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Ria Money Transfer your reliable partner

According to various sources Ria Money Transfer is in top-5 (some say even in top-3!) companies by the volume of funds transferred annually. That's probably the best possible introduction for everyone who cannot decide whether it's worth choosing Ria Money Transfer.

Local cooperation for global growth

Ria Money Transfer has a large network of local and regional partners in nearly all countries it operates in. Such a strategy allows them to faster enter the market and to offer the best conditions. Local partners are incredibly valuable as they can provide necessary information about market situation and assist with adding new currencies. All money transfers are made via well-developed network of local agents.

In 2007 Ria Money Transfer was acquired by Euronet Worldwide — another global player from the USA working with international payments and money transfers. This acquisition had really positive impact and helped Ria Money Transfer grow bigger.

People who live in Europe or America and often send money abroad definitely know about Ria Money transfer while customers from Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe still remain unaware. Ria Money Transfer entered those markets not that long ago and people there are still unsure about what it is and how to use it. However those who try don't regret!

Commissions and fees

Customers from different countries pay different fees. It can be explained by the difference in the amount taken by local agents. We suggest you clarify that in your local Ria Money Transfer office, but generally the commission is about 1-3.5%. It looks quite fair comparing to the competitors, doesn't it? By the way, it's the sender who pays commission. The recipient is never charged. The commission is paid in the currency a remitter sends the money.

How to send and receive money

To send money via Ria Money Transfer you should contact your local bank supporting such transactions. In the transfer details you will need to specify name and surname of the recipient, the sum and currency. After you provide the specified amount to the bank worker and pay the fee you will get a receipt confirming the operation.

Finally, you should tell the recipient the transfer reference (or tracking) number, the country you are sending money from, the sum, the currency and your name and surname (remitter's name and surname). The recipient can get the money immediately after providing the tracking number to his local bank working with Ria Money Transfer.

The recipient should also provide his ID. He has 25 days to get the money otherwise it will be returned to the sender. Please keep in mind that only adults can send and get money — both sender and recipient should be at least 18 years old. Some countries may have their own requirements concerning the legal age and we highly recommend you to check it before you make any operations.

So as we see everything looks pretty simple. Ria Money Transfer rules are similar to the rules other companies have.

How to cancel a payment or change details

A money transfer can be stopped in any bank working with Ria Money Transfer. You will need to fill a special form provided by a bank worker and provide your ID. The cancellation is made the same day you request it.

Actually, there is the same procedure for changing payment information. You also need to visit a bank personally and fill the proper form. Please don't worry, you will not be extra charged for changing payment details. The same applies to payment cancellation — you won't be charged for that.

Please remember that if your transfer was already received there is no way to cancel it and to get your money back. Therefore it makes sense to think twice before you send money.

Other things to know about Ria Money Transfer

There are two main currencies the company works with — Euros and US dollars. Local currencies can also be transferred with further conversion into USD or EUR. Please specify it in your bank — it often happens that local agents have their own conditions for sending money in other currencies. But generally the exchange rate is fair and similar to the rate of the country Central Bank.

The maximum sum for one transaction is 5000 EUR/USD while the minimum sum depends on the bank and the country. Usually it starts from 1-3.5 EUR/USD. Please remember that all transfers made via Ria Money Transfer are considered to be non-commercial. It means you cannot use Ria Money Transfer for sending money to your business partners. The system is created for private individuals.

We advise you to check the official websites of Ria Money Transfer. They have quite good referral program where you can earn some extra money for bringing your friends or family members. The basic $20 remuneration is not paid out in cash, though. For bringing someone who completes his or her first transfer you will get a $20 Amazon gift card and use it in the largest online store.

Advantages of Ria Money Transfer

Ria Money Transfer covers large number of countries. In the very beginning we've said that it works in more than 150 countries already, but the real number can be even bigger. The service lets you make instant and secure money transfers to all parts of the world from Bangladesh and Philippines to the United States and Germany.

You can track your transfer online on the company's website and get sure that a person you sent money to received it. All transactions are processed immediately and the recipient can get the money within 5-30 minutes after you sent it or even earlier.

Please check the FAQ section of Ria Money Transfer website — there are many useful recommendations and answers to the most important questions.

Send your money fast and securely with one of the global leaders!

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