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C-Cex codes – trade for more than 800 currency pairs

Cryptocurrencies have become ingrained in the everyday life of thousands and millions people all around the world. Traders, businessmen, coin miners and just users interested in extra income deal with electronic currencies on the daily basis. Everyone looks for a well-established online exchange allowing to sell some coins for other coins without paying too much fees and without risk of transaction issues.

C-cex is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies exchanges — it was founded in 2013. Since then C-cex has been attracting incredible number of users and this number is growing all the time.

There are many good exchange service while none of them is perfect — somewhere traders complain about slow transactions, somewhere people fall into rage because of too high fees… Broadly speaking, pitfalls and nasty surprises can be found anywhere. C-cex is a special exchange service which is highly appreciated by customers. It offers transparent terms of use, fast-reacting customer support and flawless functionality.

Advantages of C-cex

OK, let's imagine that helpful customer support service and instant transactions together with perfectly designed interface are typical for any successful global exchange service. But C-cex has four website languages available — English, Chinese, French and Russian. Traders from different countries highly appreciate when they have a chance to operate in their mother language.

C-cex has a state-of-art security system. You need only your email and/or phone for registration and financial operations. Sophisticated security system of C-cex guarantees that no personal data will be lost or stolen. What's more, C-cex protection system does not affect smoothness and high speed of financial operations.

According to some rumors among traders there have been several attempts to perform a powerful DDoS attack of C-cex, but all the attempts failed. Who knows, maybe this happened indeed.

Every payment service has its own referral program, but C-cex is probably the only one with such a responsible approach. Here you get not just a referral link but also a big set of good-looking promo materials. This high-quality content was prepared by C-cex design team and we should admit that promo content looks awesome. Referral bonus is 5% from all transactions of the person you brought — looks decent, doesn't it? The referral bonus is added to your account automatically within 15-20 minutes after referral's transaction.

C-cex team did a tremendous job with their website. It is very convenient to access and work with it from any device — a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. If you want a cryptocurrency exchange service to be in your pocket all the time — choose C-cex.

C-cex was among the first exchange services who introduced QR-codes scanning. It allows to use one's web camera to read a QR code! And it does not matter where this camera is installed — to a PC, smartphone or tablet.

Respect to users is expressed by C-cex team in many things including the voting for new coins to be added. According to the statistics new cryptocurrencies are gradually added after voting. Of course, voting is absolutely free for everyone. Even if you have just created a new account and have no transactions yet you can vote!

Finally, C-cex completed its awesome customer support with a tool allowing newcomers to ask experienced traders directly. Yes, there are traders who are ready to share their knowledge and to give a piece of advice.

C-cex codes

There are two ways to replenish one's C-cex account — to upload money via Payeer or to do it with C-cex codes. A code is kind of a voucher for a certain amount of money in the selected currency. The most popular currency to work with C-cex is US dollar. To buy C-cex codes you need to enter your account and go to Finances section.

Purchased codes are turned into USD immediately which are added to your current balance. You can also send or accept C-cex codes — such exchange is widely used among C-cex customers. It is very convenient as the service has flat fee equal to 0.2% for all internal transactions. The same is for exchanging USD into other fiat currency or cryptocurrency.

Money withdrawal

When withdrawing USD from a C-cex account one should be aware about the commission applied. Withdrawing to Payza and Payeer is definitely the most reasonable solution — in this case the 1% fee seems to be quite good, doesn't it? Actually, it is a very low withdrawal fee comparing to other services.

Unfortunately, C-cex does not offer such attractive conditions for withdrawal to other services — withdrawing to Perfect Money you will have to pay 5% fee! As for Webmoney WMZ (that's how USD is called in Webmoney) you are charged for 8%. Visa/MasterCard withdrawal involves 11% commission while PayPal is the most expensive service to withdraw money to — the commission would be 15%! We bet there are not too many users willing to withdraw money elsewhere except for Payeer or Payza.

There are different minimum amounts allowed for withdrawal depending on the destination service. Please check it on It would be smart to check the current withdrawal fees as well since these are changed from time to time.


C-cex codes are powerful, versatile and easy-to-use payment tools. You can exchange them in any of 838 currency pairs available on C-cex platform. By the way, there may be even more exchange directions already — as we have mentioned new coins appear regularly after public voting.

C-cex is a well-established exchange service with quite a long and successful history comparing to other services of the same kind. High withdrawal fees are probably the only serious disadvantage making use of C-cex not really convenient for some users, however if you have accounts in Payza and/or in Payeer working with C-cex would probably be the best option for you.

Create an account on C-cex (it would take less than a minute), buy some C-cex USD codes and exchange them for any currency you wish — that's how the online trading starts!

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