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PaySera Tailored Service for Euro Payments

Nearly all major international payment services like Payeer, PayPal, OKPay, Epay and others do their best to achieve perfect versatility. These systems support many different currencies and try to focus on different types of customers from all around the world. PaySera founders have chosen another way — they decided to make a payment service tailored for payments in Euro. As we may see now that have succeeded.

PaySera has made a very important step. In 2012 they obtained an exclusive license from the Lithuanian Bank which made PaySera an authorized online payment service for processing online Euro transfers and for issuing electronic money on the territory of the European Union.

Practically nothing changed from the point of functionality and operations, but such a step certainly made PaySera much more prestigious.

What makes PaySera exclusive

If you are a thorough guy you probably read agreements and terms of use when creating an account in a new payment service. Quite often you may notice that such systems clearly state that they may use customers' funds for their own financial operations — just like banks do. But banks pay some interest to you, while payment services do not do that.

PaySera is a unique solution where the money belonging to customers are never used by anyone else. They feel OK with their own investments and contribution of the third parties. PaySera cannot use your money and this is stated in the terms of use. What does it mean? It means that one can withdraw his or her money at any time regardless what is going on with the payment service.

What's more, the funds of users cannot be taken even in case of debt collection. Of course, considering today's state of things it is impossible to imagine a situation when someone needs to collect debts from PaySera, but even if something like this happens you as a customer have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Not only Euro

Actually, PaySera allows for working with seven currencies such as Euro, US dollar, British Pound, Yuan, Yen, Polish Zloty and Australian Dollars. However, EUR payments are the most convenient and affordable from the point of fees and commissions. All transfer include commission except for Euro transfers — one can make up to 30 transactions daily without paying a dime for the fee.

There is one important thing to keep in mind — EUR transactions without commission can be made only among the users from the European Union and the European Economic Area.

In order to send money you need to specify recipient's phone number and email. The same applies if you are the one who received the money — the sender needs to know your email and phone number.

In general the system works fast and smoothly, all transactions are processed automatically. The best news is that there have been no security issues noticed within all 5 years of PaySera presence on the global market. The company obviously has a dedicated IT team that guarantees top-level protection for personal data and money of PaySera customers.

Registration at PaySera

PaySera has the most common registration system which is absolutely similar to most other major payment services. Two accounts are available — a personal and a business account. From the other hand, PaySera has a totally different approach to business accounts. A business account can be created only by the business owner after successful passing all four verification stages.

This is required for better security and transparency. In other words, when creating a business account you are expected to provide detailed data about yourself and your company. It is assumed that if you are ready to do it you are a trustworthy customer.

There are several identification ways available including personal visit to a PaySera office in Lithuania which would be the fastest but probably the most difficult solution for customer outside of the Baltic states.

Soon PaySera is going to introduce urgent verification which will be paid and take up to 8 hours or so. Today verification is free of charge, but sometimes it may last up to 3 business days which is not convenient for many business customers.

Advantages of PaySera

Without a doubt, PaySera is the best payment service for European customers, especially for freelancers like copywriters, web designers, developers and all other people working online with European customers. PaySera is the most popular service among people working at European freelance platforms.

As we have mentioned in the beginning of the review, PaySera can never use the money of its customers — this is another important advantage. Generally PaySera is a very customer-friendly service with low fees, great-looking interface and amazing customer support service.

Business customers can quickly integrate their e-shops with PaySera payment terminals, micro payment solutions and other features. PaySera develops and expands its tooling every day so tomorrow you may get something up-to-date and effective for your online business.

Their referral program is great for those who are capable of attracting a lot of new and active customers — the referral remuneration is not limited. You get the money for all transactions made by the users you brought regardless of how long ago they joined PaySera. You will receive the referral bonus to your main PaySera account every 10th day of the month with no delays.


Those who trade or buy in Euro will never find a better payment solution that PaySera. Low fees, transparent conditions, customer support available from 8am to 8pm Eastern European Time — what else could one need? Business owners also have a lot of advantages mentioned above.

PaySera keeps evolving and growing which is the most significant factor proving that these guys are doing really well. One pays no money for keeping a personal account and even if you make purchases or online transfers from time to time it would be a good idea to register in the PaySera system.

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