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Visa/MasterCard in Poland: features, how to exchange money

A bank card in Polish zlotys (PLN) is necessary not only for residents of the country but also for everyone who visits it often. This is much more profitable than constantly changing money locally in Poland since each exchange is associated with tangible margins.

Using credit and debit cards in Poland

The cards are widely accepted in Poland, especially in tourist cities. MasterCard, Visa, Europay International, and American Express are the most common options. Many banks charge around 3% transaction fees whenever you buy something abroad with a foreign card.

Popular card issuing banks in Poland:

  • PKO Bank;
  • Pekao Bank;
  • Millennium;
  • ING Bank Slaski;
  • Alior Bank;
  • Santander Bank Polska (formerly Bank Zachodni WBK).

The choice of available card and payment solutions is quite broad - these are debit cards for payments in the store and on the Internet, credit cards, and payment methods by phone or smart watches. The direction in the country is actively developing.

Poland also has an extensive network of ATMs connected to all global networks. Depending on the ATM and the card issuing bank, various fees may be charged when using it, so it is often unprofitable to withdraw funds.

If an ATM can withdraw money in the native currency of the card, it is better to refuse it and remove it in PLN. Otherwise, you will have to pay extra for converting international currencies.

How to exchange zloty (PLN) for your currency or vice versa

In many cases, it is beneficial to change money not through an ATM, bank cash desk or local offline exchangers but online, choosing the most preferred rate. Our service will help you with this. We will help you select an exchanger for both exchanging fiat currencies and buying/selling cryptocurrencies for PLN:

  1. Select Visa/MasterCard PLN as the currency to send or receive (respectively, in the right or left column).
  2. Select the currency you want to receive/give in return in the next column.
  3. Immediately after that, a list of exchangers that support this payment direction will be displayed on the right side of the site.
  4. Browse the exchangers (the exchange rate orders them, the list is updated every few seconds), and go to the most suitable one.
  5. Enter the amount and details, and create an exchange request.
  6. Pay for the application and receive a response payment to the specified details shortly after that.

BestChange collects information about working exchangers supporting Visa/MasterCard PLN and other global payment destinations. We help you make the most profitable and safe transactions.

Exchange Credit card to e-currencies

On our site you can see the current exchange rates of Visa/MasterCard PLN to other electronic payment systems.

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