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Wise EUR a general overview of the payment system with the euro and other world currencies

Today the Wise payment system is used by over 12 million customers. Customers can order a Wise international debit card for payments and withdrawals in 200 countries, compatible with Apple/Google Pay.

Advantages and features of Wise EUR

Wise is a payment system that allows you to send cross-border payments and open accounts in 50+ currencies. We can highlight such advantages of the service:

  • It is a modern approach to money transfer - its payment network instead of the already outdated SWIFT network.
  • Transparent pricing - no mark-ups are added to the average market exchange rate, and all costs are clearly stated before the transaction is confirmed.
  • 40% of transfers are instant, 80% are delivered within 24 hours.
  • The company is registered with FinCEN and meets legal security requirements.
  • Multilingual service, detailed help in all languages.

Private and corporate tiers of service are available in the system. Wise eliminates the mediators involved in international transfers, so money is usually received faster when transferred than at banks. However, this depends mainly on the currencies involved and the countries from and to which the transfer is made.

Multi-currency account and Wise card

Wise EUR is also a convenient money management option for travellers or those who have moved abroad. A multi-currency account can make sending money to relatives easier and cheaper or receive salaries/benefits/other transfers from abroad.

You can easily open a payment system account on the website or in an app, track all balances, get an international debit card and make purchases in most countries.

Business owners have also come to like the service. They enjoy many benefits and access to various business-friendly features, including international payments, withdrawals from Amazon or other marketplaces, batch payments, compatibility with cloud accounting services and much more.

You can exchange Wise EUR to other currencies directly in the app or withdraw to other payment systems/ banks using exchangers, a wide range of which are available on our website.

Exchange Wise to e-currencies

On our site you can see the current exchange rates of Wise EUR to other electronic payment systems.

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