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Cryptocurrencies have been growing popular recently due to real breakthrough made by Bitcoin. Therefore dozens and even hundreds of exchange services appeared to earn some money and let others earn. In the very beginning everything went fine but later hackers decided to gain some profit too. And here we approach the core thing for any exchange service — security.

It appeared that many exchange platforms were just defenseless and helpless. They lost money, their users lost money and only hackers won the prize. Therefore today experienced customers try to choose only those exchange services which provide proper level of security.

Exmo is definitely good choice then. Its developers have been working really hard to build a reliable, easy-to-use and secure system where customers can rest assured that no one can steal their money or interfere in their operations.

Exmo was founded in 2013. Earlier it used to have another name (ExMoney) and another team. In 2013 everything changed for better and now Exmo is a very popular destination for people buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

Advantages of Exmo

We already know that security is something making Exmo more competitive on market. The exchange service is protected from all sides. Any possibilities of funds hacking, Bitcoin code errors and online theft are excluded.

There are six currencies available on Exmo right now — USD, EUR, RUR (Russian Ruble), BTC, LTC and DOGE. Looks pretty well with all the main cryptocurrencies and currencies one can buy and sell.

Exmo has properly localized English interface. Generally the service is very easy to use due to well-thought-out design and plenty of functions and features. Beginners quickly learn how to work here with Exmo intuitive interface.

Exmo offers a large number of various ways to input and withdraw funds including credit cards Visa and MasterCard, electronic payment systems like WebMoney and QIWI and so forth. Check the full list on Exmo official website. Payment methods are regularly updated.

Great customer support with competent specialists is a key factor of success each company should consider. Without a doubt Exmo have a skilled support team which is available via email and on chat 24/7. They react promptly, provide clear answers and never make you wait for too long. Frankly speaking, probably only few other cryptocurrency exchange services provide such a level of customer support.

Awesome profit with low commissions is certainly attractive for any online trader. Exmo takes either a very small commission or doesn't take it at all depending of the method of money replenishment or withdrawal. Commission for each deal is 0.2% which is incredibly low.

Legal side

People are used to thinking that if something looks to good it's either illegal or of low quality. However, it doesn't work with Exmo. They provide excellent service and run absolutely legal business. Exmo doesn't save money on legal issues and cooperates with the most respected lawyers from Great Britain who constantly analyze all changes in legislation and therefore guarantee the transparency of business. One could ask — "why do they work with British lawyers?" The issue is that the company is registered in Great Britain.

Exmo doesn't try to influence people's opinions anyhow and you can easily find both positive and negative testimonials in the Internet. Please keep in mind that some of them were written for money!

How to start working on Exmo

Everything looks similar to any other currency exchange service. You need to create an account, provide some personal data and log in. The dashboard consists of the wallet, profile, news, bidding and help. Everything looks clear and convenient.

Bidding and Wallet will be your main tabs, we guess. In the wallet you can adjust all currency pairs you are going to deal with — for example, USD/BTC, EUR/LTC and so on. The Bidding tab will become your main source of information. There you will see realtime market data and candlestick chart for currency exchange rates fluctuations. Quite soon you will be using both tabs automatically, without thinking too much what to choose and where to click.

Experienced traders will appreciate such features like Trailing Stop, StopLoss, Short etc. There are plenty tools available for traders of any experience. Exmo is a good option for any user — you can learn new things and immediately use them in this currency exchange service.

Ex-codes and receipts

An ex-code is your way to use various exchange websites where you can buy other currencies or when you just want to urgently withdraw some money. In order to use the code you need to firstly enable it in your Wallet settings — choose My Accounts tab and check the ex-code box. After it you can generate codes and use them.

Then go back to Wallets and check if there is a new line in your list — the ex-code line should be added. Click Withdraw in the ex-code line and select the currency you would like to spend, then enter the sum and click "Create ex-code" button. And here a small window pops up requiring your personal code — actually, it's a simple and effective way to protect your money from bad people. You may use a mobile application for codes generating — it's the fastest solution.

You will also get en email with two links — the first one is for confirmation while the other one is for rejection. So if you've created a code by mistake you can cancel this operation.

Finally, you will see a long code which needs to be copied. This code is later pasted into the proper box of an exchange service and you get the target currency. You can also use ex-codes for your Exmo account replenishment — for example, when you get it from your exchange service.

Paste the code into the proper box in your Wallet tab (Exmo Dashboard) and click "Replenish". The amount included in the code will be immediately added to your account.

We also suggest you checking online videos showing how to use different tools in your Exmo account — it will help you better use all the opportunities of this service.

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