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Revolut EUR using the payment system and asset exchange

The Revolut project was founded in 2015 and aims to provide full-fledged mobile and online banking through which customers can avoid the excessive fees of conventional banks. Over time, Revolut has also added a cryptocurrency investment feature.

Revolut EUR wallet security

The app includes various security features, including fingerprint identification for login attempts. There are also unique settings to reduce the risk of phishing attacks.

Additional security features:

  • Revolut Security app for malware protection.
  • Ability to remotely lock your account in case you lose your phone.
  • Revolut Vault app for data encryption.

Four levels of security in total: PIN and password, 2-factor authentication, and fingerprint/facial recognition.

Platform features

The Revolut app offers an excellent alternative to the conventional banking system in customer support and privacy protection services. It has a simple and easy-to-use user interface for easy management of Revolut EUR.

Among other things, the app supports cryptocurrency trading. In addition to Bitcoin, other digital currencies such as Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin are available on Revolut. New ones are added regularly.

Significantly, Revolut does not charge commissions when trading cryptocurrencies and makes purchases instantly.

Revolut card

The company also offers its customers a card allowing them to purchase in over 30 national currencies with 0% commission fees. It is suitable for online spending abroad without going through intermediaries.

The card also makes it easy to buy cryptocurrencies. It works like a standard bank card and is available in both Visa and Mastercard formats. The difference is the increased level of flexibility.

Note that the service also provides the option of issuing disposable cards for online shopping to not expose the main card to fraud or phishing.

Features of working with Revolut cards:

  • No transaction fees and no foreign cash withdrawal fees, except for foreign currency withdrawals.
  • Free card issuance in case of loss.
  • Fast transactions with no unnecessary waits at over 3 million merchants worldwide.

How to receive or exchange Revolut EUR

The wallet's choice of deposit/withdrawal methods is limited to a strictly regulated range. If you want to receive EUR using a cryptocurrency that is not listed and any bank or payment system, then use BestChange.

Our service allows you to choose working exchangers with the most comfortable conditions. Exchangers offer a variety of payment directions and provide fast and trouble-free crediting. We collect information only about those services that fulfil their obligations.

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