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WME E-Currency (WebMoney Payment System)

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Using a payment processor is preferred by many people for a slection of reasons. It is a safe way to pay money to other people. This is because the information is encrypted and there is no need to give out credit card details or bank details to multiple sources. It is also a way of changing currency which can be useful when you are dealing with people who do not have the same currency as you.

WebMoney allows you to hold money in different purses within your account of different currencies. WME refers to Euros and these canbe extremely useful to have. When dealing with customers or family members across Europe, it means that you will be able to send and receive money from them without having to worry about exchanging it afterwards.

Using the Purse

The WME purse is simple to use. Once you have a registered account with Webmoney then you will be able to hold purses of different currencies. You can then use it to receive or send payments. You can put money in or take it out and use it to pay for online goods and services or to send and receive money from friends and family.

How to Add Money

It is possible to add money to your WME purse by using a variety of methods. You can use Internet banking and put money in for free and will appear in your account instantly. You can use bank wire which has a 1% fee and could take a day. From a bank branch a transfer will be instant but it will have a fee of 2.5-3%. It is possible to use CONTACT and that will cost 2% but is instant. WM-note will cost 1-3% and will take place instantly. W

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