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Lisk the most democratic coin with endless development opportunities

As it often happens nowadays cryptocurrencies turn into something bigger — typically into versatile software environment or in a platform where multiple applications can be developed.

Lisk is an innovative crypto solution based on DPoS — Delegate Proof of Stake — model which is the fastest consensus model in the world. The confirmation is performed by 101 delegates which are elected during fully transparent and democratic procedure.

The users can work with the Lisk platform to develop their own applications and even monetize these.


Lisk is much younger than Bitcoin and other top coins — it was launched in April, 2016 . From the order hand, we know numerous examples of even younger cryptocurrencies that ended up fast and simply disappeared. There were promising projects with great excitement around them, but by different reasons their existence was too short.

As for Lisk, it is totally OK — it has been growing all the time since May, 2017 with only few serious drops which were later fully compensated. Lisk has been very popular lately and we have all the reasons to expect its further growth during this year.

There is another interesting fact about Lisk. It is second the most successful cryptocurrency project launched with crowdfunding! The creators of Lisk Max Cordek and Oliver Beddows managed to attract over 6 million dollars which was totally enough for starting such a huge project like Lisk. During this ICO 100 million Lisk coins were issues and 8% of these was reserved by the creators.

As you probably know the only project which was more successful was Ethereum with its 18 million dollars!

Advantages of Lisk

Have you heard about an agreement between Microsoft and Lisk? The American software giant will provide integration with Lisk system, so that developers could create applications for it using Microsoft Azure environment.

Another advantage of Lisk is its JavaScript engine. For instance, Ethereum code was written in C++ and without a doubt it makes developing apps more complicated as JavaScript is a far more popular programming language.

Users using Lisk wallets and coins are very happy about regular updates and improvements of different aspects. Actually, there are no doubts in the intentions of Lisk creators — they are doing their best in making their product more competitive and successful.

Community of Lisk users are available at Facebook and in various websites. If you want to learn more about the cryptocurrency you can do it and get the reply from other traders.

Customer support is really good. It can be seen from the FAQ section which is regularly updated. FAQ page is prepared in a very smart way so that it was easy for users to percept the information. Believe us, you will find the answers for all basic questions there. What's more, there are detailed guides for all operations one can do with Lisk from wallet creation to making payments.

Developers also enjoy very important advantages like convenient module platform of Lisk allowing to create applications without any extra efforts.

Lisk system cannot be overloaded with too big number of transactions. Such a risk does not exist even theoretically due to high level of decentralization.

The last advantage of Lisk is its simplicity. Check forums and communities dedicated to Lisk and you will see a great number of newcomers. When a person who has no experience with cryptocurrencies looks for a coin to buy they always prefer the currency which has easy-to-use software and good prospects.

According to the latest information Lisk is placed onto the 20th place of the global cryptocurrency ranking. Its pretty far from top 10, but last January Lisk wasn't even in the top 50! We definitely can expect this currency to get into the prestigious top 10 by the end of the year.


You have no need to invest into graphic cards or powerful computers to mine Lisk. There is a totally different mining approach where coins are mined not by individual users, but by 101 delegates elected by all Lisk users.

Delegates have the exclusive rights for arranging mining pools and coins providing 95% of them for equal distribution among users.

After reading this you probably want to become a delegate, don't you? Well, it's absolutely real! To do this you need to create an account in Lisk system which is enough to become a candidate in delegates. Please note, that voting is paid and costs 1 LSK. This means that despite voting is available for absolutely all Lisk users, not all of them use this opportunity as paying 23 USD (the cost of 1 Lisk coin in the beginning of February, 2018) seems to be too much for some traders.

Where to buy and sell Lisk

Some major exchanges do not offer Lisk yet, unfortunately. This situation will change very soon, of course, and now you can get Lisk coins at such exchange services like Chandelly, Binance (actually one of major exchanges, isn't it?), Bittrex and so on. There are many websites offering Lisk for sale, but we highly recommend you firstly check the exchange rate — it varies a lot unlike Bitcoin or Litecoin.

To perform any operations with the coin (including initial buying) you need to firstly register a new Lisk wallet. This can be done at Lisk official website for free.


Just as many other new cryptocurrencies Lisk has all the chances to get to the top. There is a risk of currency devaluation, from the other hand, because new coins are not long-lasting quite often.

Such important events like conclusion of an agreement with Microsoft and good capitalization are strongest reasons to buy these coins. Take a look at the graph (use the longest period from the day of launch) and you will notice that Lisk is an incredibly stable coin with mostly gradual growth and drop.

At the moment it is losing some value, not drastically, though. We have all the reasons to expect soon growth and it is still a good time to invest in Lisk. But please remember, that you invest into a young currency with rather optimistic, but still unclear future.

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