates are used for calculating the rate for the order.
  2. Additional commission

    May include up to two types of additional commissions that influence the final exchange rate:

    • additional commission from the source currency;
    • additional commission from the target currency.
  3. Manual exchange

    The exchanger operates in a manual or semiautomatic mode.

  4. Accepting funds via third-party payment systems

    The payment system of the client's source currency differs from the one the exchanger uses to receive the funds. If this mark is used, the rate must include all the fees associated with the funds sending process from the user's side.

  5. Sending funds via third-party payment systems

    The payment system of the target currency sent to the client differs from the one that the exchanger uses when sending the funds.

  6. Accepting funds visa Card2Card

    The exchanger takes client's funds using card exchange (C2C) instead of using payment with card processing which is assumed with "Visa/MasterCard" by default. Additional commission can be taken from the client according to its bank rates.
    The icon can be placed only on "Visa/MasterCard" exchange direction.

  7. There is no office in this city

    The exchanger does not have an office in the selected city, payment for courier delivery is included in the exchange rate or displayed by the icon "Additional commission".
    Note for administrators of exchangers:

    • This label can be set on cities and it shows individual conditions for rates and reserves for each city.
    • Using this icon, you must include the payment for courier delivery in the main exchange rate, or indicate an additional commission of the courier's services. This can be done through the export file or the account of the administrator of the exchanger.
  8. Exchange via cryptomat

    The exchange is carried out through a cryptomat and requires being at a physical machine installed in the city.

  9. Documents verification

    An exchanger may require users to verify personal identification documents.

  10. Card verification

    An exchanger may require users to verify the card (to make sure that the client is the real cardholder).

  11. Registration required

    To place an order, a registration procedure on the exchanger's website is required.

  12. E-wallet service

    An online wallet service with a built-in exchanger.

  13. Transfers from a legal entity

    The exchanger transfers funds using payment details of a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur.

  14. Delay in crediting funds when accepting payment

    An exchange may be delayed due to funds on hold. When hovering the mouse over the mark the expected time of the hold will be shown.

  15. Exchange rate fluctuations detected

    Automatic monitoring algorithms detected significant exchange rate changes in the last 15 minutes. If this mark is present, please be more careful when creating an exchange order.

  16. Other language

    This exchanger serves clients in other languages. The list of supported languages is indicated in the tooltip.

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