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Epay: Versatile solution for small business and private customers

With over three years of successful operation under its belt Epay feels confident as it is now one of the most promising payment services on global market with positive forecast. Epay headquarters is located in China, however the service is equally popular in Asia, Europe and North America. There are more and more users from Russia and former USSR countries as well.

Epay offers a very rare and valuable combination – it is easy to use, it has fast verification and the highest level of reliability. What more could an average user wish? Moreover, it is absolutely enough for a small business owner as well.

People often confuse Chinese Epay with Scandinavian ePay (easy Pay) and with Russian information portal Epay Info, so please be attentive about that. The correct name of the payment service we are talking about in this review is Epay.

Characteristics and opportunities

Epay is a service available for both individuals and legal bodies. Registration hardly takes more than a couple of minutes. User email is the main identificator in Epay system. Actually, nearly all operations in Epay are made with the use of users' email addresses without any additional verification. It does not mean that Epay saves money on providing extra safety – not at all. By now there have been no issues with security, hacker attacks and money stealing in Epay. They just make depositing, withdrawing and sending money simple.

They add new deposit and withdrawal methods every month. For instance, currently one can replenish his or her account via Perfect Money, OKPay, Payeer, PayPal, AdvCash, Bitcoin, FasaPay and Tether. There are no deposit fees for OkPay and BTC, 3% commission for Payeer money upload and 0.5-0.9% fee for the rest.

Withdrawing to electronic wallets of cryptocurrencies and other payment systems always includes fee which may vary from 0.5% to 3% and more – please check Epay official website for that.

Actually, there are more or less same fees for uploading and withdrawing money via Western Union, MoneyGram and RIA Money Transfer. Typically they charge about 1% from the amount deposited/withdrawn.

Wire bank transfer in EUR, USD, GBP and HKD is free of charge for uploading money, but if you want to withdraw funds to your bank account using wire transfer there will be a 1% commission too.

There is a special note on the Fees page of Epay website stating that as all transactions to other electronic currencies are processed automatically there is no option for chargeback in case of mistake. Therefore users have to be cautious whenever sending money anyone else.

Internal fees

Sending and receiving money among Epay users are absolutely free of charge. Well, honestly speaking it would be totally weird if they applied commissions for internal transactions – no major payment services do it today.

Virtual cards are also available in Epay. These are convenient for purchasing things online without having any problems. Virtual cards are available for free in USD or EUR. However, there is 1% fee for every transactions or payment made with virtual cards.

Epay for merchants

Epay puts focus on cooperation business customers as well – they have individual conditions for medium and bigger businesses. Epay is a convenient solution for online merchants selling goods and services. It is very easy to integrate one's website or online shop with the Epay system. Merchants may obtain good-looking payment buttons, banners and some promotional content from Epay.

Basically the Chinese payment service provides five types of services:

  • Online payments
  • Money depositing and withdrawing
  • Currency exchange
  • Payments receiving
  • Services for merchants

Online payments can be made for both one or several merchants' accounts at once. It is very easy for both customers and sellers. Deposit and Withdraw allows for depositing and withdrawing funds via the most popular banks. Currency exchange may be done in dozens of online exchange services supported and approved by Epay. Payment receiving works like this – you enter the email of the person who is expected to pay and this person gets a notification for payment. Finally, merchant services allow for automatic payments receiving on your websites. There are different referral and reward programs for merchants as well as bonuses making the work with Epay more pleasant.

Advantages of Epay

We have provided enough information about the Chinese payment services to draw some conclusions regarding its advantages.

Epay is a very easy-to-use service enabling users for fast registration and quick learning on how to work with all the system tools. Even if you are not a good English speaker there will be no difficulties with opening a new account.

Generally Epay offers quite a standard set of services, but the highest quality of these services makes Epay stand out. It is a highly reliable system with very good reputation among experienced merchants and online buyers.

Epay constantly works on its referral program making it more interesting and profitable for loyal customers. There are two levels for referral program with different remuneration – 5% for the first level and 3% for the second level. Without a doubt, bringing new users to Epay pays off.


Negative feedback is a common thing for any payment service. It is applied to Epay as well, but the rate of negative reviews is incredibly low and, frankly speaking, insufficient. The best indicator is dynamic development – Epay changes every day and all users can see it. They try to implement and introduce new features and to upgrade the existing opportunities.

Business-to-business approach is another characteristic that makes Epay attractive for merchants as well. Right now outlook for this payment service looks very positive and there are no reasons for any problems in the nearest future. Therefore one is suggested creating an account in Epay for both buying or selling online.

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