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How to add your exchanger to

BestChange is the leading exchanger monitor since 2007. It is always a good opportunity to boost the number of visitors who want to exchange e-currency on your website and increase your income!

We accept automatic, semi-automatic and manual exchangers operated by human as well as e-currency to cash exchangers.

If you want to join us, please, follow the requirements. After that send us the info as listed below about your exchanger to consider your application and to be listed ASAP.

Exchanger requirements

  • The exchanger must operate and provide customer service for 6+ months. It is very important requirement because we add famous and experienced exchangers only. Also, it is critical to operate before being listed and have its own customers, reviews and reputation on Internet;
  • The total available reserve amount must be $5000+;
  • If the exchanger operates with WebMoney currencies, it must have at least a personal WMID certificate with the website address on it and 80+ BL;
  • If the exchanger operates with Perfect Money currencies, it must have a verified account there and 10+ TS;
  • The exchanger must have a partnership program;
    Technical implementation of partnership program:
    1. A user visits your exchanger by our monitor using URL with GET-parameter that includes Partner ID;
    2. An exchanger sets cookies to provide the user affiliation with a partner by following the link;
    3. Partner ID from cookies sets to calculate the reward by starting an exchange;
    4. The amount deposits to partner account if an exchange was successful;
    5. Partner account must contain deposit statistics, payment history and summary statistics.
  • The exchanger must have export rates file that meets our standards. The rates must be updated instantly after any rating changes. We do not accept once-a-minute "crontab" schedule;
    Please be informed that export file must contain actual rates, reserves and all additional commissions and tags data. The exchanger would be banned because of invalid rates data no matter it was accidentally or not.
  • The homepage must contain an exchange application form with a calculator available without registration. Every exchange order must have the unique number to track its status;
  • The website must have a unique and original design and contain comprehensive descriptions on how to proceed exchanges as well as commissions information. The website must be permanently running;
  • The name of the exchanger must be unique and uncommon to any listed exchangers;
  • The website must have a secure HTTPS connection;
  • The website must contain contact as minimum as e-mail and online messenger (Skype, Telegram or your own) to provide a prompt response to your visitors. It would be great to have a phone number as well. The customer service must respond in 1-hour max in operating time. It is critical to have contacts and operating schedule highlighted on a website;
  • It is critical to highlight our monitor button on a website.

Note that all the requirements are negotiable. If your exchanger does not meet one or several points, you may contact us to discuss that. For example, some requirements may be reduced if the exchanger has rare e-currencies.

Listing data

To be listed please provide the following:

  • Site URL;
  • Exchanger launch date (when it started to provide exchange services);
  • WMID (if the exchanger operates with WebMoney);
  • Perfect Money account ID (If the exchanger operates with Perfect Money);
  • An export rates file that meets our standards;
  • Specify whether it is necessary to pass the cur_from and cur_to parameters.
    What is it? If this option is enabled and a user comes to your exchanger from our monitor, the URL will contain the cur_from and cur_to GET parameters with the values of the currencies selected by the user. Currencies are presented in the standard three-letter currency codes. You can use this data, for example, to collect statistics or to redirect users to a particular exchange page.
  • Regulations page URL;
  • Referral program information;
  • Administrator's e-mail, phone and other contacts. rejection reasons

Unfortunately, we may reject exchanger listing due to next reasons:

  • The exchanger is a satellite of another exchanger, so it does not have its own reserves, payment services, accounts and operators;
  • Bad reputation (we do not add claimed by our customers exchangers);
  • Sampled website design that comes together with exchanger software;
  • Cryptocurrency wallets, payments systems and markets that does not operate exchanges as a general service.

Exchanger admission duties

Exchanger administrator must:

  • Provide reliable exchange rates including all the commissions as well as payments systems commissions;
  • Fix rates, reserves, tags and commissions in export file promptly. The data must be updated in a moment of changes;
  • Respond promptly and respectfully to customers’ negative reviews on exchanger page and provide a comprehensive answer to it;
  • Respond promptly and respectfully to customers’ questions on exchanger contacts;
  • Not post fake reviews by people who did not use the service;
  • Withdraw a claim after a full payment or if the exchange terms were not violated only;
  • Not transfer or disclose the personal information received from users to third parties;
  • Bear full financial responsibility to its users. Funds received from a user must be exchanged or returned to a user in full. rights and duties

Exchanger administrator must:

  • Adding application review takes 3 business days;
  • The administration has the right to delete an exchanger from the listing without explanations;
  • The administration has the right to refuse the listing without explanations.

We hope for a long and mutually beneficial cooperation with ours partners.