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True USD TRC20 (TUSD) the "true dollar" in the Tron network

True USD (TUSD) was the second dollar stablecoin launched as the TRC20 standard on the Tron blockchain network. First, in March 2019, the most liquid and popular stablecoin, USDT, migrated to the Tron network, adding another blockchain to its vast collection. TUSD did the same in April 2021.

Coin security

The leading indicator of a stablecoin's safety and security is its reserves. For every TUSD issued into circulation, the issuing company must keep an honest dollar in its accounts so that even if all users simultaneously want to sell tokens, the company would have enough money to pay out.

On the official website, scrolling down a bit, you can see the current balance of reserves updated daily. At the time of writing, the reserves even exceed the number of tokens issued, guaranteeing the exchange rate's safety and stability.

Options for using True USD TRC20 (TUSD)

The direct audit funds of TUSD have provided this stablecoin with a good reputation and many use cases. Let's take a look at the most basic of them:

  • Security. Through partnerships with banks and professional trust companies, TrueUSD efficiently distributes collateral, ensuring that the coin's stability is not overly centralized. This approach reduces counterparty risk as each "tier" provides transparency and attestation, allowing users to control the security of their TUSD TRC20.
  • Secure and low-cost transactions. Transaction fees on the Tron network are virtually zero; you only need to pay around $0.000005. Also, this blockchain makes it possible to carry out more transactions without delays. The project's creator is Justin Sun, who used to participate in Ripple and applied several of its principles in his work.
  • Liquidity on exchanges. Stablecoins are particularly active in trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. Many platforms of this kind now support True USD TRC20 as one of the most popular standards, allowing you to deposit and withdraw funds via the Tron blockchain, taking full advantage of its advantages.

In either case, the stability of the coin's exchange rate is essential. If we look at the historical fluctuations of the coin's exchange rate, we can see that it hasn't deviated much in either plus or minus since 2020, which is not a bad period of steady performance.

Where to buy or sell TUSD TRC20

The token is represented in many exchanges; you can find them with the help of our monitoring. Also, True USD is traded on many cryptocurrency exchanges, such as:

  • Binance
  • MEXC
  • Phemex
  • BingX
  • KuCoin
  • Coinsbit.

With a high probability, as long as True USD maintains its transparency, decentralized provision and universal functionality, this asset will have a demand in the crypto space.

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