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Increase your capital with Capitalist

Capitalist can promote projects, attract investors and make various financial operations like sending and receiving money, storing funds in e-wallet, using prepaid debit cards etc.

Capitalist founders state that their aim was to create a versatile platform for everyone interested in e-commerce. They wanted to provide all necessary tools for running any type of online business and we have to admit they managed to do it. People who are involved in selling goods or services online often use Capitalist — the popularity of the service has been steadily growing during two last years.

Supported payment methods

There are more than a dozen payment methods supported by Capitalist and their number is constantly growing. For example, one can replenish an account with BTC, bank transfer, transfer from a Visa or MasterCard card and with lots of local payment services. We suggest you checking Capitalist official websites for more detailed information about all payment options supported.

As for the commissions you may check yourself — they're low enough to use Capitalist as a convenient business tool. For example, account replenishment with EPESE includes only 0.5% commission, but you may top up your account with SWIFT or SEPA without any commission at all!

Wire transfer in USD or EUR considers 1% commission which is absolutely OK — try to find a service with lower fees for money withdrawal and tell us about it, please! At the same time commission for withdrawing money to a bank account is higher — from 1.5% to 3%. It would be a good idea to check this particular thing on the Capitalist website as well.

Please consider that as a company with Russian capital (registered in the Virgin Islands though) Capitalist mainly offers withdrawal to accounts in Russian and Ukrainian banks only. Users from other parts of the world can withdraw their funds in BTC, with USD or EUR wire transfer and via such systems like Paxum, OKPAY and EPESE.

If you are going to work with BTC mainly — please check the page on the Capitalist website dedicated to all operations with Bitcoin. They have rather transparent conditions for BTC transfers and pretty low commissions starting from 0.002 BTC or 1.5% depending on the payment system.

Capitalist card

Capitalist offers its users two types of cards — a plastic or a virtual one. Let's start with the virtual card.

Capitalist virtual Visa is a perfect solution for everyone making purchases or selling goods and services online. You need to pay only $5 for the emission of your virtual card without any other payments except 1 USD/EUR monthly fee. There are no limitations for sending or receiving money and making purchases.

Maximum monthly replenishment for the virtual Capitalist card is equal to 60 000 EUR which is quite difficult to exceed, isn't it? By ordering such a card you get a convenient and effective tool for online trading.

Same should be said about Capitalist plastic Visa card. It is issued for free with 1 USD/EUR monthly fee and 25 USD/EUR annual commission. Standard delivery is free of charge, however you can pay another 24.95 USD/EUR for express delivery.

Both virtual and plastic Capitalist Visa card have 1% commission for the account replenishment — please consider it. Some users complain about complicated system of fees and commission for Capitalist cards, but if you check the entire information on their official website you will see that it's not that difficult at all. Well, it's obvious that a Capitalist card is more expensive than an average bank card. But you always have to pay for freedom — especially when it comes to the financial freedom.

Anyway, if you operate with big sums of money and don't want anyone to control your financial activity a Capitalist plastic card would be a reasonable choice. Compare it to offers from other services and you will see that Capitalist has some advantages like large daily limit for transferring and withdrawing money.

Raise funds for your project

If you are a young businessman who is fond of IT and e-commerce Capitalist can become a website where your dreams come true. As a crowd funding service Capitalist can help you attract investors and make a successful start-up.

Such services like Kickstarter can also be useful, but if you are aiming at specific audience of people particularly interested in e-commerce Capitalist is just the right place to share your ideas. There are many projects successfully gained funds for further development and who knows — maybe you are the next lucky young businessman?

We suggest you providing detailed information regarding your business idea and adding a good promo video to it explaining how your project works. Don't be shy! Do your best to describe all the advantages your business can have — it's the key point in looking for potential investors.

Actually, if you already have a project Capitalist can help you make it larger. It's all in your hands!


Capitalist is a service with good reputation. It has never been involved in any conflicts connected with fraud or scamming. They have clear terms of use described on their official website and one may rest assured that those terms are relevant — there are no hidden commissions and extra fees.

It is a rapidly developing online payment service allowing people to attract investors and to make financial operations with cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ecoin), fiat currencies (EUR, USD) and a whole bunch of payment services including international ones. Additionally you can use wire transfers for replenishing your account or for funds withdrawal.

Finally, you can use Capitalist Visa — a virtual or a plastic card — for personal or business needs. Capitalist is a service providing you with variety of tools for successful business and for making purchases online. It's up to you to choose whether it's convenient for you or not!

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