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Technocash Payment System

Description of Technocash payment system, how to exchange Techno Cash Technocash has been around since 2000 and continues to expand the services that it provide sand the currencies that it deals in year on year. It is possible for customers to save a lot of money if they switch to using Technocash over other payment providers. Services are provided for businesses and individuals.

With a Technocash account it is possible to hold money in a selection of different currencies. It is possible to load funds in from you bank and it will save you having to open accounts in different currencies with different financial institutions.

The company is licenced in Australia and has details of all of their fees and charges and other information that you would need to know so that you will be able to get enough information to trust them.

It is possible to set up a temporary account so that you can try it out. You will be sent login details and you will be able to pay in funds and upgrade your account from temporary to individual or business, retail or organisation. You will need to complete an application form to finalise the upgrade and you will also need to get the account verified.

It is very simple to do this and Technocash have actually set it up with this in mind. They want to make sure that customers can easily get an account with them and start using their facilities. This is why they just have a one-time application form and therefore there is no repetitious form filling. All transaction details are kept online so it is easy for customers to find out their history without having to request statements and wait for them to arrive. After each transaction takes place, it is possible to arrange for Technocash to alert you by SMS or email.

Once logged in, it is possible for customers to do many things. These include making payments to other accounts, collecting cleared funds, making safe online payments, doing business with other account holders, SMS communication with other account holders, wire funds internationally, bank funds to local accounts and manage and register member databases. The charges are reasonable as well and so using Technocash could be a better option than other similar companies that provide this service. A Technocash account is called Billfold and it is like having a money clip with your notes in. You can hold money in different currencies and use it to pay for many different things.

Holding a business account with Technocash will allow you to easily transfer money with your business to business customers if they also have Technocash accounts. It means that International transfers can take place immediately. You can trade in many different markets because it is so easy to access different currencies. There are many currencies that are supported and so it can be quick to transfer between currencies and make transfers as needed. As payments are only allowed if funds are cleared it means that the system is more secure and there is less fraud risk which is always good. It is also possible to earn interest on $AUD deposits.

With a retail account you have no monthly fees and can hold money in a dozen different currencies. It is possible to hold money in a dedicated bank account to make bulk collections easier and to more easily enter the Australian markets. There is a multiple wire function as well and an instant currency conversion function. International payments are instant if both parties have a Technocash account and there is inclusive customer service to help you get all of the help that you need.

There is also the option of personal account for non-business owners. These can allow people to pay their bills easily and to have instant access to their money. It is possible to see your full transaction history and you will get a great customer service as well. Global transfers have a fixed fee and it is possible for Australians to pay in to their accounts using Australia Post outlets. You can access many currencies and even send International SMS through the account.

The final account type is for organisations. These allow a company to hold money in different currencies and they can perform instant business to business payments all over the world to their customers Technocash accounts. It can help with making frequent bulk payments and only uses cleared funds so there is no risks such as those associated with credit card fraud. There are no monthly fees and it is possible to access local collections in New Zealand and Australia wherever you are based. There is also customer support which can help you with any problems that you or your customers might have.

The fees tend to be charged per transaction. Currency conversion will carry a fee, but this will be added in to the exchange rate given and you will be able to review this before you make an exchange. Wire transfers will have a fee based on the cost to Technocash for the bank fees and they will vary a lot depending on the amount of transactions and the currency but these will be explained before the transaction takes place. Transferring cash can be a much cheaper option than wiring money though. Technocash tries to match credit card transaction fees so that they remain competitive. They will also try to keep all fees to a minimum but may charge for small transactions between accounts. Fees vary depending on many factors and so it can be worth contacting Technocash for more details.

Technocash is based in Australia and so is happy with dealing with Australian and New Zealand currencies. However, it also will allow Japan, Switzerland, Mexico, America, UK, Singapore, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, South Africa, Thailand as well as European trading with Euros. This means that it can be a lot easier to trade with companies in these countries or send and receive money.

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