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PaySera your European partner

However PaySera grew bigger very quickly. It has been operating worldwide for more than 12 years constantly expanding and developing. PaySera has brilliant reputation and is acknowledged by official financial institutions. For instance, the Bank of Lithuania issued a special license for PaySera in 2012.

The license lets the company issue electronic money and provide payment services for customers from any part of European Union. Actually such a license is a great insurance for all European customers of PaySera as it guarantees that their money cannot be used for company's needs and investments. Furthermore, customers' funds cannot be collected as a part of the company's debt.

Nowadays PaySera is represented in more than 70 countries. It has a very large network of local partners and therefore the company can offer very low commissions — not higher than average commissions taken by local payment systems.

What could one do with PaySera?

At short a user can send and accept payments via phone and the Internet. He or she also can create an electronic wallet in PaySera system and use it for various financial operations such as international money transfers, currency exchange and accepting payments via SMS.

The main currency PaySera works with is Euro, however you can select another one — USD, AUD, CNY, GBP, JPY and PLN. Every customer can make up to 30 money transfers to the countries of EU or EEA for free.

Actually, PaySera could be used in hundreds of online stores which are located in the European Union. It's really a convenient payment system for everyone who wants to buy or sell to Europe. Moreover, PaySera has been growing more and more attractive for other markets too.

Advantages of PaySera

As we have already mentioned PaySera has a license issued by the Bank of Lithuania. Therefore it is a credible payment system which guarantees the highest level of security. There is no password generator or password cards for making money transfers — PaySera customers use their mobile phone numbers for that. It's a great solution allowing for better protection of personal information.

PaySera has a well designed and user-friendly interface as well as functionality. Its users can instantly send money among themselves from any place — it's enough to have a cell phone to do that.

If you run a business PaySera would be a good option for you — you can use PaySera module right on your website or online store and accept payments online. They have quite simple manual that even an average user with no IT skills would understand. PaySera offers its plug-ins for free trial period. It will help you better understand if such a solution for payments processing is convenient for you and your clients.

And as a business owner you will certainly appreciate that all incoming payments regardless of the bank will be sent to one free account that belongs to you. Such a solution makes your accountancy easier.

Actually, there is another option for sending money — you can also send them to a particular user via his or her email, not phone number only.

Finally, PaySera has really low fees. While transactions to the majority of European countries are absolutely free (except for Scandinavian states and United Kingdom) the transfers in other currencies but Euro require a very moderate commission — up to 3.25 EUR. That's just nothing if you are going to send several hundred or more.

Become a partner

It's a normal thing today that major payment systems have their own partner programs — it's a great way for companies to attract new loyal users and to reward the most active customers.

PaySera partner program is rather simple and transparent. There are three main things about it you definitely need to know:

  • There is no limit for your partner's earning — you can withdraw as much money as you've earned. According to the testimonials online it really works. So if you are a very active user who can bring new people to PaySera — use your chance!
  • The sum earned is updated once a month — on 10th day. After the update you can immediately withdraw the money or spend them on anything you like.
  • PaySera has amazing customer support available 7 days a week from 8 to 20 (GMT +2). All account holders can contact it via chat, email or phone and get immediate assistance.

If you work with payment systems and take part in various partner programs you probably know that many such programs work with PaySera only. So the advantage of participating in PaySera partner program is obvious, isn't it?

The same concerns those who often buy something from Europe. You will be earning Euros and it will be the best way to purchase goods from the European Union — no terrible currency conversion with unfair exchange rates!

PaySera wallet is available for Android, iOS and Windows. You may rest assured that the application is as secure as the system itself — thousands of PaySera customers use it every day.

The Conclusion

We know a lot of decent payment systems which work globally and provide services in nearly every country of the world. PaySera is somewhat different here. There are no limitations and obstacles for users from Asia, Africa and other places, however it's absolutely clear that PaySera is a European company. So we highly recommend you to create an account there if you have some business with European companies or if you are of fan of European brands and online stores.

PaySera is also a good choice for those who have never used any online payment systems but want to benefit from buying online. PaySera is simple, transparent and easy to understand. In case of any difficulties there is great customer support service with competent specialists — they will clarify everything you are interested in.

PaySera can become you good partner in any financial operations with European customers, partners or online stores.

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