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Payoneer the best solution for freelancers

There are more than 3 million active users in Payoneer right now and the system works with the biggest freelance services like Fiverr, Upwork and many others. In addition it can be used for buying or selling things on Amazon and Ebay. Without a doubt Payoneer is a versatile solution convenient for Internet users who are involved in all kinds of online money transactions.

MasterCard Payoneer

A lot of freelancers do not pay taxes. Actually, the majority of them. And we are not speaking about people who live in poor countries — no, we mean the residents of the USA, Canada and Europe. There can be various reasons for them to do so and we are not going to judge anyone. Finally, someone would just like to protect from annoying monitoring from the side of large financial institutions.

MasterCard from Payoneer is absolutely free — you do not have to pay for its issuing. It's a pre-paid card allowing you to get and send money faster and with lower commissions.

Usually an ordered card is delivered within 2 or 3 weeks. One can replenish it with plenty of ways — using another Visa/MasterCard, via bank transfer, via US Payment Service etc. We suggest you checking it on the Payoneer website where you can select the most convenient payment method for you.

Of course, there would be no problems with money withdrawal. Payoneer MasterCard is accepted in any ATM just like a normal debit card. It means you can withdraw money in any part of the world.

There are some limitations for MasterCard from Payoneer, though. For example, a holder can withdraw not more than $2500 per day which would hardly be inconvenient for an average freelancer. Do you often withdraw such amounts?

You debit card account balance cannot exceed $10 000 — the exceeding amount should be stored on a virtual Payoneer account (e-wallet). Well, that could be a bit more disturbing as it's quite easy to forget about such limitation and let money grow until they reach the limit.

The maximum daily number for financial transactions with MasterCard from Payoneer is 10. Here we'd like to admit that it could be inconvenient for some people who are used to send or receive money oftener.

Finally, a holder cannot replenish his or her MasterCard account more than three times a day.

Advantages and disadvantages of Payoneer

You don't need to have a real bank account — you can use Payoneer without it including Payoneer MasterCard. That is really a great advantage for lots of users.

Payoneer MasterCard is supported by absolutely all ATMs which only accept MasterCard at all. Therefore you can get cash in any country of the world. Additionally, Payoneer payment system can be used for purchasing goods and services in all big and small online stores. That's pretty difficult to find an online shop today where you cannot pay with Payoneer. By the way, the number of Payoneer partners is growing every day.

Payoneer has a great security team consisting of experienced professionals. These guys know everything about hacking and stealing data and it lets them provide reliable protection for all Payoneer users. Working with Payoneer you may rest assured — your personal and financial information is safe.

Comparing to the competitors Payoneer has rather low commissions — check that on their website and compare to other payment services conditions yourself. We bet you will see the difference.

A fast and customer-friendly support service is the most valuable asset of any company. Payoneer did its best to provide its users with the most skilled and competent support service available in chat, email or on the phone. They have multilingual support via email, however chat and phone support are available in English only.

Finally, Payoneer is just a well established service with perfect reputation enabling you to receive payments from both companies and individuals. You don't have to worry about confidentiality — no one can control your financial activity here. At the same time Payoneer is not a tool for gangsters and swindlers — such users are quickly banned forever.

As for the disadvantages we'd like to note that Payoneer interface is far from perfect yet. New users often feel lost and have to look for the needed buttons and features wasting time. The interface could be more minimalistic which makes the use more convenient.

Payoneer doesn't work with local partners like many other payment services do. The reason is unclear, unfortunately. For instance, users from former Soviet Union countries prefer working with WebMoney and they are disappointed that Payoneer doesn't work with that payment service.

Actually, it's the biggest disadvantage of Payoneer. Its younger competitors do their best to cooperate with local payment services and it lets them attract new customers. Payoneer could probably do the same if they want to keep on growing. Competition on this market is very tough today.


Reputation of Payoneer makes everything clear and dispels any doubts. Millions of users living in different countries choose Payoneer and it's the best compliment to this payment service. The number of customers has been growing since the launch!

Payoneer could be your financial tool for everyday use allowing to send and receive money instantly. You can also use their debit card just like a real bank card without any obstacles. Both new and experienced freelancers often prefer Payoneer as it cooperates with freelance services providing an opportunity to withdraw earning money quickly and safely.

Furthermore, Payoneer is a convenient service for online purchases. If you are a shopaholic — then it's perfect choice for you. Payoneer can meet the requirements and expectations of any user who wants to run business, earn, send or receive money online.

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