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TRON a good idea with unclear future

No doubts, TRON is a very interesting cryptocurrency launched in September, 2017. It is a fully decentralized system with open source code having all the chances to turn into a fully functional virtual environment with a great deal of applications and millions of users.

From the other hand, there are too many cryptocurrencies on market which are pretty similar to TRON — for instance, Stellar and others. Therefore it is difficult to say anything for sure about the future of TRON since such a competition is tough for any service. Anyway, let's take a closer look and find out more about TRON system.

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Crypto world has been rapidly evolving since the day when Bitcoin was launched, and the most significant change is the fact that developers used to create electronic coins, but now they prefer to create virtual environments. They suppose that developing just a coin is not enough, and they are right. People need something more. Today's users are far more picky than in the past. They prefer to use coins surrounded with various applications.

At the moment the number of TRON users is very close to 500 000 which is good enough. Actually, it makes TRON number 14 in the global cryptocurrency ranking. Despite the gap between TRON and TOP-10 coins is still large, 14th position is quite a good result 6 months after launching, isn't it?

Technically TRON is a social network where users can socialize, share entertainment content and so on. The main value of TRON network is the opportunity to upload, store and share absolutely any kind of content. It means that you can upload music, movies, books and everything you want. You can even create your own coin on the basis of TRON system and spread these coins in the network. TRON developers will provide you full support with your ICO.

The name of the official token is TRONIX (TRX). It is impossible to obtain TRX coins with mining, one can only purchase these on exchange services like Mercatox, Binance, HitBit and few more (Google will help you). They still have a lot of TRX coins to issue, and another option to receive these is to contribute into development of TRON network. If you are a technically minded person, we suggest you reading the documentation available in TRON official website to learn how exactly you can get tokens by investing your knowledge and efforts into the system.

In addition to TRONIX there are two more extra tokens which are not so demanded because these cannot be used outside of the network yet.

TRON POWER (TP) are the coins one receives as an internal award. The more TP one has, the more powerful her or his voice is. Yes, there is voting in TRON network and you need to collect TRON POWER coins to make your voice more effective.

Finally, there is also a cryptocurrency for TRON-based applications called "TRON 20". It is not launched yet, but it is already in the white paper. We expect to see TRON 20 coins available already during 2018.

Advantages of TRON

Full decentralization and open source code can hardly be called serious advantages as now every system has these. Anyway, TRON network is based on transparent technical solutions and therefore it is a reliable and trustworthy system which is certainly an advantage.

Market capitalization of TRON (January, 2018) is above 3 billion USD allowing it to be in the global TOP-15. Well, this advantage is surely important for traders who consider TRON as an investment option only.

Despite TRON shows impressive market capitalization, TRONIX is still not available at many major exchanges. It is a disadvantage for some traders who would prefer to avoid any kind of risk and like dealing with the coins that are easy to buy and sell at popular exchange platforms.

Currency exchange rate against USD has been remaining at more of less same level for over 3 months — in the beginning of March, 2018 TRONIX coin costs 0.048 USD. Such a stability of exchange rate looks rather beneficial since no one buys assets with rapidly growing value.

TRON is not an ordinary social network, it is a long-term project consisting of several stages. The first one is heading to the end, and the second stage called "Odyssey" should start very soon. Odyssey stage assumes that users will be able to monetize the content they generate.

After Odyssey TRON users can expect at least 4 stages more including Great Voyage, Apollo, Star Trek and Eternity. During the last stage developers plan to turn TRON into a versatile environment where users will be able to create their own game platforms and earn on these games.

Odyssey stage should start from January, 2019, while the last stage — Eternity — is scheduled to September, 2025. It is a very ambitious approach, we should admit, but a soldier who doesn't want to be a general is a bad soldier.

There is no guarantee that TRON will be developing according to this good-looking schedule. Frankly speaking, there can be no guarantee of that in our fast changing world. But such an attitude of the developers to their product is simply charming. When traders see that TRON creators invest much money, time and effort into the system they are less reluctant to invest too. We'll see soon if TRON will be growing as it is expected.


A lot of us have heard about cryptocurrency. A lot of us want to invest in something that may bring good profit. But we are afraid, because we do not have enough experience, knowledge and understanding of the subject. Crypto world is something complicated indeed, but one does not have to learn the technical side of the matter!

Considering TRON as an investment tool allowing you to benefit from it in medium or long term is enough. The dynamics of the system is optimistic — over 50 000 of new users join TRON every month. The social network is easy-to-use, it has a great interface and can achieve some good results in future.

TRONIX is not a good coin for fast earning, since it has never demonstrated big fluctuations. Vice versa, it can be a decent investment solution for patient people with cautious approach.

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