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NixMoney 100% anonymity and fast transactions

PerfectMoney, Bitcoin and Payoneer are worldwide known leaders among online payment services. The three systems hold more than a half of global market, so why would anyone look for better?

Actually, there are some good reasons for that. Sometimes when a company grows global it wants to be more transparent. Furthermore, bigger services often suffer serious pressure from governments, police and other state services. Therefore it makes sense to at least have some room for maneuver always left — we mean it would be good for you to create an account in a smaller online payment service you can quickly switch for in case of necessity.

NixMoney is a perfect solution for people who want to have 100% anonymity. And it's not marketing at all — they really guarantee that no one will ever access your transactions data and personal information (actually, you don't have to share it at all!).

The service was founded in 2013. It's still quite unclear where exactly it is located and there is no surprise as NixMoney founders are certainly the people who don't want to be publish. Their purpose was to create a versatile tool for traders, businessmen and just users from all parts of the world and they succeeded.

Advantages of NixMoney

As we have already said all transactions are fully anonymous due to high protection level of the internal transactions server. They are also very fast and smooth — a transaction never takes more than 0.5 sec! The service always works seamlessly and there have never been any complaints regarding blocked or delayed transactions. We consider such a result of more than 3-years operation as an ideal one.

There are four ways for transactions security available — PIN code, SMS confirmation, UPIN code and two-factor protection with SMS confirmation (the last option is available for Google mail users only).

The commission is fixed — 0.5% for all transactions with the minimum fee of 0.5USD/EUR. It doesn't matter how much money you send as the commission always remains the same. A good thing is that it is always rounded off in customer's favor. Yes, it's a minor thing but it's a good thing, isn't it?

The registration takes about 1-2 minutes. We will describe it a bit later. It's just worth knowing that you can create an account in NixMoney using non-existing information. No one makes you provide your real name, surname, address or any other personal things.

Versatile API available for all NixMoney users makes it easy to connect one's online store to this payment service. It's almost as easy and fast as the registration. Even a person with no IT background can adjust API following simple steps.

NixMoney works with two main fiat currencies (US Dollar and Euro) and Bitcoin. It's the usual of the majority of today's traders, buyers and sellers. Some customers consider it as an advantage because it's easier for them to have three currencies only without distracting on other ones.

Interface of NixMoney dashboard and website in general is well though-out. You can quickly learn it and remember the location of the most important components. We think you'd agree that an intuitive interface is a great advantage for any service nowadays. Quite often we find good payment services which have intricate interface making us think too much. No one likes it.

Finally, NixMoney did great job and managed to exclude an opportunity of double payments — quite an annoying thing for lots of users. Now you don't have to worry about paying twice by mistake. Every payment requirement has its unique number and can be paid only once — it's technically impossible to pay again using the same requirement.

Registration in NixMoney

The first step looks as simple as possible. Upon clicking Register button on the NixMoney website you see a small dialogue window where you need to enter your email and captcha. After submitting the data you'll get an email with the activation link. As you click the link you are brought to the page where you need to enter your name and password.

Nobody controls correctness of the provided information. You can register any number of accounts for John Jones or anyone else — let your imagination run riot. And don't worry, it's not something illegal — NixMoney is not a bank and you are not obliged to provide correct personal data.

Every new account includes free wallets for US Dollars, Euros and Bitcoin correspondingly. Each wallet has 14-digit number used for transactions with the only letter (U, E or B) in the beginning. As you may have guessed the letter means the wallet type — USD, EUR or BTC.

Actually that's it. The registration process in total may take even less than a minute before you get fully functional account and an opportunity to send or accept funds.

Some users are cautious with relatively new payment services like NixMoney, but they may rest assured that they will never face any problems with topping up wallets or with money withdrawal. NixMoney is now available on all major exchange services.


Even if the market seems to be divided between big players there is always room for smaller services which are more flexible and advanced. NixMoney founders certainly took into consideration mistakes and shortcomings of their competitors and did their best in creation of the most anonymous online payment service.

It's a challenging task to find another payment system offering same level security, fast and smooth transactions processing and easy registration. Without a doubt such advantages make NixMoney a very attractive solution for millions of people earning or buying online.

There is also a partner program allowing its participants to get 0.1% from all transactions made by the people or companies they brought to NixMoney. The most important advantage of this partner program is that it lifelong. You will be getting your partner bonus as long as the service functions. Considering how many great things it offers we are absolutely sure that NixMoney has a promising future ahead.

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