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Responsibilities of an exchanger administrator

After an exchanger is listed in the BestChange monitor, the administrator of exchanger is obliged to follow the below rules:

  1. Transfer accurate up-to-date information to the monitor, set exchange rates at which exchanges are actually done.
    1. All costs must be taken into account in the exchange rate:
      • related to the sending of funds from the exchanger, charged from the amount received by the client;
      • related to the sending of funds from the client's side, if payment is accepted using a third-party payment system.
    2. Take into account the highest values of the costs associated with the exchange, if costs can vary for the same direction.
    3. Cease sending a direction to the monitor if there is no opportunity to transfer the correct rate.
    4. Independently and timely set all necessary labels in your export file when appropriate conditions arise.
      The description of labels used in the monitor is available on this page.
    5. For each exchange direction set the amount of reserve, as well as a minimal and maximal exchange amount, corresponding to the minimal and maximal amount the exchanger can take in one order.
    6. During out-of-office hours, switch off exchange directions working in manual or semi-automatic regime.
  2. Not offer pseudoadvanageous conditions of exchanges with a view of groundless entry to the first lines of the rating.
  3. Fulfil order creation, giving and receiving payment details through the website of the exchanger.
    It is forbidden to create an order without specifying the client's email.
    1. For a new order, not give or receive payment details with a help of messengers or any third-party communication channels.
    2. For making changes, it is allowed to only accept and give the payment details with the help of the email specified by the client in the order.
    3. At the moment of creation or changing an order, send an email to the address given by the client of this order, specifying all the major parameters of the exchange and payment details of the parties, including:
      • payment details of the client with the help of which the order will be paid for;
      • payment details of the client, with the help of which the funds from the exchanger will be received;
      • payment details of the exchanger given to the user to pay for the order;
      • amount in the currency given by the client;
      • amount in the currency received by the client;
      • the date and time of the expiration of the unpaid order;
      • the exchanger's contact information.
  4. Post reliable, up-to-date and comprehensive information related to the exchange on the exchange page.
    1. If the exchanger reserves the right to change exchange rate in the order in cases when the clients has started payment, the page of order created must include:
      • conditions for recalculation of the exchange rate;
      • conditions for the funds to be considered as received (for cryptocurrencies, the number of confirmations or appearance of the transaction in the network);
      • the name of the exchange whose exchange rate is used for calculating the rate for the order;
      • maximally allowed deviations in the amount the client can receive (can be expressed as a percentage of the rates on the specified exchanges).
      In case of rate recalculation, inform the client before payment for the order in accordance with the item 3.3 about the terms of returning the funds and offer an option to return the funds.
    2. When transferring funds to the client in a currency, different from the currency to be received in the specified exchange direction, specify the exact amount the client will receive at their account after conversion.
    3. For directions including cash funds, the page of the order must have the following information:
      • fixed commission of the exchanger, as well as all other commissions, rules, conditions and coefficients influencing the amount to give and to receive by the client;
      • the name of the exchange based on the rate of which the amount to receive is calculated;
      • the name of the exchange based on the rate of which the amount to give is calculated;
      • conditions for the funds to be considered as received (for cryptocurrencies, the number of confirmations or appearance of the transaction in the network).
  5. Support the client until the actual receipt of the payment. An exchange is considered as completed only after the funds have been received by the client.
  6. Provide timely communication with counterparties, information platforms, authorities and government agencies.
    1. Provide timely reply in a respectful and comprehensive manner:
      • to the complaint of the user who placed a negative review on the exchanger's page in the monitor;
      • to the question of the user submitted via communication channels supported by the exchanger.
    2. Provide reasoned replies on public informative platforms (forums, social networks, Q&A services etc.) to users claims within 24 hours after receiving a notification from the monitor's administration or 48 hours from the moment of the claim submission.
  7. Provide substantive reply to the administration of the monitor on the subject matter no later than 24 hours from the time of publication or receiving a request by email.
  8. Not post fake reviews on its page in the monitor (reviews written by people who have not used the service of the exchanger).
  9. Withdraw the client's claim only if the financial obligations to the client are fulfilled in full, or if the regulated exchange period has not yet passed.
  10. Not transfer or disclose personal information received from users to third parties, as well as provide safety of personal data of users verifying their account.
  11. Bear all financial responsibility before your client. Funds received from a client must be exchanged in accordance with the exchanger's terms of service or returned to the user in full.
    For operations when cryptocurrencies sent to the client:
    • financial obligations are considered fulfilled by the exchanger after the transaction receives a confirmation in the blockchain network;
    • the amount of commission for the transaction must ensure the completion of the order in time specified in the exchanger's terms of service.
  12. Inform the administration of the monitor in advance about change of owners or top management, registration or location of the exchanger, contact information as well as other significant changes in exchanger's activity.

BestChange monitor aims for long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with our partners.

Following these rules helps organize effective cooperation between clients and exchangers, increase loyalty and attract new clients. We create a comfortable environment for the whole exchanging market.

BestChange administration reserves the right in case of violation of the rules of participation in the monitor by the exchanger, to switch off the exchanger from the listing for 4 hours or more. The violation must be eliminated during the period of switching off of the exchanger. In case of repeated violations, temporarily switch off exchanger form the listing on at its own discretion or refuse to cooperate unilaterally.