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HD-Money Payment System

Description of HD-Money payment system, how to exchange HDMoney

Many individuals are now discovering the benefits of HD-Money. This is a reliable online payment system that allows transferring and receiving money from other users of this system. The system is also suitable for storing funds.

With the HD-money, users can purchase a wide variety of services, as this online currency is accepted by many merchants, such as hosting companies, investment websites, currency traders, domain registrars and online casinos. In fact, anyone can appear in the list of HD-Money merchants. To become an HD-Money merchant it is necessary signing up with reliable company offering this type of online payment solutions.

Opening an HD-Money account is possible with the help of a third party exchanger. Once you get the account, you can deposit and withdraw funds from it as per your requirements. This is one of the most reliable ways of performing online money transactions. Since the transactions are completed by a third party, merchants can avoid the risk of fraudulent charge-backs.

The HDM is known for its low transaction rates and is used worldwide. Thus, funds can be sent to other users irrespective of their current location. One of the main benefits offered by this system is the fact that it is located outside the reach of many governments. This means, you get an excellent opportunity to store funds generated from foreign business endeavors, Forex trading or offshore investments.

The main advantages of using HD-Money are:

  • Low fees. Usually, the transaction fee is as low as 1%, which is less than $3 per transaction. In addition, this payment system does not imply any monthly and administrative fees.
  • Offshore payment processing
  • Irreversible payments
  • Simplicity and reliability of transaction operations
  • Secure fund storing options

The HDM account is very easy to use. It has a user friendly interface and offers convenient funding and withdrawals solutions. All payments are completed within a few second and are reliably protected by a powerful encrypting program.

Another important aspect to remember about HDM account is that all transactions are irreversible. This means, no transaction can be disputed and reversed. This feature helps protect merchants from fraudulent charge-backs and inadvertent customers.

This new online payment system is getting more and more popular among the e-money users. It is constantly upgraded and provides it users with new unique products. The new upcoming product is called HD-Money Voucher. This is virtual gift certificate which offers HDM users a new unique way of funding their accounts.

Types of HD-Money Account Balances

Today HD-Money system offers two types of account balances: HDM and HDM-R. Each has its particular features and advantages. Any HD-Money account holder has an access to both types of balances.

HDM — is a traditional HD-Money online balance account that provides irreversible e-money transactions and low transaction rates.

HDM-R — is a new HD-Money balance account which offers several beneficial features which are different from those offered by HDM balance. In addition to quick and simple funding and withdrawal, HDM-R allows making credit card payments and filing disputes on the completed transactions.

Funding and Withdrawals

With HDM-R account, holders can fund and withdraw money from their accounts directly through the HD-Money system. This means, it is possible to avoid the hassle of dealing with third party exchangers. Funding is also possible with bank wires. In the nearest future, users will be offered a few additional funding methods among which are credit card funding and HD-Money Vouchers.

Withdrawal from the HDM-R balance can be completed by means of money order, direct deposit and via the bank wire. Besides, HD-Money providers are currently working at providing their users with credit card withdrawal solutions.

Dispute Resolution. Contrary to HDM, HDM-R balance allows users to file disputes on the completed transactions. Therefore, in case of fraudulent transactions or when a merchant is not able to provide the paid-up services or products, users can get refunds.

Credit Card Payments. To allow merchants accept online credit card payments from customers, HD- Money providers are currently developing offshore credit card processing solutions. This feature will help merchants attract a greater number of customers and generate more money.

HD-Money payment system offers a number of beneficial features which make e-money transactions simple and quick. The number of HD-money users is constantly increasing, as this system offers secure transactions, convenient funding and withdrawal options, and low fees.

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