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EasyPaisa: Payments in PKR

The EasyPaisa app offers fast, secure payments within a slick app interface that you can download from the App Store and Google Play. In 5 minutes, learn why EasyPaisa is now Pakistan's #1 payment app and how you can use it on our BestChange exchangers.

What is EasyPaisa?

EasyPaisa helps users do all sorts of things like make payments, transfer money, pay bills, buy mobile packages, get loans, book tickets, win prizes, earn rewards, generate savings, and even invest for the future. It's easy, fast, and secure with a phone-in option or a user-intuitive app interface marketed with the hashtag #thehumantouch. As Pakistan's #1 payment app, it's been downloaded over 10 million times on Google Play alone. And it's one of the many payment platforms accepted by BestChange exchangers.

History of EasyPaisa

Currently the only GSMA mobile money-certified service in Pakistan, EasyPaisa was launched in 2009 to great fanfare. It helps everyone make faster and more secure payments and is the most popular payment platform in the country as a result. As part of the Telenor Microfinance Bank, EasyPaisa is a branchless bank that you can trust to be just as secure as any brick-and-mortar location. What started as a money transfer service is now a fully-fledged banking app and it has won numerous awards. This includes both the 'Best mobile payment solution' and the 'Innovation in payments award' in prestigious global awards.

Types of EasyPaisa accounts

When you download EasyPaisa, you'll be invited to make an account. There are two types of user accounts - pro and regular. For the standard account, you'll get basic services that will let you pay bills, transfer money or top up your mobile phone. With a pro account, you will get large-volume transactions and business tools. For this account, the transaction fees are lower and you'll get bigger transaction limits. If you're an individual, you'll likely only need the regular account. But for businesses, a pro account can offer some advantages and savings over the base service.

How do I send money with EasyPaisa?

Sending money is easy to do. Just follow these steps:

  1. Download the app.
  2. Make an account.
  3. Add funds to your EasyPaisa wallet.
  4. Choose 'Money Transfer' in the app.
  5. Pop in the recipient's mobile number and how much to send.
  6. Just confirm and it's sent!

The first 5 transfers are totally free. And it's not just mobile numbers that you can send money to. EasyPaisa works for bank accounts, CNIC numbers, Roast and more.

What else can your EasyPaisa account do?

EasyPaisa isn't just for sending money. Here are just some of the other features of this banking platform:

Paying Bills

Need to pay your gas, water, electric, cable or internet bills? Use your EasyPaisa account. Just log in, choose 'pay bills' and 'new' then find the type of bill and company. Pop in the reference number or scan your bill to pay it in seconds.

Subscribe or Top Up Mobile

Sign up for a new data, call, social or SMS package with all major Pakistan telecom providers or just top up a service you or someone you know already has. Just log in, click Easyload and the number. Pick the network, how much you want to top up and confirm the payment to get talking again in a flash.

Get loans

Need some quick cash? With EasyCash on the EasyPaisa app, get emergency funds in a few taps. From the app, choose "Get EasyCash Loan", select your amount, check the terms, accept the loan and sit tight while your loan is approved. You'll get an SMS when the money has arrived!

Book Tickets

Want to book a hotel stay, train ticket, flight or movie ticket in seconds? The Bookme Mini App with EasyPaisa makes it simple! You'll have all your tickets in one place for easy navigation at home or on holiday. Visit the mini-app, find the category you want, search providers and make your booking. Never lose another ticket again.

Save Money

Need to put aside something for a rainy day? You can quickly subscribe to a savings plan with EasyPaisa. While in your account, pick savings and subscribe to a plan, click confirm and you'll earn cash from your account balance each year! Simple.


Want to get serious about turning your money into more money? EasyPaisa offers investment products right in the app. Start with as little as 1000 PKR and put your cash into insurance, mutual funds and more. Just remember that your balance could go up or down with an investment, so research the products before making your selection.

Is EasyPaisa secure?

Of course. EasyPaisa is a banking app trusted by millions in Pakistan to enable safe financial transactions. Not only are your transfers encrypted, but they're regulated by the State Bank of Pakistan's guidance. The app itself has several security features like fingerprint or PIN access. And, you'll be notified of every single transaction, so you're never caught off guard.

Where can I download EasyPaisa?

Get the EasyPaisa app from the Huawei store, App Store or Google Play Store by clicking through the associated links or searching 'EasyPaisa' in the search bar within the store apps themselves. Once you click download and install, open the app to create your account and start making your transactions.

Are there any incentives to join?

Check the EasyPaisa promotional page to see what offers they have for new members or on different financial products like savings subscriptions. These offers can waive fees or give you coupons for other merchants and retailers. Taking advantage makes EasyPaisa an even more lucrative payment app option for payments in PKR.

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