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Bank cards in CNY currency: exchange of chinese yuan from a card

Central banks worldwide prefer to keep at least 700 billion dollars of yuan in foreign exchange reserves. China's monetary policy is relatively stable and transparent, which attracts even more people who want to keep their assets in it.

Banks issuing yuan (CNY) cards

In China, shops and other retail outlets accept the strictly national currency. Therefore, for example, if you are planning to visit a country, you need to buy yuan in advance through an exchanger or another way. There is also an option to get cash currency, as Visa/MasterCard cards are not accepted everywhere.

The main problem is that not all Chinese banks agree to issue Visa/MasterCard another system, UnionPay, is widespread in the country.

The most significant banks in the country that you can apply for such a service:

  • Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China). The largest multinational banking organization in the world in terms of total assets. The bank was organized in 1984 as a limited liability company specializing in business loans. It has over four hundred branches abroad.
  • Agricultural Bank of China (Agricultural Bank of China). Works since 1951. It was initially focused on financing companies in rural areas, but in the last few years has diversified into corporate and private banking services and offerings ranging from currency exchange to credit cards. More than 23,000 branches worldwide in major cities in Asia, Europe and the USA.
  • China Construction Bank (Chinese Construction Bank). Almost 15 thousand branches in Luxembourg, South Africa, South Korea, America, and Australia. Assets for 2021 amounted to $4.3 trillion. 9% of the shares are owned by Bank of America, which helps the active growth of the financial institution.
  • Bank of China (Bank of China). It was formed in 1912 to replace the Reichsbank. The main activities include corporate banking, individual banking, investments and insurance. It has permission to issue banknotes and cards in certain regions.

Exchange Visa/MasterCard CNY

You can top up your card account in RMB or vice versa and withdraw it to other assets through exchangers, an extensive list of which is presented on BestChange. Operations are available both with the national currencies of different countries (cards, payment systems, cash) and with cryptocurrencies:

  • Specify the desired payment direction by selecting the given and received currency in the columns on the left.
  • Choose the appropriate exchanger from the suggested ones in the list.
  • Go to the site, create an exchange request and pay for it.

We have collected in the listing only services that meet quality requirements and have a good reputation.

Exchange Credit card to e-currencies

On our site you can see the current exchange rates of Visa/MasterCard CNY to other electronic payment systems.

Exchange Visa/MasterCard CNY to another currency:

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