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WMX E-Currency (WebMoney Payment System)

Description of WMX currency, how to exchange WMX Online payments are getting more and more popular. Today online transactions can be performed with credit cards and with various types of e-money. E-money is accepted by numerous online and offline organizations, as such transactions are considered the most convenient and reliable.

There are various Internet payment systems allowing users sending funds to their friends/relatives, shopping online, paying off various services, etc. Surely, not all online payment systems are alike. Some are popular within the limited circles of users, while others (like WebMoney) are used worldwide.

WebMoney is a global settlement system that allows users store and send WM-units to other users of this system. Thousands of online stores and companies accept WM payments, as this system allows performing real-time transactions. Besides, each transaction is reliably protected and therefore the risk of losing your money is minimal. Opening and operating WebMoney account is easy, as it is not connected to the bank or credit card account.

Today the system supports several types of online purses which correspond to particular national currencies:

  • Z-Purse (WMZ) for USD
  • E-Purse (WME) for Euro
  • R-Purse (WMR) for Russian Rubles
  • U-Purse (WMU) for Ukrainian Hryvnias
  • B-Purse (WMB) for Belarusian Rubles
  • V-Purse (WMV) for Vietnamese Dongs
  • G-Purse (WMG) – equal to one gram of gold

The latest invention of the WebMoney transfer system is X-Purse (WMX) – the equivalent of 0.001 BTC (Bitcoin). In other words, WMX is a Bitcoin currency used in the WM system. Contrary to other title units (WMZ, WME, WMU, etc), WMX does not support national currencies. The introduction of the X-Purse is real breakthroughout, as Bitcoin is getting more and more popular.

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