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Waves a good short-term investment with positive dynamics

There is a motto on Waves website saying about a blockchain for people, meaning that Waves main principles are based of the profit of all participants, but not only on the profit of cryptocurrency creator.

More than a year have passed since the launch of Waves and now we can finally draw some conclusions and speak about prospects of the new cryptocurrency.

Not just a coin, but a platform

Unlike many other cryptocurrencies Waves is not just a coin, but a whole system — similar to Bitcoin. There is the same public key technology and blockchain principle taken from BTC. Finally, why would they re-invent the wheel if there is already a safe and working solution?

Mining Waves can still bring good results — this cryptocurrency is at a very good point of development now. It is already popular, but still accessible and available. Some mining farms have already changed their specialization for Waves — it means that people consider Waves a prospective cryptocurrency.

It is also possible to exchange other fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies for Waves, though it would cost more than one may expect due to relatively high fees — major exchange services like Poloniex do not add Waves to the list of coins by some reason. Small exchanges use every chance to get extra profit, so there is no surprise that people are made to pay high commissions when exchanging USD, BTC, LTC or other currencies for Waves.

The best place to trade Waves

Luckily, there is a decent exchange platform allowing for both selling and buying Waves — Exmo. Fees are different depending on the amount one wants to change and we highly recommend you to check it on the Exmo website if you are interested.

Exmo offers five exchange purchasing directions for Waves — it can be bought for US dollar, Euro, Bitcoin, fork and Russian ruble. Unfortunately, one is allowed to sell Waves for Bitcoin only, however it looks like a temporary issues. Considering the growth of Waves popularity we all expect that new selling options will appear on Exmo or on other exchanges.

Now it is convenient to purchase Waves, but it is a real torture to sell it — one has firstly to buy some Bitcoin, then to exchange Waves for BTC and sell BTC again. This may lead to both loss or gain depending on the BTC exchange rate. Anyway, traders do not like such bulky and risky operations and they will certainly appreciate any new service letting do such things faster and easier.

Change Waves without registration

Just as most reputable exchanges Exmo requires its users to register. However, there is a solution for those who prefer to buy or sell Waves without creating new accounts. ShapeShift is an innovative exchange service where users can send Waves and other coins among each other without converting these into BTC.

The only serious drawback of ShapeShift is that one cannot withdraw cryptocurrencies or exchange electronic coins for fiat currencies. Anyway, that's definitely the best solution for Waves selling and buying without making a new account.

Not that easy to upload

Unlike Bitcoin or Litecoin Waves is not that easy to replenish or withdraw. You can buy it for USD, EUR or other fiat currencies, but commissions are rather high. Usually traders purchase other coins firstly and then exchange these for Waves. Both ways are not convenient enough, but it is quite a typical issue for a new cryptocurrency.

Transit upload and withdrawal is too irritating for some people and it, of course, slow the progress of Waves platform down. Exmo and other exchanges use this situation to the full and charge high fees for all operations with Waves.

Undoubtedly, wider presence on a bigger number of exchange services will obviously boost the growth of Waves popularity. If you are not sure about investing money in this coin — we suggest you waiting for few months or so. There is a good probability of appearing Waves on bigger number of exchanges which would immediately lead to better withdrawal, exchange and replenishment options.


Before speaking about the future of Waves let's take a look at the numbers. At the beginning it cost only $0.5 per coin, however later the value grew to $6.5. Right now — in the August, 2017 — Waves costs about $4 per coin. So in total it had growth over 500%! Isn't that impressive?

A year is usually enough to see if a cryptocurrency is reliable, demanded and attractive for traders. Waves exists for more than a year and its results look much more interesting than results of dozens other coins.

Quite a big number of experienced traders and experts share pessimistic forecast regarding all alternative coins including Waves. They predict decline of altcoins popularity within following few years, and from the point of view buying Waves now looks doubtful.

We are sure that Waves may be used for venture or short-term investments, though. Risky assets are the most profitable, but at the same time one may lose too much.

On the other hand, let's recall how it was with Bitcoin. Its price was incredibly volatile for very long periods of time, wasn't it? Additionally, Bitcoin never got such investments like Waves. Today Waves has over 10 thousand transactions daily!

It is obvious that Waves is a cryptocurrency which has managed to achieve certain degree of maturity. These guys are now working hard with legal companies and lawyers — their plans are to make Waves as convenient, safe and versatile payment tool for business. If they succeed in this area — the results will surpass all the expectations.

It's up to you to take the decision. Risky assets specialist would certainly opt for Waves — most of them have already done this! Finally,by investing in Waves you contribute in its development as well. Who knows, maybe in a year a Waves coin will cost over $30 and you will say "thank you" to yourself for investing the money into the right asset.

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