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PLN Cash: where to physically exchange Polish zloty

While in Poland, a resident or visitor to the country may want to obtain PLN cash for their needs by selling their existing electronic fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies. This can be problematic in the case of banks or local offline exchangers due to overpriced rates and a lack of necessary payment destinations.

In this case, it is reasonable to resort to the services of exchangers presented on our website.

About Polish zloty (PLN)

As of 2022, there are many banknotes in denominations from 10 to 500 PLN and coins in denominations from 1 to 50 grosz and 1 to 5 PLN. In addition, commemorative coins made of gold, silver, etc., are considered the official means of payment in the country. - Their denomination reaches up to 1000 zlotys.

After the country's economy stabilised somewhat from the turmoil in 1994, the government decided to denominate the currency. Its result was the reduction of the nominal value of Polish money by 10 thousand times. The new monetary unit was called the new zloty, which is what is currently in effect. The old zloty was accepted for payment for goods and services until the end of 1996, and for another 14 years - until the end of 2010 - it could be exchanged in banks.

Shortly after the denomination, the National Bank announced a 500 zloty note, but at that time, it was unnecessary. The banknote was issued only in 2017. The bank also regularly gives commemorative notes and coins timed to various events.

Where to buy or sell PLN cash

Our website will help you find exchangers with offices in Polish cities - Warsaw, Wroclaw, Gdansk, Krakow, Lodz, and Przemysl.

Select the currencies you want to give and receive in the columns on the left, and we will instantly offer a list of exchangers that support the desired destination, if any.

To make an exchange:

  • Leave an application on the website of the exchanger, specifying the amount and other details.
  • Come to the office of the exchanger during working hours.
  • Exchange currencies - the exchange rate used is either the one that was fixed at the time of creating the application or available directly on the day of exchange. It depends on the conditions of a particular site.

Remember to leave a feedback about the work of the service and its employees. Reviews play an important role in helping other customers to choose an exchange office.

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