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Advanced Cash mobility and flexibility

If you are looking for a fully functional plastic card for receiving, storing and transferring US dollars Advanced Cash is a great option for you. This system guarantees its users freedom from financial monitoring of any country. Enthusiasts and just people who earn online but don't want to pay taxes and just let governmental institutions know about their activity choose Advanced Cash.

Advanced Cash is a typical offshore payment service officially registered in Belize. It has a partner agreement with MasterCard that allows to issue fully functional plastic cards from Wave Crest Holding Limited — a bank located in the UK. Sounds great, doesn't it? That's exactly what people who work and earn on the Internet need today!

Advantages of Advanced Cash

Online sellers and resellers often have accounts in different payment systems and services. It saves their time and money. So if you are a freelancer doing some job for a customer and you both have accounts in Advanced Cash then you are lucky since there is no commission for internal transactions at all! Send or receive any amount of money without having to pay anything!

Each Advanced Cash user can have an account in US dollars, Euros, British pounds or Russian rubles. Well, that's pretty hard to add anything here. It's just convenient when you can choose among several currencies.

Another great advantage is that users can order a debit card with no annual fee! There are two types of a debit card available in Advanced Cash — virtual (for online use only) and plastic. The virtual debit card has 0% commission for all online purchases and only 2% commission for currency exchange. One can transfer up to $10 000 to the virtual card account daily.

The plastic debit card doesn't have annual fee and purchase fee either. It can also be topped up for $10 000 daily. The monthly and daily withdrawal limits are $90 000 and $3 000 respectively. Please keep in mind that 1.99% commission is charged at every withdrawal.

Advanced Cash has a great interface convenient for both beginners and advanced users. It's a very important thing as many payment services have a bit bulky interface with too many options and features visible all the time making newcomers feel embarrassed.

Sometimes users face various issues, but luckily helpful customer support is an inalienable part of the Advanced Cash team. Send them an email with your questions or suggestions and you will get your reply very soon. Often it doesn't even take an hour. Russian speakers can also address their questions to an official representative of the company available at MMPG online investment forum.

Using Advanced Cash you may rest assured that your personal data and financial information are safe. Security is the top priority of the service. Username and password are only the first stage protection — there are also such barriers for frauds and swindlers like SMS authorization, tokens, payment passwords, cards with codes, IP address check and so forth. The security guys in Advanced Cash know oats providing users with the top level safety.

Finally, Advanced Cash is a service that has been constantly developing since the day of launch. New payment methods are being added, interface is gradually evolving becoming better and in general users see that the service forges ahead. New updates come monthly and sometimes even weekly!

How to create an Advanced Cash account

Account registration is absolutely free. All you need to do is to click the Register free account button on Advanced Cash website. We suggest you providing relevant personal information on later steps as verification will be required afterwards (if you want to remove transaction limits). Comparing to Perfect Money and other services verification in Advanced Cash is pretty fast and easy — you don't have to worry about it. You'll need to verify your personality (send a scan of your ID), postal address (it's great if you have the address written in your ID) and phone number (the easiest part — you'll get SMS). Well, if you don't mind $2500 monthly limit for all transactions then you don't have to verify your account.

Actually, you can even order a debit card without verification — it costs $4.99 during your first week after registration and $14.99 if you request it after the first week passed.

There are two well visible buttons in your dashboard — "replenish" and "transfer". You may transfer money to other user's account or to withdraw it with the most convenient way. Advanced Cash allows its users withdrawing money with dozens of payment methods including local payment systems. We highly recommend you to check the commission for withdrawing according to the selected payment method on Advanced Cash website. The commission may vary a lot of 0.25% to 10%. So please be careful and don't hesitate to contact Advanced Cash customer support if you have doubts or questions.


Advanced Cash is certainly a payment system worth your attention. Even if you do a thorough investigation in the Internet you will find very few negative reviews and commentaries regarding Advanced Cash. This service has perfect reputation despite quite a young "age".

Professional traders, freelancers, online buyers and just people who regularly send or receive money online will definitely find Advanced Cash interesting. Having their debit card is the best solution if you earn money in the Internet and don't want anyone else to know anything about it. It's your right to keep such information confidential and Advanced Cash lets you do it.

Registration in the service is free of charge, therefore you can create an account and check out if Advanced Cash is what you really need.

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