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MoneyPolo more than 20 pre-paid cards for any needs

More and more online payment services from Europe grow popular and global. Users from different parts of the world trust European companies consider them to be reliable partners in any kind of online financial activity.

If you run business on the Internet, make online purchases or just earn using any legal methods — MoneyPolo is a solution worth checking it out.

About the company

MoneyPolo is an experienced company with rather long story. It was founded in 2008 in Great Britain by a group of young enthusiasts who believed in the optimistic outlook of online payment services. Three years had passed and the company grew too big to serve one country only. MoneyPolo opened their Czech office in Prague and started offering their services worldwide.

Entering new countries MoneyPolo put every effort so that its customers could benefit as much as possible. For instance, there are more than 40 payment terminals and machines in Czech Republic where one can replenish a MoneyPolo account or withdraw money.

Today MoneyPolo operates in nearly 100 countries — Slovakia and Poland have been recently added to the list.

According to MoneyPolo motto the company's mission is to make online money transfers available to everyone regardless of where he or she is.

Advantages of MoneyPolo

The first and the most significant advantage of MoneyPolo is top level legality. From the very beginning this company has been working as an absolutely legal organization which has all proper licenses and permissions in every country it operates. It is really a great thing! You can rest assured that no one can suddenly block the activity of MoneyPolo or charge the service with anything. Furthermore, MoneyPolo cooperates with experienced lawyers who know what to do in questionable matters.

Security is another thing MoneyPolo pays much attention too. It's not a secret that hackers are trying to steal information from payment services every day, however they have never succeeded with MoneyPolo. This service has the right approach to protection of personal and financial information of its customers.

People who earn money online are certainly happy with incredibly variety of debit cards available in MoneyPolo. There are 18 different types of plastic cards for different purposes and in different currencies. There are both single-use cards for one transaction only and regular plastic cards for normal use. It's very easy to assign a card to any of your MoneyPolo e-wallets so that you could use the card in business trips. Actually, MoneyPolo debit cards can be used in nearly all countries — all you need is an ATM accepting Visa and MasterCard. Of course, you can also make all kinds of money transfers using a MoneyPolo card.

A card from MoneyPolo would be the best way out for people who cannot get a debit card from a bank by some reasons — for example, it concerns those who have bad credit history. Luckily MoneyPolo doesn't consider such things as obstacles for a plastic card issuing. Taking into account that the opportunities MoneyPolo provides can be compared to those a bank offers it's definitely a reasonable solution for many users to order a MoneyPolo card.

There are both virtual and plastic cards available. The first one may be used for online operations only while a normal plastic card can easily substitute you a bank debit card. Check MoneyPolo website for more information!

A virtual cart issuing costs $15 while a normal plastic MasterCard would cost you $20. Like in all other payment services there is a commission for every transaction. Usually it varies from 2% to 3% depending on the country you send money. Actually, one can have up to 12 MoneyPolo debit cards simultaneously! For example, you can use different cards for operation with different currencies.

MoneyPolo offers its customers an opportunity to create a multi-currency account. There are more than 20 currencies available — from US dollar, British pound and Euro to Swiss franc, Australian dollar and Russian ruble. Online traders can use it as a convenient tool for operations in different currencies. You don't have to worry about speed and security of transactions — MoneyPolo works with SWIFT system which remains unbeatable on the global market.

Finally, MoneyPolo has a well-designed mobile application available on all major mobile platforms like Android, iOS and Windows Phone. It's a very convenient solution allowing you to monitor your account and to make any financial operations you could make on PC. Everything today is light, mobile and fast, therefore MoneyPolo keeps the pace letting you control the accounts with a smartphone or a tablet. They have really nice looking and fully functional mobile app that will be irreplaceable wherever you are.


With such a variety of international payment services it's not easy to choose the right one. Everything depends on your needs, location, plans and many other things.

MoneyPolo is a versatile service meaning that it could be a convenient solution for people involved in many fields of activities. For instance, freelancers may use it as a fully functional bank substitution where nobody controls the financial transactions and accounts. People who run online business will highly appreciate an opportunity to work with more than twenty currencies — every online store dreams about growing global and starting earning money abroad.

People who regularly purchase different things online can use MoneyPolo account as a tool for fast and secure payments. Isn't it cool to have an account that you can use for buying goods and services in different currencies from different countries?

MoneyPolo is a company with a solid track record beginning in 2008. Their terms and conditions are very transparent. All the fees and other details regarding every service and account can be found in downloadable PDF-files available on MoneyPolo website. Thus if you need a good European payment service — don't hesitate and try MoneyPolo!

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