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How to add your exchanger to

BestChange has been the leading exchanger monitor since 2007. It is always a good opportunity to boost the number of visitors who want to exchange e-currency on your website and increase your income!

We accept automatic, semi-automatic and manual exchangers operated by humans as well as e-currency-to-cash exchangers.

If you want to join us, please make sure you meet the requirements. After that, send us the info as listed below about your exchanger for us to consider your application and for you to get listed ASAP.

Advantages of being listed on

  • Increase of potential clients
    We have a very large audience of visitors who come to our site specifically looking for exchangers and who will see your business. We have a team responsible for promotion and advertising of our site to drive more clients. The more customers we bring you, the higher the revenue.
  • Increase your trustworthiness
    We are reputable monitoring and visitors trust that the exchangers listed with us are legal, credible and trustworthy.
  • Accumulating reviews
    Customers can leave feedback about your services on our site which increases your trustworthiness and credibility.
  • Being on par with competitors
    Check competitors' rates, reviews and site to not miss out on competition.
  • Adding our banner to your website
    Showing potential customers that you are our partner will additionally increase their trust in your services when they come to your site directly, since we are a recognizable market player.

We have launched our monitoring service in 2007 and since then hundreds of exchangers have chosen to work with us. They enjoy mutually beneficial cooperation and highly cherish advantages of partnership with us. Do not miss out, become our partner too!

Exchanger requirements

  • The exchanger's website need to have been actively working for at least 6 months from the moment of its launching and beginning to work with the clients. It is a very important requirement because we add well-known and experienced exchangers only. Also, it is crucial for the exchanger to have operated before being listed and to have its own customers, reviews and reputation on the Internet;
  • The total available reserve amount must be $5000+;
  • The exchanger must have an export rates file that meets our standards. The rates must be updated instantly after any changes take place. We do not accept a once-a-minute "crontab" schedule;
    Please be informed that the export file must contain actual rates, reserves and all additional data about commissions and tags. The exchanger will be banned in case of invalid data about rates no matter whether it is submitted accidentally or not.
  • The homepage must contain an exchange request form with a calculator available without registration. Every exchange order must have a unique number to track its status;
  • The exchanger must have a partnership program;
    Technical implementation of partnership program:
    1. A user visits your exchanger by our monitor using URL with GET-parameter that includes Partner ID;
    2. An exchanger sets cookies to provide the user affiliation with a partner by following the link;
    3. Partner ID from cookies sets to calculate the reward by starting an exchange;
    4. The amount deposits to partner account if an exchange was successful;
    5. Partner account must contain deposit statistics, payment history and summary statistics.
  • In some cases, verification of the exchanger owner's identity may be required;
  • The website must have a unique and original design and contain comprehensive descriptions of how to conduct exchanges as well as information about commissions. The website must be permanently up and running;
  • The name of the exchanger must be unique and unlike any those of listed exchangers;
  • The website must provide a secure HTTPS connection;
  • The website must have contact information with at least an e-mail address and an online messenger (Skype, Telegram or your own) to provide a prompt response for your visitors. It would be great to have a phone number as well. The customer service must respond within 1 hour max during the operating hours. It is crucial to have contacts and the operating schedule highlighted on the website;
  • It is necessary to have a full-fledged version of the site in the English language, as well as English-speaking customer support. The site must be configured in such a way that the user would at once land on the English version of the site via the link where language identifier is specified, and the rest parts of the service (for instance, emails that are sent out) must also be in the English language.
  • Monotoring's button or logo must be placed on the website's main page in a visible place. If you have several buttons on your website, picture with BestChange logo must be placed first.

Note that all the requirements are negotiable. If your exchanger does not meet one or several of them, you may contact us to discuss that. For example, some requirements may be dropped if the exchanger has rare e-currencies.

Please be advised that we do not take any fee for inclusion of new exchangers in whatever form. If somebody contacts you offering to speed up listing in BestChange monitoring for a fee, you can be certain you are dealing with scammers. We also do not accept temporary deposits from exchangers as a way of guaranteeing their reliability.

Information for exchanger's listing application

To get listed, please provide the following:

  • Site URL;
  • Exchanger launch date (when it started to provide exchange services);
  • WMID, Advanced Cash account ID, Perfect Money account ID (if the exchanger works with these e-currencies);
  • Link to export rates file that meets our standards;
  • Specify whether it is necessary to pass the cur_from and cur_to parameters.
    If this option is enabled and a user comes to your exchanger from our monitor, the URL will contain the cur_from and cur_to GET parameters with the values of the currencies selected by the user. Currencies are presented as the standard three-letter currency codes. You can use this data, for example, to collect statistics or to redirect users to a particular exchange page.
  • Address of the page with terms of service for processing exchanges;
  • Referral program information;
  • Additional administrator's contacts: phone number, Telegram, Skype, personal e-mail not on the domain of the exchanger site;
  • File of exchanger's logo image, 400x400 pixels in size;
  • Links to the topics on popular forums, reviews services;
  • Links confirming official registration, license for exchanging activity (if available). rejection reasons

We will not be able to list the following categories of exchangers on our website:

  • The exchanger is a satellite of another exchanger, so it does not have its own reserves, payment services, accounts and operators;
  • Bad reputation (we do not add exchangers our customers have claims against);
  • A standard website design that comes together with exchanger software;
  • Cryptocurrency wallets, payment systems and markets that do not provide exchanges as a general service.

Exchanger duties

Administrator of exchanger is obliged to:

  1. Provide reliable exchange rates including all the commissions as well as payment system commissions. Fix rates, reserves, tags and commissions in the export file promptly. The data must be updated the moment the changes take place. During out-of-office hours, exchange directions working in manual or semi-automatic regime must be switched off;
  2. When transferring funds to the client in a currency, different from the currency to be received in the specified exchange direction, specify the exact amount the client will receive at their account after conversion. If the exact amount to be received is unknown, then this exchange direction cannot be present in the monitoring.
  3. Not offer pseudoadvanageous conditions of exchanges with a view of groundless entry of the first lines of the rating;
  4. Execute applications and give account details for payment through the website of exchanger. It is forbidden to give payment details via third party online-messengers;
  5. Support the client until the actual receipt of the payment. An exchange is considered as completed only after the funds have been received by the recipient;
  6. Provide timely reply in a respectful and exhaustive manner:
    • to complaints of the users who have placed a negative review on the exchanger's page;
    • to questions of the users submitted via all communication channels supported by the exchanger;
    • to requests from BestChange administration;
  7. Provide substantive reply to the administration of monitoring on the subject matter no later than 24 hours from the time of publication or receiving a request by email;
  8. Not to post fake reviews on its page in monitoring (reviews written by people who have not used the service of the exchanger);
  9. Withdraw a claim only after a full payment or if the exchange terms were not violated;
  10. Not transfer or disclose the personal information received from users to third parties. It is necessary to provide security of personal data of clients who verify their accounts. It is important to remember legal consequences for failure to provide security of personal data;
  11. Bear full financial responsibility towards users. Funds received from a user must be exchanged or returned to the user in full;
  12. Timely inform the monitor's administration about the change of the exchanger's owner, contact email and telephone number, as well as other important information. rights and duties

  • Application for listing will be reviewed within several business days;
  • Administration reserves the right to switch off the exchangers that no longer satisfy the rules for participation from the monitoring;
  • Administration reserves the right to reject listing of an exchanger in the monitoring without explanation.

We aim for long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with our partners.